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Giving 'liberals' equal coverage
Recklessly attributing extremist viewpoints to a political ideology is a dangerous undertaking for any free press. To have a truly informed society we must have a fair and balanced media.

Say no to Janet 'No-palitano'
Janet is the chief law enforcer and legal mind in this state. She is a former prosecutor and U.S. attorney. But Janet herself is impervious to the law.

Lets stop focusing on Iraq
The media is not merely a megaphone for the current administration, but a powerful conduit of public opinion. They will cover what we press them to. Let's give 'em something to talk about besides Iraq.

Political Cartoon: Preemptive strike
A political cartoon by John West

Mall Rants: Flour mill fire
ASU students rant about what should be done with the Hayden Flour Mill after the fire that happened last week.

ASU gymnasts eyeing 2003 schedule
With practice already underway and its schedule released, the ASU gymnastics team is preparing for a competitive season.

Hoops: ASU retains high expectations
After sustaining its third losing season in the past four years, the ASU men's basketball team has taken on a new face for the 2002-03 campaign while retaining at least one constant.

Soccer club reverting to 1999 form
In the not so distant past, the ASU men's soccer club was the most feared team in the nation.

2002-03 ASU men's basketball team
Check out this list of the ASU men's basketball team's players and their stats that include positions, years, heights, weights and hometowns.

Football: Koetter mulls over missed chances in red-zone
The Sun Devils racked up a season-high 657 yards of total offense against the Tar Heels, but had problems converting when they approached the goal line.

Volleyball: Sun Devils fall in standings after Wazzu loss
The No. 22 Sun Devils are looking to bounce back from a disheartening loss to Washington State. They hope junior outside hitter Juliana Escobar can return to her early-season form.

Students upset by restricted computer hours
With the start of the Fall 2002 semester, ASU Computing Commons scaled back their hours due to a $40,000 budget cut, leaving many ASU students upset.

Police Beat: Car club vandalizes Structure 5
The incidents that ASU and Tempe police reported for Monday, including one in which a car club called "01 Only" claimed their favorite parking spots in Parking Structure 5 by spray painting "01 Only" on them.

Number of Middle Eastern students down at ASU
Despite a 20 percent increase in newly enrolled international students from last year, the number of students coming from the Middle East has dropped.

Biology professor sues state police
Ralph Backhaus, an ASU biology professor facing criminal charges for alleged involvement in an Ecstasy ring, has filed a federal lawsuit against police.

Anonymous mental health screenings available today
In one year, 30.7 million Americans are diagnosed with severe mental illness, according to the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill.

ASU students need more than four years to graduate
It has become increasingly clear that college is no longer dominated by students who are fresh out of high school, committed to getting through college in four years.

Crow aids CIA in war on terrorism
ASU President Michael Crow is aiding the CIA, which has been stepping up its efforts to analyze and understand terrorism post September 11.

SDTV program guide
SDTV-Channel 2 program guide

Truth be told...
The Liars fall somewhere between a harder Fugazi that allows its crowds to mosh and a splash of fellow tour mates Jon Spencer Blues Explosion.

The Ruff Deahl: Oom-paw-paw
I hav just lap-peD my thurd bug of meeer and my tale iz wagging with D-light. Woops. Did my paws slip on the keyboard for a second? Damn these poor excuses for opposable thumbs.

Guerillas in the mist
The Paper Heart Gallery in downtown Phoenix, known for showcasing local cutting-edge art, will unveil its Urban Guerilla exhibit tomorrow night.

A rhythm out of Africa
Tawanda Charumuka didn't skip a beat when he came to ASU from Zimbabwe to study music and play African instruments.

'Good grief' rings true
Chris Boggs never NEVER had a football pulled from the path of his kick or a rain cloud form overhead as he stepped up to bat, but he has experienced many "Charlie Borwn" moments.

As Oktoberfest kicks off in Tempe this weekend, friends are flocking to local breweries for frothy brews rich with flavor beyond the Bud Light experience.

The write path
Jennifer Spiegel is just a semester away from getting her master's degree in Fine Arts and having her first novel published, if everything goes as planned.

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