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Party crusaders take a cue from Playboy
I'll take the Playboy ranking over the Princeton Review one any day.

The bicker gets even thicker
We still have another month to enjoy baseless personal attacks and small-minded disputes on the campaign trail.

Don't fear the 'Rock Burglar'
We all like Robin Hood for robbing from the rich and giving to the poor, so why shouldn't the Rock Burglar be our hero?

Cup o' Joe: Dance 'til ya can't no more
My dancing skills were enough to make the ladies swoon back in the day. The ladies being my mom, grandma, a few cousins and Aunt Sue.

Political Cartoon
Political cartoon by John West

Mall Rants: #1 party school
Students rant about ASU's status of top party school in the nation.

Devils rank 11th in USA Baseball study
The ASU baseball program ranked 11th for producing players on the National Team, according to a recent study conducted by USA Baseball.

Smith speaks at Summit
Tuesday marked the end of the Collegiate Athletics Facilities Summit, a gathering of senior decision-makers in sports.

Football: Secondary new and improved
Through five games this season, football fans have felt two emotions that weren't present last year happiness and joy.

Hoops schedule ranked nation's 20th-toughest
For those fans who say the Sun Devil men's basketball team plays nothing but cupcake opponents, it's time to think again.

Volleyball: Pac-10 continues dominance
Yet another weekend of Pac-10 volleyball in the books and yet another demonstration that the conference is the toughest in the nation.

Hoops: Recruit picks Oregon after trip to ASU
ASU head coach Rob Evans learned earlier this week that family ties don't always hold much meaning when it comes to men's basketball recruiting.

October Sports Calendar
Click here for a calendar of all the ASU Athletic home games for October.

Medical research institute to be built in March
Ideas for a medical school at ASU have come and gone, but a biodesign institute scheduled for construction on campus will allow ASU to finally get involved in the health and science industry.

Tempe landmark ravaged by fire
A three-alarm fire ravaged one of Tempe's oldest and most famous landmarks, the Hayden Flour Mill, on Tuesday afternoon.

Candidates decline to participate in campus event
All four candidates in the race for the Arizona governor seat have placed education atop their priority list, but chose not to participate in ASU events.

Unemployment hits hard in Arizona
According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, unemployment rates in July for Arizona were 6 percent, compared to the national average of 5.7 percent.

Police Beat Man caught with foot cream down pants
The incidents reported by Tempe police on Tuesday, including one in which a man attempted to shoplift two bottles of shampoo and a box of foot cream when he stuffed them down his pants.

Kosovo native appreciates U.S.
Ilir Dugolli came from a part of the world that, during a time of war, trying to study and learn was illegal.

Light rail project moves slowly due to lack of funding
The House Appropriations Committee is expected to approve $18 million for the light rail project in November, moving it slower than what Valley Metro officials had expected.

SDTV program guide
SDTV-Channel 2 program guide

SPM: The Good Spin Doctors
When Steve Kushnir came to Arizona nearly a decade ago, his mission was simple: Find the perfect party.

SPM:: 'Heat' of the Moment
When Kindra Steenerson decided to take on the duties of directing Heat for ASU's Department of Theater, she knew she was in for a challenge.

Healing hands
It's rare that ASU has appreciation for anything affiliated with UA, but the campus club Muralcles has its roots in Wildcat blood.

A 'Vission' all his own
It's said that a good DJ should lead listeners on a journey, controlling every emotion with the flow of a song, every dance move with the break of beat.

The Calabasas Connection
Just a few hundred exits down the westbound I-10 lies a magical land where record contracts seem to fall out of the sky and rock starts roam the same streets as everyday folks.

Partners in punk
Local pop punksters Hello John have only been around for a mere two years, yet they're already starting to sound like a married couple.

Better late than never
Better Than Ezra the New Orleans-based rock group that shot to fame with its single, "Good," nearly a decade ago would like to let you in on something about themselves.

Big city dreams
The young singer/actress who goes by Emma Lorraine will soon be departing ASU's stages for opportunities in New York City.

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