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The Raw Deahl: You're so vain...
It's difficult to ignore all of the taut-and-toned bodies on campus all of the glistening calves, rigid abs and perfectly carved clavicles that seem to cry, "ooh, ahh, look at me and love what you see."

Putting plugs in Justice's ears
Movie stars, musicians and athletes constantly try to shirk their obligations and we let them get away with it because they can afford to shop at Saks Fifth Avenue.

Being '3rd tier' should not cause watery eyes
Can ASU, as a public university, become a prominent institution in American higher education? Certainly. But the idea that it can't happen until US News and World Report says so is preposterou

Borrowing from Osama's playbook
Many countries have the military power to impose a regime change upon less-powerful states, but only the United States dominates the entire globe enough to wield that power without pesky international retaliation.

Letters to the Editor
See what members of the ASU community have to say about the latest issues. Send letters to the editor to,

Political Cartoons
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Golfers struggle at Purdue
If there were ever a day spent in the rough, the ASU women's golf team experienced it earlier this week at the NCAA Fall Preview, where they finished dead last in the 18-team event.

Volleyball: Leddy emerging as team leader
The ASU volleyball team is off to a smooth start this season, but in order to achieve continued success, leaders need to point other players in the right direction.

Hoops: Wooden trying to refine work ethic
During the next eight months, work will be the name of the game for Lawrence (Kan.) Free State High School senior and ASU recruit Keith Wooden, who has to bring his team out of a losing hole and improve his grades.

Volleyball: Sun Devils gearing up for Pac-10 play
Sun Devil head coach Patti Snyder-Park said freshmen Nora Pirzynski and Sarah Watkins likely will have a big impact on the team in the future.

Football: Canidate cherishes top spot
On Sunday, ASU head coach Dirk Koetter announced that he was moving redshirt freshman Cornell Canidate up the depth chart as the team's featured back for the Stanford game.

Police Beat: Woman threatens sister with knives
A look at the incidents that ASU and Tempe police reported on Wednesday.

Cold Stone CEO accepts award from ASU
The president and chief executive officer of Cold Stone Creamery, Doug Ducey, credited ASU students and strong core values for the company's success, after he received the Spirit of Enterprise Award Wednesday.

Youth care educates about STDs
Organizations at ASU, such as Youth Care, answer the call to educate their peers about sex by making presentations about proper condom use and STD treatment and testing.

Medicines in tap water may cause diseases
Researchers at ASU are finding new evidence that the chemicals in tap water could be linked to cancer in women and sexual problems in men.

West campus breaks ground on new class building
ASU West broke ground on a $20.9 million classroom and laboratory building Wednesday in a step toward quelling an overpopulated campus.

Future of Alpha Drive negotiated
Six of the 10 fraternities on Alpha Drive are currently negotiating to purchase their property, and now face the destruction of their houses as ASU administration plans to clear the area for other facilities.

Classifieds - 9/19/02
Notice to our readers: Before responding to any advertisement requesting money be sent or invested, you may wish to investigate the company and offer. The State Press cannot assume responsibility for the validity of the offers advertised in our classified section.

In motion
Student filmmaker Zachary Yoshioka, whose films have been featured at Tempe Cinemas, is ASU's answer to Steven Soderberg.

West, meet East
ASU's Program for Southeast Asian Studies wants us to take off the red, white and blue-colored glasses and view the countries of Southeast Asia through local eyes.

SPM: The Mirror Image
The daily scene at ASU's Student Recreation Center is not one of students trying to get fit, but of barely-dressed men and women in search of love.

First and Format
Phoenix's new indie favorite The Format on a rise to success, new to the media game and onslaught of attention.

Fair-feathered friends
Young film star Heath Ledger enjoys "more liberty and license" in the making of his new epic movie, The Four Feathers.

Wired and wacky
Despite fame and fortune, Larry the Cable Guy is still just a goofy country boy from Florida in search of "the one."

Sing to shinng sea
In an effort to promote her latest album, Topography, musician Lis Harvey is attempting to play shows in all 50 states in only 60 days.

Exploring the underground
The Necronauts is a band that meshes many influences into a sound that is so cohesive, it is able to breathe new life into a music scene that many consider stale.

Students look through 'brown eyes'
In recognition of Hispanic Heritage Month, Valley-area Latino artists are having their artwork displayed at ASU West's Fletcher Library.

SDTV-Channel 2 program guide
Program guide 9/9-9/22

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