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Greek influence ignored in fight for frat houses
Eighty-five percent of Fortune 500 executives are under the leadership of a former fraternity man or sorority woman. Since 1910, 85 percent of all Supreme Court justices have been similarly affiliated to a Greek organization.

Heavy metal grows a heart
While Slayer taunts the heavens with scarlet downpours, Soulfly hosts concerts for diabetes charities. What's even weirder is that both bands toured this summer together. It's an odd mixture, but it works.

AIM for needs over wants
There's a lot of attention being paid to the idea of AIMS, getting A's and the Arizona Legislature's pathetic attitudes toward education, which brings up the idea of an AIMS test of our own.

Political Cartoon: Iraqi war
Political cartoon by John West

Football: Fife helps Ducks continue hot streak
Under the direction of head coach Mike Bellotti, the No. 6 Ducks have spent the past 39 weeks in the national polls. They are currently riding an 11-game winning streak, the second longest at the Division I level.

Football: Autzen Stadium not very welcoming
If there is one place in the Pac-10 that football teams don't like to play, Autzen Stadium- the home of the Oregon Ducks- is beyond a shadow of a doubt that place.

Wrestlers to host preseason event
The 18th annual Sunkist/ASU International Open, which will get underway today at Wells Fargo Arena, will feature 19 Sun Devil wrestlers, including 149-pound senior Eric Larkin, a three-time All-American.

Volleyball: Oregon schools can't be overlooked
The ASU volleyball team is scheduled to face a pair of underdogs this weekend in the Pacific Northwest, but also will endure a challenge from within.

Golfers try to get off slide at Stanford
When beginning its third tournament of the fall season, the ASU women's golf team has yet to find itself in a place it spent all of last year the top 10.

Cross country runners getting down to business
The ASU men's and women's cross country teams will move into an important part of the season Saturday when traveling to Terre Haute, Ind.

Football: Sun Devils hoping to remain undefeated
The ASU football team will go head to head Saturday afternoon with one of its toughest opponents of the year in a battle of two undefeated teams.

Faculty, staff not required to get immunizations
While students must show proof of vaccines against measles and rubella before they can register for a single class, the University doesn't give as much as a glance to those of faculty and staff.

Tucker's death raises questions
No one stopped to question why Jessika Osborne moved freely through Best Residential Hall, supplying the drugs that resident Andrew Tucker eventually overdosed and died from.

Residential Life was unaware of Tucker's death until three days after the fact, when friends contacted a resident assistant.

Crow's budget plans require $35 million from state
ASU president Michael Crow has outlined two main goals that he said will accommodate upcoming budget problems while keeping the school on track with its plans for differentiation.

Brain drain affecting Arizona universities
Vernon Smith, a professor of economics at George Mason University, was awarded the Nobel Prize for economics just 18 months after leaving UA, raising questions about the competativeness of Arizona's universities.

Police Beat: Man breaks into car, has crack pipe
The incidents that Tempe police reported for Thursday, including one in which a man was arrested for breaking into a car and having a crack pipe in his pocket.

Dorm security evaluated with arrest of sex offender
Residence hall security is on high alert since a Level 2 sex offender was arrested on Oct. 10 for trespassing and loitering in three freshman dorms: Palo Verde East, Palo Verde West and Palo Verde Main.

'Hot' recruiters draw prospects
A program organized and operated by the ASU Athletic Department, the Sun Devil Recruiters, is comprised entirely of women, with 20 to 25 of them being members of sororities.

Although coaches did not mention good looks as a part of the selection process, all of the players agree on one thing the girls are "hot."

Police officers, bartender give testimony in homicide case
Mark Torre, a Phoenix attorney who holds degrees from ASU and Harvard, sat through his third day in court Thursday for charges of second-degree murder and leaving the scene of an accident.

Chandler barbershop is blast from America's past
Valley residents indulge in luxuries offered at an old-fashioned barbershop at the All-American Hair Cutters in Chandler, Arizona.

Carnies come clean
The carnie stereotype is embedded in America's history. Empty stares and name-calling are just a part of life for a carnie. However, carnival companies are trying to turn the industry around and create a new image.

"The Ring" creepy, intriguing
"The Ring" is definitely worth recommending; it's creepy, intriguing, well-made, and well-acted. These attributes save the film from being bogged down by increasingly stupid implausibilities.

SDTV program guide
SDTV-Channel 2 program guide

The Raw Deahl: Fairwell to carnies
I tried my hardest to become a carnie a traveling freak. After all, I was called the "freckle-faced freak" as a child, so I thought I was a shoe-in. And that was coming from my mother.

Shakespeare gets made
William Shakespeare and Francis Ford Coppola bring similar elements to the theater and cinema. Getting kissed, for example, will often be followed by an untimely death.

Poster boys
The members of local band Leo's Invention are on the move. Running around ASU's campus, they have an especially important task if they want to get noticed: fliering.

Americans got their first glimpse of Stuttering John at a press conference in 1992 when Gennifer Flowers revealed she had sexual relations with then-presidential candidate Bill Clinton.

Crap counts
The Arizona State Fair gets a bad rap. Some people think it's a bunch of crap. OK, so maybe the above sentences are true and could very well be entered as a poem at the fair, but who's really being fair to the fair?

A risk worth taking
Euriska's members now number five, and its music haunts the ASU campus. But the band isn't freshman anymore, and it wants local audiences and venues to know it.

Burning up
In the garage located next to the Assembly of God Church on Baseline Road, the dreams of five young men, known as Ember Coast, are slowly coming true.

Sera's Sera
Sera's self-titled debut album brings the listener on a journey to California Beverly Hills, 90210, to be exact. The lyrics are beyond cheesy.

Kottonmouth Kings's Rollin' Stoned
It's hard to believe that the Kottonmouth Kings, which rocked the music industry with lyrics about fat blunts and legalizing pot, are now singing about peace and love.

Ablaze with Oktober
We decided to give Oktober its 15 minutes of fame to preview its performance today on Hayden Lawn as part of The Blaze's 20th Anniversary show.

Secrets of the 'Heart'
Trying to get inside the head of Tobias Nathaniel is analogous with deciphering meaning from the name of his band, The Black Heart Procession.

Peep show
Cole Robertson thinks that voyeurism is a beautiful thing. To prove it, the 23-year-old photography senior has titled his current exhibit at ASU's Step Gallery, peeps.

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