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Political Cartoons
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No point in waiting for the world
America needs to focus on Iraq, with or without the international community's help, in order to prevent another incident similar to Sept. 11.

The truth about what ASASU does for you
I cannot sugarcoat ASASU; it is a "student" government that governs nothing.

The Doogie Howser Dilemma
The 25-year-old man who broke the record for being the youngest doctor to hold a medical professorship has purely self-indulgent motives.

Walter's chance is here
Now is the time to stop preparing Christensen for the future and to start letting Walter lead the Sun Devils to victory.

Mall Rants: Tempe smoking ban
Click here to view video of students ranting about the smoking ban in Tempe.

Letters to the Editor
See what members of the ASU community have to say about the latest issues. Send letters to the editor to,

The Raw Deahl: Open mikes, open minds
As far as talent went, none of them had any. I can't remember any of their names, but their horrible slit-my-wrists singing will probably haunt me forever.

Hoops: Evans lands big commitment
ASU head coach added another piece to the puzzle Monday with a verbal commitment from a 6-foot-8, 220-pound power forward who picked ASU after taking an official recruiting visit to the Tempe campus last month.

Softball: Former Sun Devil preparing for Olympics
When the torch is lit for the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, Greece, the Sun Devils will be represented.

Volleyball: Pac-10 appears wide open as season begins
With the Pac-10 volleyball season on the horizon, several teams are poised and ready to take a shot in the nation's toughest conference.

Football: Injuries just keep on coming
Injuries continued to mount Saturday for the ASU football team during an 11-point win over San Diego State at Qualcomm Stadium.

Golf: Bigger things on horizon
ASU standout Jeff Quinney working his way through the ranks of the Canadian Tour and looks to make the PGA Tour.

Police Beat: ASU employee committed
A look at the criminal incidents that ASU and Tempe police reported for Monday.

Tempe factory catches fire
No injuries were reported as flames engulfed a portion of Palm Harbor Homes Manufacturers' framing section Monday.

Rankings dispel party school image
After surveying 100,000 students at 345 schools, the 2003 Princeton Review showed that ASU is not a top ranking party school.

ASU researchers near success with brain implant technology
Researchers are expected to reach a major milestone in December that could allow humans to move prosthetic limbs with their brains.

Crow: Freshman class is best yet
Even with a spike in ASU enrollment, Crow said he has no intention of raising admission standards.

ASU's animal testing humane
Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee takes care to assure the well-being of animals being tested.

ASU to collaborate on medical program
ASU, UA and NAU are pooling their resources in order to improve the state's academic medical programs and increase research opportunities.

Classifieds - 9/17/02
Notice to our readers: Before responding to any advertisement requesting money be sent or invested, you may wish to investigate the company and offer. The State Press cannot assume responsibility for the validity of the offers advertised in our classified section.

SDTV-Channel 2 program guide
Program guide 9/9-9/22

Down on the farm
Joshua Tree, Calif., with its hot, arid summers might not be the most desirable place in the nation to reside. But for some reason, it's the perfect place for alt-country singer/songwriter Victoria Williams' home and garden - along with her pseudo-farm/ranch that includes a pair of donkeys, a trio of dogs and some ducks.

Beyond skin deep
Not only did Skins director Chris Eyre honor the Native Americans in his new movie by filming on their reservation, but now he's hand delivering the film with a movie theater to their doorsteps.

Food for thought
In Mostly Martha, the new German-language comedy from writer/director Sandra Nettlebeck, Martha cooks. It's what she loves. It is, almost exclusively, how she defines herself.

Welcome Matt
Matt Sharp has been a real-life Where's Waldo. He left Weezer after their Pinkerton Album and devoted himself fully to his other band, The Rentals. After making two albums with them, he practically disappeared off the face of the Earth by moving to Leipers Fork, Tenn., a small town with only one restaurant on the outskirts of Nashville.

New Hot Guys on the Block
Hot Guy Band, which will mark its one-year anniversary in October, first formed after Ging and Abbott hooked up musically. Once a solid formation was in place, they released their debut album, Let's Do Coke in the Bathroom, which quickly became the No. 1 local seller at Zia Records for three weeks in a row.

Taking aim
The student-run marksmanship club, the Gun Devils, gives students, staff and faculty a chance to hone their shooting skills, meet new people and let off some steam during the semester.

Flash of dance
Two years ago, after receiving a degree in dance from James Madison University in Virginia, Tara Mullins packed up her things and headed west to study at one of the nation's top-10 graduate schools for dance.

SPM: Tune-up masters
According to local open-mike performers, being nervous is a part of the show. But they also agree that when the music is right, it's all worth it.

SPM: Rock 'n' Rollins
In the 120-minute one-man play, Cancer Man, ASU theater student Luke Krueger will turn the stage into his own personal interpretation of Henry Rollins' book, Get in the Van, which details his days of touring.

Release the robots
You know that dream where you're giving a speech and you look down to realize you're literally baring all? Well, that's kind of what Army of Robots vocalist and guitarist Lawrence Hearn has been going through lately.

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