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Pepsi ban ignores the long-term
Pepsi may be the drink "for those who think young," but it won't be the drink for those who actually are young.

America needs sugary drinks and protesters
Being an American means having the ability to express your concerns in a public forum whenever and wherever you want as long as order is maintained.

The home 'court' advantage
Perhaps President Bush has grown so accustomed to detaining suspiciously swarthy foreigners without a trial that he's forgotten what a trial actually entails.

Political Cartoon
Political cartoon by John West

Mall Rants: #1 party school
Students rant about ASU's status of top party school in the nation.

Football: Defensive tackle finds success in role change
What was originally perceived as a huge hole for the ASU football team has been plugged by the unselfishness of junior defensive tackle Brian Montesanto.

Softball program takes hit
When the ASU softball team takes the field this spring, it will be without the services of two players who likely would have made big contributions.

Volleyball: Escobar offering constant critique
Since moving to the United States from Brazil two years ago, Juliana Escobar has conquered almost every challenge she has encountered.

Volleyball: ASU hoping to avoid letdown
After pulling off one of the biggest upsets of the season, the ASU volleyball team will try to keep its focus in a pair of matches at the Washington schools.

40,000 computers affected by server problems
Computers across Main campus experienced a 3-hour Internet outage Wednesday morning, inconveniencing students and interrupting classes.

Police Beat: Man knifes girlfriend
The incidents that Tempe police reported for Tuesday, including one in which a man cuts his girlfriend in the neck.

Crow shares ideas on ASU with New York media
ASU President Michael Crow attracted national attention when he attended a high-profile dinner at the New York Press Club in New York City on Tuesday night.

Arson suspected in flour mill blaze
Tempe fire officials suspect arsonists started the blaze Tuesday that scorched a Tempe historical landmark, the Hayden Flour Mill.

Former ASU student jailed for eBay auction scam
A former ASU student is currently serving 30 days in jail for running a computer auction scam from his Cholla apartment in September 2000.

The write path
Jennifer Spiegel is just a semester away from getting her master's degree in Fine Arts and having her first novel published, if everything goes as planned.

As Oktoberfest kicks off in Tempe this weekend, friends are flocking to local breweries for frothy brews rich with flavor beyond the Bud Light experience.

'Good grief' rings true
Chris Boggs never NEVER had a football pulled from the path of his kick or a rain cloud form overhead as he stepped up to bat, but he has experienced many "Charlie Borwn" moments.

A rhythm out of Africa
Tawanda Charumuka didn't skip a beat when he came to ASU from Zimbabwe to study music and play African instruments.

Guerillas in the mist
The Paper Heart Gallery in downtown Phoenix, known for showcasing local cutting-edge art, will unveil its Urban Guerilla exhibit tomorrow night.

To Hannibal, with love
Dear Dr. Lecter: How good it is to hear your voice again your dry, cynical drone calmly describing the worst evils capable of man.

The Ruff Deahl: Oom-paw-paw
I hav just lap-peD my thurd bug of meeer and my tale iz wagging with D-light. Woops. Did my paws slip on the keyboard for a second? Damn these poor excuses for opposable thumbs.

Truth be told...
The Liars fall somewhere between a harder Fugazi that allows its crowds to mosh and a splash of fellow tour mates Jon Spencer Blues Explosion.

SDTV program guide
SDTV-Channel 2 program guide

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