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The 'race' race is not worth running
On Wednesday, The Arizona Republic reported some interesting news about the Valley's income: White economic dominance is all but mythical. Using statistics from the 2000 census, The Arizona Republic compared the median household incomes for the Valley's 26 cities (broken down by race) with surprising results.

Mall Rants: ASU students remember, celebrate 9/11
Students' plans for Sept. 11 range from riding motorcycles headed for San Diego to saying a prayer for the families of victims.

America needs to keep the faith
The U.S. constantly quivers on a precipice of world opinion. America is that "large, friendly dog in a very small room," as England's Arnold Toynbee said. "Every time it wags its tail, it knocks over a chair."

Moviegoers, the revolution has begun
I'm glad to see the opening of the new Madstone Theater in Chandler. The theater caters to adults and serious moviegoers, rather than teenagers. Adults need at least a few theaters to themselves, and most of the theaters in the Valley have been overrun by a new generation of filmgoers who just don't know how to behave at a movie.

Masaniai needs discipline
ASU beat Central Florida 46-13 on Saturday night, but after the game head coach Dirk Koetter found himself apologizing for the conduct of senior defensive tackle Danny Masaniai.

The Raw Deahl: 9/11/02: A day like any other
I'm not allowed to laugh next Wednesday. Or be entertained. Or do anything I might have done the day before. Neither are you. Because, well, that would be wrong. That would be disrespectful.

Hoops: Promising recruits vital for next season
With seven seniors slated to graduate in the spring, the fall recruiting season holds extra importance for head coach Rob Evans and company. As the early signing period looms just beyond the horizon, recruits have been filing through Wells Fargo Arena at a blistering pace.

Soccer: Head coach, team expecting success
After leaving his mark on several U.S. soccer teams, Head Coach Ray Leone is expecting success at ASU.

Football: Koetter reflects on defense, trick plays
The Sun Devils outscored the Golden Knights 36-0 in the second half Saturday. Koetter said his goal is to have a three to one ratio of big plays — a run or pass that goes for a long gain — in favor of his team. Koetter counted 22 big plays, while UCF had only two.

Men's golfers find rough in first outing
The ASU men's golf team recorded a seventh-place finish last week in the season-opening TOPY Cup United States-Japan Intercollegiate Golf Championship in Tokyo.

The 2002 ASU women's volleyball team
A closer look at ASU's women's volleyball team, which includes powerhouses like Junior middle blocker Jodi Smith and Junior outside hitter Juliana Escobar.

Koetter names Walter starting QB
Pick up The State Press on Wednesday for a more detailed story.

Police Beat: Man whips it out and pees in resident's yard
Tempe and ASU Police had an interesting weekend, during which a homeless man who was urinating in a resident's yard, was arrested.

Sept. 11 to be business as usual for Tempe police
ASU and Tempe police aren't planning to take as many precautions as some may expect for the anniversary of Sept. 11.

Lecturer defends US strength
Dinesh D'Souza, a former White House senior domestic policy analyst, said he wanted to change the belief that western culture dominated the world with oppression through slavery.

Tempe travel and tourism struggles to recover
According to a report by the Tempe Visitors and Convention Bureau, the revenue on the hotel bed tax was $87,316 in 2001, compared to $130,467 in 2000, which was a 33 percent drop.

ASU grad reflects on time abroad in months following Sept. 11
With his shoulder-length hair, soft-spoken 28-year-old Kolby Granville said giving up his $70,000-a-year e-business career for a Peace Corps volunteer commitment in Africa wasn't a big sacrifice.

Tuition changes for low-income students
Due to inevitably rising tuition and cost of living, the Arizona Board of Regents is making efforts not to leave students from low-income families behind.

Classifieds - 9/10/02
Notice to our readers: Before responding to any advertisement requesting money be sent or invested, you may wish to investigate the company and offer. The State Press cannot assume responsibility for the validity of the offers advertised in our classified section.

Home away from home
The Other 49 aims to bring together non-resident students who might have a hard time finding their niches on campus

ASU needs an 'Idol'
ASU's Sun Devil Idol might get to sing the national anthem at sporting events. Which puts him or her right up there with such current singing sensations as Alina Tatum, 14, and Alexz Johnson, also 14.

Big fat Greek rock 'n' roll
Tony Hajjar has a strong commitment to the media. Not only did the drummer from the El Paso-based band, Sparta, conduct a phone interview via cell phone while weaving through the crowded streets of Los Angeles, but he also offered "something to write about."

Rock takes the reigns
As pop and rap-rock take a back seat, rock is taking center stage. And that's just fine with The Reign Kings' lead vocalist Scott Briggs.

Portrait of a mad man
Robin Williams clicks as a lonely psycho in One Hour Photo

Bottom of the food chain
If Limp Bizkit was the life-sustaining breath to nü-metal, than Nonpoint is gas from a dead corpse. But, really, they don't mind.

All under one roof
Mill Avenue's newest addition, Motif, offers art for the body and mind.

Blazing a trail
Tucked away in the shopping center on the corner of University and McClintock drives, lies Chet Pope and Mike Jarmuz's store, Inferno. The facade is unassuming to the point where passersby would likely never guess that a shrine to punk rock gods sits inside.

A Gentlemen's Charity Gala, benefiting the Northern Arizona University Sky Dome Scholarship Fund, will give local ladies a chance to bid on up to 20 guys for a romantic date and maybe more.

More than a one-horse town
Michael Caton-Jones' new movie City by the Sea is a deft, exciting thriller with some serious issues on its agenda.

CD Review: A Simple Plan's No Pads, No Helmets...Just Balls
Sara Thorson reviews A Simple Plan's new album No Pads, No Helmets...Just Balls

CD Review: Slum Village's Trinity (past, present and future)
Jamie Schneider reviews Slum Village's new album Trinity (past, present and future)

CD Review: Coldplay's A Rush of Blood to the Head
Joe Watson reviews Coldplay's new album A Rush of Blood to the Head.

Feeling their way out
Some musicians avoid the "emo" tag like the plague. But local act Before Braille doesn't seem to mind so much.

The ambiguity of it all
ASU grad student and sculptor Andy Behrle sits down with The State Press Magazine before his exhibit opens this Friday at the Eye Lounge Contemporary Art Space in downtown Phoenix.

SPM: New York's state of mind
On Sept. 11, 2001, after receiving a phone call telling her to turn on the television, Janis Lewin watched in horror as disaster struck the city she calls home. On Sept. 12, she set out for Manhattan armed with her most powerful weapon — her camera.

SPM: Stand-up for Sept. 11
Sometimes laughter can be the greatest common denominator. But is one year long enough?

SDTV-Channel 2 program guide
Program guide 9/9-9/22

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