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"Vagina Monologues" open eyes to worldwide abuse
As socially aware as I thought I was, for the first time in my life I was introduced to the global horrors of violence against females. For instance, many African tribes practice female genital mutilation.

Geraldo takes a shot at the sniper in Hooters
Nothing says reverence for the dead like an ice-cold pitcher of brew, wings, a Sharpie and some sweet, young coed's orange-attired moneymaker.

Beat that nasty hangover
Anyway you cut it, Vaquero's offers a cheap, tasty late-night treat and the option of keeping your head out of the toilet after a night of binge-drinking.

Political Cartoon: Iraqi war
Political cartoon by John West

Mall Rants: Brian Buck
ASU students rant on the recent Brian Buck media blitz.

Hall of Fame: Pentland helped lay foundation
Former starting pitcher Jeff Pentland, who captured a national championship as a member of the 1967 Sun Devils, will be one of the 12 people inducted into the ASU's athletics Hall of Fame on Oct. 26.

Football: Devils get national attention, help for recruiting
Junior wide receiver Shaun McDonald and junior defensive end Terrell Suggs have put up numbers this season that would surely make anyone blush.

Hoops: Sun Devils have more depth than before
It looks as if the ASU men's basketball team will not have a distinct go-to player. But what head coach Rob Evans can count on is the luxury of having more depth than in his previous four years at the helm.

Volleyball: Seven teams still alive in Pac-10 race
Seven Pac-10 volleyball teams are within two wins of each other, meaning this weekend's matches are sure to keep the competition tight.

Pre-law students meet with schools from across country
ASU's annual Pre-Law Day welcomed 106 law schools from around the nation to the Arizona Room of the Memorial Union today from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Police Beat: Woman agrees to oral sex for $20
The incidents that Tempe police reported for Wednesday, including one in which a 43-year-old prostitute was arrested for agreeing to perform oral sex on a man for $20.

Student group works to end world hunger
Sharon Madson wanted to shine light on hunger and poverty issues not often addressed on ASU East campus and many others. As a result, the ASU East agribusiness graduate student organized "World Food Day."

ASASU proposes new constitution
A porn scandal and accusations of harassment have impeded recent decision-making among the members of Associated Students of ASU. However, gears may change after Oct. 21 - 22 when students will be able to vote whether to approve or reject the new constitution to change the structure of the government.

Students detached from ASASU
Many ASU students think a new Associated Students of ASU constitution makes sense but are still uninformed and apathetic about the student government in general.

Carnies come clean
The carnie stereotype is embedded in America's history. Empty stares and name-calling are just a part of life for a carnie. However, carnival companies are trying to turn the industry around and create a new image.

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World-famous violinist plays to ASU audience
The ASU School of Music welcomes world-famous violinist Sergui Luca as special guest and soloist at the ASU Chamber Orchestra and Choral Union concert tonight.

Peep show
Cole Robertson thinks that voyeurism is a beautiful thing. To prove it, the 23-year-old photography senior has titled his current exhibit at ASU's Step Gallery, peeps.

Secrets of the 'Heart'
Trying to get inside the head of Tobias Nathaniel is analogous with deciphering meaning from the name of his band, The Black Heart Procession.

Ablaze with Oktober
We decided to give Oktober its 15 minutes of fame to preview its performance today on Hayden Lawn as part of The Blaze's 20th Anniversary show.

Peter Gabriel's Up
Fans who only dig Peter Gabriel's pop hits, such as "Sledgehammer," "Solsbury Hill," or the ethereal "In Your Eyes," may not find much to like on the artist's 12th album, Up.

Kottonmouth Kings's Rollin' Stoned
It's hard to believe that the Kottonmouth Kings, which rocked the music industry with lyrics about fat blunts and legalizing pot, are now singing about peace and love.

Sera's Sera
Sera's self-titled debut album brings the listener on a journey to California Beverly Hills, 90210, to be exact. The lyrics are beyond cheesy.

Burning up
In the garage located next to the Assembly of God Church on Baseline Road, the dreams of five young men, known as Ember Coast, are slowly coming true.

A risk worth taking
Euriska's members now number five, and its music haunts the ASU campus. But the band isn't freshman anymore, and it wants local audiences and venues to know it.

Crap counts
The Arizona State Fair gets a bad rap. Some people think it's a bunch of crap. OK, so maybe the above sentences are true and could very well be entered as a poem at the fair, but who's really being fair to the fair?

Americans got their first glimpse of Stuttering John at a press conference in 1992 when Gennifer Flowers revealed she had sexual relations with then-presidential candidate Bill Clinton.

Poster boys
The members of local band Leo's Invention are on the move. Running around ASU's campus, they have an especially important task if they want to get noticed: fliering.

Shakespeare gets made
William Shakespeare and Francis Ford Coppola bring similar elements to the theater and cinema. Getting kissed, for example, will often be followed by an untimely death.

The Raw Deahl: Fairwell to carnies
I tried my hardest to become a carnie a traveling freak. After all, I was called the "freckle-faced freak" as a child, so I thought I was a shoe-in. And that was coming from my mother.

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