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Editorial: Rolling Stone needs to shed its 'dumb as rock readers'
Rolling Stone magazine announced last week that, in an effort to win back its readers, it plans to overhaul its 35-year-old magazine.

Suing student's 'emotional distress' a joke
When my little brother picked up his diploma last week, I'm sure the administrators were cheering. Not for the same reason I was cheering though. They were just happy to get rid of the last trouble making Broeske.

Letters to the Editor: Adderall abuse not big problem
Reporter Meagan Pollnow's feature article on Adderall provided plenty of good information. However, I can't let some statements stand without comment.

Complete ASU presidential transition coverage
This summer, Michael Crow will become ASU's next president and will take on the challenge turning the university into a "world-class" institution. The 46-year-old executive vice provost of Columbia University has a history of turning heads and impressed audiences during his campus visits.

Lattie's Legacy: A look at Coor's 12 years at the helm
Lattie Coor didn't want the job. Now, thirteen years after accepting the ASU presidency, Coor will leave office and turn over the reigns to Michael Crow. As the 65-year-old Coor prepares to retire, many are singing his praise and calling him the "right president" for ASU over the past 12 years.

Lost Boys: Young Sudanese refugees fleeing civil war, find haven in Arizona
Joseph Majaic Took hurried to join the other young African men gathering on the front lawn after Sunday morning mass ended at St. Gregory Catholic Church in Phoenix.

Adderall: The newest college study drug
Adderall, a drug that helps students pull all-nighters and focus, is starting to take the college scene by storm. But, what are the effects of this drug hailed as the "new Ritalin"?

Cancellations hurt football program again
School officials announced last week they had been notified of back-to-back September cancellations to their 2003 football schedule. Both Central Michigan and San Diego State University contacted ASU in the past three months to notify them of the cancellations, Athletic Director Gene Smith said in a prepared statement last Friday.

Former Sun Devil Garcia inks deal with Dodgers
Former ASU infielder Sergio Garcia signed a free-agent contract with the Los Angeles Dodgers last week, reporting to the team's Vero Beach, Fla., complex on Friday afternoon.

Garcia, who batted .332 for the Sun Devils in 2002, transferred to Tempe after playing for Oklahoma in 2001.

Golf's Yokoi steps down as women's coach after a year
After just one year at the helm of the ASU women's golf program, head coach Mickey Yokoi is going back to the men's program.

Yankees-Mets series doesn't live up to hype
Shawn Estes threw a pitch that went behind Roger Clemens, the umpire warned both teams and that was the end of a much-publicized series of beanball incidents between the Mets and the Yankees.

Crandall bounces back from injury
Exactly two months after being confined to a hospital bed, Kenny Crandall made the biggest commitment of his life last Friday. The ASU junior guard got married minus a cast on his right ankle. He was originally scheduled to tie the knot May 18, but postponed the wedding upon breaking his fibula just above his right ankle in a dirt bike accident.

Police seize campus computers in possible connection with Russian mafia ring
Since June 1, the Secret Service and ASU police have seized approximately 20 computer hard drives from various computing sites and departments on campus, ASU police said this week. Are you a victim of computer fraud? Discuss in the Web Devil forum.

The reality behind college DUIs
You've had a few drinks at a party, and now you're driving home. A friend offered to give you a ride, but you turned him down. You're not drunk, you told him. You're just fine. You don't have far to go anyway.

Bookstore expansion project shelved; other MU projects delayed
The long-awaited expansion of the Memorial Union has been postponed because of budget problems, and when it does go forward, it will no longer include the ASU bookstore, university officials said.

Cost of official transcripts to rise; all students will pay same price
Students will see the cost of official transcripts take a hike in cost beginning July 1, when the registrar's office will raise the price from $1 to $6.

Coconuts, body-building tapes and photos creative, but they won't help you get into ASU
On a routine morning as Timothy Desch, director of Undergraduate Admissions, was reviewing applications for fall 2002, he was suddenly alarmed by a package the size of a shoebox containing no return address. He immediately called ASU police, as he was concerned about the contents of the box.

Police Beat: Man stole mom's car
ASU police reported the following incidents the week of June 9.

Classifieds - 6/18/02
Notice to our readers: Before responding to any advertisement requesting money be sent or invested, you may wish to investigate the company and offer. The State Press cannot assume responsibility for the validity of the offers advertised in our classified section.

Transvestites and 'cock fights' Jim Rose Circus favorites
It shouldn't be a shock to hear that sometimes well-known performers or celebrities come from or live in Phoenix. Stephen Spielberg. Stevie Nicks. David Spade. But how can we explain the freakish behavior of Alice Cooper or Jim Rose? When Rose talked with Cooper, they both wondered, "What is it about us?"

'Scooby' not 'high' art, but good for a few laughs
"Scooby Doo" Starring Freddie Prinze Jr., Sarah Michelle Gellar, Matthew Lillard and Linda Cardellini Written by William Hanna, Joseph Barbera, Craig Titley and James Gunn. Directed by Raja Gosnell "Scooby Doo" might be a kids movie, but it's good for a few laughs even if you grew up watching the original.

RC Helicopters

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