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Catholic Church not entirely at fault
It is the opinion of this writer that enough has been said about the "crisis" of the Catholic Church. Nevertheless, since everyone else continues to beat this dead horse, he has decided to put his two cents in as well.

Controversy brews over vending machine beer
You can buy smokes and condoms from a vending machine, so why not beer?

That's apparently the mindless reasoning of a few Clifton, Va. residents, who thought a cold Budweiser should be available to anyone with four quarters, no matter what their age.

According to Associated Press, Clifton has been neck deep in controversy after local businesses donated a soda machine to the town meeting hall.

Three Sun Devils taken in MLB draft
The ASU Sun Devil baseball team can rest easy now that the 2002 Major League Baseball draft is over. Only three current Sun Devils were taken in the draft and it is doubtful that two of them will leave Tempe for the big leagues.

Baseball's new twist on interleague play
Interleague play returned to baseball last week, but with a new twist that resulted in some great baseball. For the first time since interleague play began in 1997, teams are playing opponents from the other league not in corresponding divisions.

This new setup creates great match-ups like Diamondbacks-Red Sox and Cubs-Mariners.

Evans receives two-year contract extension
After turning down a lucrative offer from New Mexico, estimated to be worth roughly $4.9 million over seven years, ASU men's basketball head coach Rob Evans is going to be staying in town for quite a while.

Police Beat: Man masturbates in bathroom
During the past week, police in Tempe arrested a man for masturbating in a bathroom and arrested another for indecent exposure.

Nita's wins battle with neighbors, agrees to address their concerns
After weeks of significant public debate and protest, Tempe City Council unanimously approved the relocation of Nita's Hideaway to Southern Avenue and Loop 101.

Lot 42 robber steals $390 from parking employee at knifepoint
An ASU parking services employee was robbed by an armed man in Lot 42 Thursday, May 30, ASU police said.

The robbery occurred at about 8:19 p.m. at a booth inside the parking lot, which is located at 1001 S. McAllister Ave.

According to ASU police, the suspect pointed a knife at the parking services employee through the open window while the victim was working inside the booth.

Vegetable oil as diesel fuelshows fossil fuel alternative
Load up on cans of Canola oil next time you're at the grocery store, because scientists have found something else that vegetable oil can do besides clog arteries.

Crow taps Renzulli for public affairs post
Incoming ASU President Michael Crow made his first appointment last Monday, officially naming Columbia University official Virgil Renzulli as ASU's vice president of public affairs.

Student dies in motorcycle crash
An ASU East student died of severe head injuries last Saturday night after he crashed a motorcycle into a retaining wall at ASU Main the morning before.

Classifieds - 6/11/02
Notice to our readers: Before responding to any advertisement requesting money be sent or invested, you may wish to investigate the company and offer. The State Press cannot assume responsibility for the validity of the offers advertised in our classified section.

'Bad Company' humor just plain bad
If you've ever seen a movie where our heroes are scrambling to prevent a bomb from exploding, don't go see "Bad Company." If you do, all you're going to get is every other action cliche you've already seen before.

'My Big Fat Greek Wedding' stars as real as they are funny
As soon as I stepped off the elevator into the penthouse of the Phoenix Ritz-Carlton Hotel and saw the tall, lanky man with long hair and sunglasses racing toward me with a plate of food in his hands, I knew he was not your stereotypical movie star.

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