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Playing 'whiteys and indians'
"The Fightin' Whiteys" team is made up of Hispanics, American Indians and whites, and it was created last spring as a protest of a local high school that uses an Indian mascot and calls itself the "Reds."

Raising eyebrows and lowering intelligence
If women can get rich by preying on our society's all-consuming vanity, why can't our society get rich off of them? A superficial symbiosis, if you will.

Mall Rants: Brian Buck
ASU students rant on the recent Brian Buck media blitz.

Political Cartoon: Iraqi war
Political cartoon by John West

Cross Country: Meet provides chances for reserves
The Sun Devil men's and women's cross country teams held the annual ASU Invitational on Friday afternoon at Kiwanis Park in Tempe.

Football: Amobi receives Player of the Week honors
Senior linebacker Josh Amobi was named the Pac-10 Defensive Player of the Week on Monday for his stellar play in ASU's 13-9 win over Oregon State.

Golfers rebound in Fresno
After a less than superb round to begin the Fresno State-Lexus Classic, the ASU men's golf team bounced back last weekend in the final two rounds to post an eighth-place finish.

Baseball: Kelly was at his best as a Sun Devil
Mike Kelly, the former Sun Devil outfielder who played in Tempe from 1989-1991, will be one of 12 people inducted into the school's athletics Hall of Fame on Oct. 26.

Malone worked hard for spot in Hall of Fame
Ten years after an outstanding collegiate career in Tempe, track and field star Maicel Malone will get a much-deserved spot in the ASU athletics Hall of Fame.

Hoops: Osborne feels blessed after car accident
Chris Osborne feels fortunate just to be able to walk after a nasty car accident nearly claimed his life. He now has a completely different approach to the way in which he conducts himself from day to day.

Mickelson deserves induction into ASU's Hall of Fame
Just a decade after finishing a collegiate career that featured more accomplishments than any other golfer in school history, Phil Mickelson will be inducted into the ASU athletics Hall of Fame.

Swimmers make final preparations
The ASU men's and women's swimming and diving teams performed well last weekend in their final tune-up before the start of the season.

W Hoops: Boardman out for season due to injury
The ASU women's basketball team suffered a major blow Monday when doctors confirmed junior forward Betsy Boardman will be forced to miss the entire season with a torn anterior cruciate ligament.

Police Beat: Speaker, bike, backpack stolen
The incidents that ASU police reported Monday, including one in which a $330 speaker was stolen from the Architecture building.

Visit from Vice President Cheney draws crowd
The members of ASU's College Republicans faced off against protesters Monday outside the Hyatt Regency in downtown Phoenix, where Vice President Dick Cheney spoke at a Republican fundraising event.

Bioterrorism, smallpox fear present in United States
With the threat of bioterrorism looming over the nation, many Americans are wondering whether smallpox will infect them after a 53-year absence from the nation's scene.

American Indians protest Columbus Day
While much of the nation observed Christopher Columbus Day on Monday, ASU's American Indian student group held a demonstration protesting the legitimacy of the national holiday.

Sex offender arrested for loitering in Palo Verde Main
A Level 2 sex offender was arrested in Palo Verde Main on Thursday for allegedly entering and loitering in several ASU residence halls.

Napolitano shares thoughts on ASU
Janet Napolitano spoke with The State Press on Monday regarding her stance on education cuts, the campaign and her feelings on young voters.

SDTV program guide
SDTV-Channel 2 program guide

Breaking the rules
Raise your hand if you want to see the new college movie starring WB favorites James Van Der Beek and Jessica Biel. Anybody? Anybody? Bueller?

Must-see melodrama
If you thought you had it bad as a kid, think again. The film White Oleander based on the best-selling novel by Janet Fitch will probably make your childhood look like a day at the beach.

Off-key Sopranos
Imagine what will happen when Tony Soprano's son grows up. He will surpass the angst and drama of his teenage existence, moving on to 20-something angst instead.

Their way or the highway
Exit3 has swung through various versions of itself over the past few years, with its five current members hailing from all over the country.

Ghosts of grunge past
In 1992 three longtime friends formed Brad, the Seattle quartet with the solo moniker that has somehow managed to persist in obscurity despite a heap of critical acclaim and its deity-like guitarist.

Stroke man
ASU painting major Paul Booth has carved a colorful niche for himself in the local artist community.

Can't keep a good band down
10 Second Delay has already earned a strong reputation for playing high-intensity shows, although it is difficult for bands like them to find places to play.

The Raw Deahl: Porn and a Buck-et
I felt a little nervous walking down the hall with my bucket of KFC, knowing Brian Buck was in the next room watching Comedy Central's new movie Porn 'n Chicken.

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