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'Barren minds' resort to swears
The American vocabulary has wasted away and nearly every other word people use while they talk is "f@*%ing'" this and "&*!'" that.

Bikini contest won't free Tibet
Nothing says freedom like 30 or so scantily clad women parading around wishing for "world peace, or something."

Shaking the sexual taboo here at ASU
The New York Times reported that columns devoted exclusively to frank and explicit discussions of sexual issues and even techniques are burning up the pages of leading university newspapers.

Mall Rants: Flour mill fire
ASU students rant about what should be done with the Hayden Flour Mill after the fire that happened last week.

Political Cartoon: Preemptive strike
A political cartoon by John West

Football: Hard work paying off for offensive lineman
The ASU football team has reaped the benefits of a young lion who has enjoyed tearing the opposition to shreds this season while playing at the front of its offense.

Volleyball: Sun Devils looking for rejuvenation
Stanford is expected to bring a high-octane offense to Wells Fargo Arena, while California will try to make this week a dark one for ASU.

Volleyball: Cardinal have been dominant
Sheer numbers tell volleyball fans all they need to know about previous meetings between ASU and Stanford.

Basketball Hall of Famer finds success off the court
Former Sun Devil Dennis Dairman will receive one more prestigious honor Oct. 26 when being inducted into the ASU athletics Hall of Fame.

Donations to ASU increase despite economic slump
Despite the current nationwide economic slump, ASU saw an increase of $6.3 million in donations for the 2001-2002 fiscal year from the previous year.

Jury selection begins in ASU hit-and-run case
Mark Torre, who graduated from ASU in 1995, was indicted in October 2001 by a grand jury for the death of ASU freshman Jessica Woodin.

ASU researchers examine effect of chemicals
After 20 years researching lake ecosystems and the effects of chemicals on them, biology professor James Elser is in the process of applying his research to the desert ecosystem.

Construction on West campus' first dorm delayed
Construction of a $15-million residence hall at ASU West was pushed back three weeks while the University confirms student demand for on-campus living.

Police Beat: Man plays with penis publicly
The incidents Tempe police reported for Wednesday, including the arrest of a male transient who was caught masterbating in public.

Students' views on war vary
Over the past five weeks, global debates have erupted over the Bush administration's proposal to launch a military campaign to oust Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein.

Anonymous mental health screenings available today
In one year, 30.7 million Americans are diagnosed with severe mental illness, according to the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill.

The Raw Deahl: Porn and a Buck-et
I felt a little nervous walking down the hall with my bucket of KFC, knowing Brian Buck was in the next room watching Comedy Central's new movie Porn 'n Chicken.

Can't keep a good band down
10 Second Delay has already earned a strong reputation for playing high-intensity shows, although it is difficult for bands like them to find places to play.

Stroke man
ASU painting major Paul Booth has carved a colorful niche for himself in the local artist community.

Ghosts of grunge past
In 1992 three longtime friends formed Brad, the Seattle quartet with the solo moniker that has somehow managed to persist in obscurity despite a heap of critical acclaim and its deity-like guitarist.

Their way or the highway
Exit3 has swung through various versions of itself over the past few years, with its five current members hailing from all over the country.

Off-key Sopranos
Imagine what will happen when Tony Soprano's son grows up. He will surpass the angst and drama of his teenage existence, moving on to 20-something angst instead.

Must-see melodrama
If you thought you had it bad as a kid, think again. The film White Oleander based on the best-selling novel by Janet Fitch will probably make your childhood look like a day at the beach.

Breaking the rules
Raise your hand if you want to see the new college movie starring WB favorites James Van Der Beek and Jessica Biel. Anybody? Anybody? Bueller?

Finger lickin' good
Brian Buck met with the State Press Magazine's Joe Watson to review Comedy Central's movie, "Porn 'n Chicken," and reflect on the first half of his exceptional semester.

Is Buck a breast or thigh man...? Click here to find out in this week's SPM.

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