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Editorial: Ron Newcomer's proposal for film degree fantastic
We know that home video of spring break '99 isn't exactly high art, but we'd like to think there's some potential. Besides, who can resist our shaky handy-cam shots of our best friend lip synching to "I Will Survive" and the gritty jump-cuts to those fabulous bathroom shots? OK, so a lot of people would decline.

Opinion: Service Learning Program, ACES enrich apathetic ASU community
Most schools are known for their academic programs or sports programs. Some schools are known for their status or how much it costs to attend the school. But ASU is known for apathy? That's not cool.

Opinion: Talk cheap when Israelis, Palestinians still die
Whenever the "peace process" isn't going so well between my better half, and myself she wants to talk about it. She feels that this talking is what's going to help the situation.

Opinion: Advice to 'dear' Abby: jail not helpful to Weiser
There are few noble callings left that give people a genuine opportunity to help others. It strikes me that psychiatrists, doctors, and advice columnists alike all seem to have this ability.

Sophomore forward honored for courage
After undergoing endless hours of chemotherapy and countless rehabilitation sessions while living with a life-threatening disease that could reoccur any time, Justin Allen finally received recognition for his recent struggles.

ASU volleyball coach to retire
After spending 14 years within the ASU volleyball program, head coach Patti Snyder-Park will step down following the 2002 season, ASU Director of Athletics Gene Smith announced Monday morning.

Top of the Kee
They always say it's best to go out on top. ASU head volleyball coach Patti Snyder-Park set herself up to do just that Monday by announcing her retirement from coaching, effective at the end of next season.

Linemen watch weight, shed unneeded pounds
The ASU offensive line hasn't made weekly trips to Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig meetings, but it kept a close eye on the pounds during the off-season.

Music Review
The Eels are more commonly known as "the band that sings that one song." That one song usually refers to "Novocaine for the Soul," "My Beloved Monster" or "Mr. E's Beautiful Blues." Mention their albums like Daisies of the Galaxy or Electro-Shock Blues and you'll probably be met with a lot of blank stares.

Students share stories, activities about Southeast Asian culture
After spending 40 months in Thailand, a majority of them with the Peace Corps, Comeaux has accumulated more than 300 slides of his adventures in Thailand, Cambodia and Laos, along with a lot of stories.

Campus sleep-out raises $3,000 for homeless
Students from the Center Complex resident halls at ASU expected to raise $3,000 for the Thomas J. Pappas School for homeless children by sleeping out in boxes and sleeping bags Monday night on the Student Services lawn.

Police Beat
A 20-year-old Phoenix man was arrested at the intersection of Lebanon Lane and Apache Boulevard after he allegedly grabbed the buttocks of a passing woman and said, "Hello, gorgeous."

Instructor pushes to create film degree at ASU
More than 500 students have signed his petition and nearly 500 letters have been handed in to Newcomer over the past two weeks. He hopes to get a couple of thousand signatures before he gives the letters to the deans of various colleges in mid-April.

Crow will be ASU's next president
Michael Crow, executive vice provost at Columbia University, will become ASU's new president. Crow was offered the top job by the Arizona Board of Regents and accepted the offer Monday.

Students with drug charges qualify for financial aid
A national scholarship fund is being inaugurated today for students with drug convictions who would not be able to attend college without money from federal financial aid.

Senate passes bill requiring universities to study hemp
Legalizing the growth of hemp as a research crop has been on the forefront of the industry's agenda for several years, and it may now receive help from Arizona's universities.

Muralcles is having a guest speaker and free pizza at 7 p.m. in Ccwden 215. An art therapist will speak about her experiences working with hospitalized children.

Oldest, youngest students bring diversity to ASU
There is a 64-year age difference between ASU students Vernon Gerlach, 79, and Ashley Nuñez, 15, but the two still have a lot in common. Both are at extreme ends of the age spectrum at ASU: Gerlach is the oldest student on campus this semester and Nuñez is the youngest.

Classified Ads - March 26, 2002
Online Classified Advertisements.

Classifieds - March 25, 2002
Online Classified Advertisements.

'Blade II': Sequel to vampire thrasher bites
Blade II is sort of a difficult movie to review. On the one hand, it's really not very good. On the other hand, as an example of the popular horror/vampire/slasher/action/ zombie genre, it's better than a lot of its contemporaries.

Tale of boy and alien still tear-jerking
It's been a good week for rekindling my old romance with Steven Spielberg. I caught his Raiders of the Lost Ark on the tube the other night and was stirringly reminded of that film's greatness. Just a few days later I saw E.T. (a new edition of the film, in theaters Friday) for the first time in 10 years and I am in awe all over again of the director's great creative powers.

Defend yourself
It takes only seconds to become a target. A soon-to-be victim or easy prey for a predator. A flicker of vulnerability means the difference between walking away safely and getting attacked.

Worldly artist helps jailbirds 'keep the faith'
More than a dozen women of various sizes, shapes and ages have formed a semi-circle in a conference room inside ASU's downtown Phoenix facility, stretching their arms, necks and legs with a hint of trepidation in their eyes.

Local band barrels down road to success
The four Tempe natives loaded a charter bus last Friday along with dozens of spiky-haired fans, groupie girls in tight tanks and two budding journalists, Almost Famous style, and headed for their greatest gig to date.

Local radio shows ablaze with budding talent
They may be students by day, but when the sun sets on Sunday, Monday and Wednesday nights, Patrick Sedillo, Jamie Weissman and Josh Rumsey close their textbooks and put their No. 2 pencils away to live the rock-and-roll dreams.

Folds finds new niche with solo act
The morning after I went to Ben Folds' sold out show at the Cajun House last week, my feet hurt, my back ached and I had a bloody nose. Even though I felt like I had been in a street fight, the only thing I could think about was what an amazing show I had seen the night before.

Bus ride and beavers break a small town spirit
It's amazing how 24 hours can change your life. I hopped on a bus to follow local punk band Sixth Year Senior to Los Angeles last weekend (see p. 7), and in the span of two sunrises, I learned what I hated and loved about myself.

RC Helicopters

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