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Duh-free is the way to be
Perhaps politicians and American citizens should try to improve our country. But instead of having a car-free day, how about a "duh-free" day?

MTV and reality make strange bedfellows
The strongest signifier that MTV is hell-bent on nothing less than total cultural domination is its increasing use of reality shows.

Germany, the new head cheerleader
Lately, the policy decision-making process on the world-stage seems less like a reasoned and level-headed process and more like something straight out of "Bring It On."

Cup o' Joe: Dance 'til ya can't no more
My dancing skills were enough to make the ladies swoon back in the day. The ladies being my mom, grandma, a few cousins and Aunt Sue.

Political Cartoons
Get the political view through the eyes and art of John West.

Mall Rants: Attack on Iraq
Should the U.S. launch an attack against Iraq to oust Hussein?

W Golf: Sun Devils prepared for climb
After a disappointing start to the season, the ASU women's golf team has a chance to redeem itself today when competing in the 24th annual Comcast/Dick McGuire Invitational in Albuquerque, N.M.

Hoops: Ex-Devil inks deal with Heat
Two years of hard work and dedication has finally paid off for former ASU shooting guard Eddie House.

Hoops: From cancer to the court
The average observer probably thought junior swingman Justin Allen didn't have much of a presence last year on the ASU men's basketball team.

Rugby club already eyeing playoffs
The ASU men's rugby club has identified this season as its "best chance" for advancing to the national tournament in the spring.

Football: Wide receiver overcoming problems
The ASU football team's offense will have another bomb in its arsenal Saturday when sophomore wide receiver Daryl Lightfoot returns after being sidelined for the past month.

Police Beat: Man stops policeman from pursuing three subjects
The incidents that Tempe and ASU police releases Thursday.

Napolitano's plan hinges on universities
Democratic gubernatorial candidate Janet Napolitano confronted Arizona's budget crisis by publicizing her economic development plan at a press conference Wednesday.

West Nile expected in Arizona
California reported their first human case of the West Niles virus Sept. 7, and it won't be long before the mosquito-born virus reaches Arizona.

Crow appoints new senior vice president
ASU President Michael Crow named the current vice president of student affairs, Christine Wilkinson, to the position of senior vice president and secretary of the University on Wednesday.

Tempe mayor helps with election in Macedonia
Tempe Mayor Neil Giuliano returned last week from observing parliamentary elections in Skopje, Macedonia.

Suspects identified in kidnapping of ASU freshman
Phoenix police have one suspect in custody and are in the process of identifying another in connection with the alleged kidnapping of an ASU student.

Classifieds - 9/26/02
Notice to our readers: Before responding to any advertisement requesting money be sent or invested, you may wish to investigate the company and offer. The State Press cannot assume responsibility for the validity of the offers advertised in our classified section.

Big city dreams
The young singer/actress who goes by Emma Lorraine will soon be departing ASU's stages for opportunities in New York City.

Better late than never
Better Than Ezra the New Orleans-based rock group that shot to fame with its single, "Good," nearly a decade ago would like to let you in on something about themselves.

Partners in punk
Local pop punksters Hello John have only been around for a mere two years, yet they're already starting to sound like a married couple.

The Calabasas Connection
Just a few hundred exits down the westbound I-10 lies a magical land where record contracts seem to fall out of the sky and rock starts roam the same streets as everyday folks.

Hookahs take a hit
For Hani Alshalabi and Magda Kassel, who both own restaurants on Apache Boulevard in Tempe, the hookah is the backbone of business.

A 'Vission' all his own
It's said that a good DJ should lead listeners on a journey, controlling every emotion with the flow of a song, every dance move with the break of beat.

Healing hands
It's rare that ASU has appreciation for anything affiliated with UA, but the campus club Muralcles has its roots in Wildcat blood.

Celebrating 15 years of Improv
At 41, Tempe Improv owner Dan Mer has never had a romantic relationship last longer than three-and-a-half years.

SPM:: 'Heat' of the Moment
When Kindra Steenerson decided to take on the duties of directing Heat for ASU's Department of Theater, she knew she was in for a challenge.

SPM: The Good Spin Doctors
When Steve Kushnir came to Arizona nearly a decade ago, his mission was simple: Find the perfect party.

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