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Rocky Point roadblock a blessing in disguise
We can all come back from Veterans Day weekend a few days late, explaining to our professors that we were held in Mexico against our will and forced to party a little longer.

Protesters go fishing for a cause
Strategy among the world's protesters has been on a steady decline for a while. The most popular methods of late-–rioting, burning effigies and suicide bombings are very poor means of getting a point across.

Taking a shot at local coverage of the sniper
People die in vicious, brutal ways every day in America and we don't pay much attention to them. However, when an unusually persistent and disturbing killer comes along, we can hardly turn away.

Mall Rants: ASU Football
ASU students rant about the success of the Sun Devil football team.

Political Cartoon: Capital Punishment
A political cartoon on the capital punishment system.

Prop 102: Residential Property Tax Valuation
To specify the income level for senior citizens who are eligible to freeze their home value, for tax purposes, below 500 percent of the amount received from federal social security checks when there are multiple owners of the property.

Prop 100: Municipal Debt Limits
To allow cities and towns to go into a limited amount of debt for the construction and improvement of streets, bridges and highways, as well as buying land on which to build streets and highways.

Prop 101: State Trust Lands
To amend the Arizona Constitution to allow the exchange of "state trust land," which is land that was reserved for state use in 1910. This proposition looks to bring back an act that was deemed unconstitutional in 1990.

Hall of Fame: Golf coach elevated program
While coaching in Tempe from 1987-1992, Hall of Famer Steve Loy guided ASU to a pair of Pac-10 titles and its first national championship in 1990.

Volleyball: Four Devils set school records
The ASU volleyball team returned to Tempe this past weekend with two victories. Other teams stumbled and now ASU is sitting in third place in the tough Pac-10 conference.

Football: Play heats up on Pac-10 gridiron
When the Pac-10 returns to action this weekend, fans and media alike can only watch as the teams battle for the conference crown. Leading the race for the title is the Sun Devils and Washington State.

Football: Offensive line powers potent offense
ASU football would not have been able to do nearly as much damage to the opposition without the blocking by the offensive line.

Napolitano leads in opinion polls
Democratic candidate Janet Napolitano is the leading contender for Arizona's governor seat, according to an opinion poll released Monday by the campus PBS station, KAET-TV.

Divorced parents must set aside time for children
A new study conducted by ASU psychology professors Irwin Sandler and Sharlene Wolchik revealed that children of divorce whose parents spend quality time with them have fewer problems later in life.

Police Beat: ASU student threatens suicide
The incidents that ASU and Tempe police reported on Tuesday, including that of a 19-year-old student that was taken into protective custody after he was heard shouting threats of suicide.

Citizens hold meeting with council over job cuts
City of Tempe officials were on hand Tuesday to address citizen concerns over recent city job cuts and a lackluster economy at an early riser forum.

Buck vacates ASASU post
A situation that seemed to be smoothing out took an unexpected turn Tuesday night, as Brian Buck abruptly departed from his position as executive vice president of ASASU.

Woodin family remembers a daughter lost
The Arizona v. Mark Torre trial has given the family of Jessica Woodin, who was killed in the hit-and-run accident in question, time to recall details about their daughter's death.

"She wasn't an academic, but she got straight A's," said a Woodin family member. "She wasn't an athlete, but she was one of the leading scorers on her high school hockey team. She was a person who had an inclination toward something and did it. It's just too bad she had to go at 18."

SDTV program guide
SDTV-Channel 2 program guide

The Raw Deahl: Fairwell to carnies
I tried my hardest to become a carnie — a traveling freak. After all, I was called the "freckle-faced freak" as a child, so I thought I was a shoe-in. And that was coming from my mother.

Shakespeare gets made
William Shakespeare and Francis Ford Coppola bring similar elements to the theater and cinema. Getting kissed, for example, will often be followed by an untimely death.

Poster boys
The members of local band Leo's Invention are on the move. Running around ASU's campus, they have an especially important task if they want to get noticed: fliering.

Americans got their first glimpse of Stuttering John at a press conference in 1992 when Gennifer Flowers revealed she had sexual relations with then-presidential candidate Bill Clinton.

Crap counts
The Arizona State Fair gets a bad rap. Some people think it's a bunch of crap. OK, so maybe the above sentences are true and could very well be entered as a poem at the fair, but who's really being fair to the fair?

A risk worth taking
Euriska's members now number five, and its music haunts the ASU campus. But the band isn't freshman anymore, and it wants local audiences and venues to know it.

Burning up
In the garage located next to the Assembly of God Church on Baseline Road, the dreams of five young men, known as Ember Coast, are slowly coming true.

Sera's Sera
Sera's self-titled debut album brings the listener on a journey to California — Beverly Hills, 90210, to be exact. The lyrics are beyond cheesy.

Kottonmouth Kings's Rollin' Stoned
It's hard to believe that the Kottonmouth Kings, which rocked the music industry with lyrics about fat blunts and legalizing pot, are now singing about peace and love.

Ablaze with Oktober
We decided to give Oktober its 15 minutes of fame to preview its performance today on Hayden Lawn as part of The Blaze's 20th Anniversary show.

Secrets of the 'Heart'
Trying to get inside the head of Tobias Nathaniel is analogous with deciphering meaning from the name of his band, The Black Heart Procession.

Peep show
Cole Robertson thinks that voyeurism is a beautiful thing. To prove it, the 23-year-old photography senior has titled his current exhibit at ASU's Step Gallery, peeps.

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