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Mall Rants: Do you think ASASU Vice President should be impeached?
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Get the 'Buck' Out
Last Thursday The Arizona Republic broke a story involving four ASU fraternities, a sexual scavenger hunt and a video camera. Unfortunately for ASU, this video was not to remain in the frat's private "Goodest Parties Ever" collection. Instead, it was professionally produced and distributed for public sale.

Keep on 'Bucking'
This is no surprise considering the success of real world exhibition videos like "Girls Gone Wild." Arizona State University is one of the schools that have joined the flesh frenzy, showing material that, according to the Center for Arizona Policy, violates Arizona's felony obscenity laws.

Lowly clerks should follow corrupt CEOs' example
From Mexico to Morocco, the lowest levels of business embrace corruption as "creative bargaining." Only in the United States does low-level enterprise universally abide by such rigid practices and regulations.

Loss not really all that bad
There's still game film to be broken down, emotions to be sorted out and hangovers from which to recover. But here are a casual football fan's knee-jerk reactions to a night spent drinking and watching ASU's 48-10 loss to Nebraska at the Bellagio in Las Vegas.

Lattie's Legacy: A look at Coor's 12 years at the helm
Lattie Coor didn't want the job. Now, thirteen years after accepting the ASU presidency, Coor will leave office and turn over the reigns to Michael Crow. As the 65-year-old Coor prepares to retire, many are singing his praise and calling him the "right president" for ASU over the past 12 years.

Redhage excels in overseas trip
Shawn Redhage had quite a different experience this summer while playing overseas for Athletes in Action, a 16-person team that included players from numerous colleges across the United States.

ASU rugby players jump into spotlight at Sun Devil Stadium
The ASU rugby team has existed for years in relative anonymity while consistently improving and striving to succeed at the club level.

Koetter optimistic after lopsided loss
Despite a lopsided 48-10 loss to No. 10 Nebraska on Saturday, Dirk Koetter said the experience of playing in Lincoln will benefit his team in the long run.

Swimming, diving teams not concerned with Pac-10 foes
ASU head coach Michael Chasson is focusing on the national picture in favor of traditional Pac-10 rivalries.

Greek row shrinks, two more frats asked to leave
Fighting within the Greek system, hazing allegations and excessive police incidents have led University officials to ask Sigma Phi Epsilon and Phi Sigma Kappa fraternities to move out of their on-campus houses.

New bike path provides a shortcut for students
A new bike path, located just south of Apache Boulevard, running from Rural Road to just west of Sunset Avenue, is helping students save time on their commutes to class.

Police enforce laws on campus malls
Thousands of students and faculty returning to campus this week will have to follow a campus traffic policy that is being enforced more strongly than usual.

Loud party patrol busts noisy students
A "Loud Party Patrol" has been formed by the Tempe Police Department to hit the street Friday to seek out and control out-of-hand gatherings.

Students getting involved with volunteer groups
ASU's Community Service Program says it wants to get students more involved in their community this year. The program will host several events to help students learn about volunteer opportunities on campus.

MBA program hires new executive director
When James Kahler took the reign as executive director of the ASU Master of Business Administration Sports Business Program, his goals for students went beyond classroom instruction.

Buck resignation effort delayed
ASASU's first senate meeting was rumored to feature a call for Executive Vice President Brian Buck's resignation, followed by an attempt to impeach him. Neither of which occurred Tuesday night.

The original Senate agenda did not have anything regarding Buck or the recent ASU pornography scandal.

Classifieds - 8/27/02
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