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Editorial: Spring break study reveals shocking student behavior
Quick! Cancel your spring break plans before it's too late! According to two ASU professors, you are likely to engage in "high-risk" behavior during break.

Opinion: Ice fishing fun: Matt's schnapps
In last week's column, I described my January visit to Grand Forks, N.D., and East Grand Forks, Minn., which are also called "The Grand Cities" by about six people who are hoping this name will attract more humans to the area.

Opinion: Goodwin's Pulitzer should be revoked
First, award-winning historian Stephen Ambrose admitted to utilizing passages from other researchers without proper documentation or acknowledgment.

opinion: Letters to the Editor
Rob Jones' article "CLAS foreign language requirement foolish" just convinced me of his aversion to whatever is foreign. A month ago he wrote against aliens receiving in-state tuition in California denying that many of them contribute to U.S. economy under abusive employment conditions.

Top of the Kee
Congratulations, Oregon! You just won your first outright conference championship in men's basketball since 1939 by besting the most competitive Pac-10 field in recent history.

ASU men's basketball hopes hinge on uphill battle tonight
After four long months with more than its share of ups and downs, the ASU men's basketball team's 2001-02 campaign has been reduced to a three-game season that begins tonight against 15th-ranked UA.

Sheaffer puts 11-game hitting streak on line
ASU outfielder Andre Ethier leads the No. 15 Sun Devils with five three-hit games this season while fellow outfielder Jon Sheaffer has a 11-game hitting streak going.

Tennis takes on No. 3 Stanford
The ASU women's tennis team has won three of their last four matches and is looking for their fourth in this weekend's dual against No. 3 Stanford.

Swimming hopes for more success
With the ASU women's swim team finishing sixth in the Pac-10 this past weekend, the seventh-ranked men will travel to the Belmont Plaza Olympic Pool, in Long Beach, Calif.

Arizona competing for cancer research facility
The International Genomics Consortiom, an institute for advanced cancer research, has grabbed the attention of Gov. Jane Hull, who is competing for the IGC to make its home in Phoenix.

Candidate Holbrook wants 'campus vision'
Undergraduate learning, higher graduation rates and increased research funding for ASU are among the top priorities ASU presidential candidate Karen A. Holbrook said she would pursue if selected for the top post.

Student regent finalists named
Danielle Peterson and Edward Ableser are the final candidates from ASU for the position. The student regent serves for two years, representing the interests of ASU, NAU and UA students on the Arizona Board of Regents.

Society for Conservation Biology is hosting guest speaker Sean M. Blomquist, who will speak on reptiles and job opportunities, at 7 p.m. in LSE-106.

AZ recession recovery slower than rest of U.S.
While national economic analysts are suggesting the country's recession is nearly over, Arizona may take longer to recover due to the slowdown of tourism and the lack of growth in new sector jobs, according to an analysis conducted by the ASU Bank One Economic Outlook Center.

Hull threatens legislature over pay raises
Gov. Jane Hull threatened on Tuesday that if legislators do not agree to reduce and delay the state pay raise, she would use new leverage to force a final decision.

Classifieds - 3/7/02

1214 E. ORANGE, Marianna Apts. 1bd & studios. $50 off move-in w/ ad. 480-966-8597.

A 2BD, walk to ASU, laundry, pool, ac, prkg. Student special! 1014 S. Farmer, $625. 921-9570

CAPE COD Apts! Quiet, 2br apts available at $619/mo. Walk- ing distance from ASU.

Buck voter fraud complaint dropped
Executive Vice President-elect Brian Buck has less to worry about after allegations that he instigated voter fraud have proven irrelevant.

Buck's opponent, ASASU Sen. Matt Schuh, dropped a complaint against him on Sunday. However, another complaint is still pending despite Buck's insistence it will be "thrown out."

Irk with the best of concert jerks
Concert-goers beware. If you attend the same concert as I do, you would be wise to be on your best behavior, as my tolerance level for jackasses has gone down considerably this past week (i.e., I have now added the arched eyebrow of death to my usual piercing scowl).

SXSW: It's Austin or bust for local musicians
Not when record company executives are listening and watching, as the years of rehearsals and touring culminate into one 40-minute set that could finally get you that shot at making it in the biz.

'Fast and Furious' not all fiction for Phoenix
"If you want to sign up for the wet T-shirt contest, go tell the short Asian guy," the emcee says in the middle of the grand opening crowd at Import Life, a new custom car performance shop in Phoenix.

Lousy fans turn DiFranco gig into freak show
The dread-headed, bongo-beating, rhyme-dealing diva of alternative folk sang, rapped and pleaded to a less than civil crowd at Celebrity Theatre in Phoenix last Thursday.

Alaskan rappers raise hell with Wu Tang
Until Friday night, I didn't know a thing about hip-hop, and even now, I don't know much. I know that Wu Tang Clan ain't nuthin' to fuck with, and I know how to raise my hands in the air like I just don't care, but outside of that, I'm lost.

Music Review
It must be one laugh after the other being a member of Harvette's inner circle. It's obvious the LA-based trio likes poking fun at just about everything, including themselves, as evidenced on the 14-track, self-titled debut.

Ice Cube: Ex-raunchy rapper gets real
Sure, racism, the PO-lice and the triteness of Hollywood still agitate the triple-threat rapper/actor/producer. If you want to hear about it, though, don't wait for his next album or his next film.

Acoustic rocker Ashbrook comes back to Bash
Musician Stephen Ashbrook has seen the Valley's music scene go through its highs and lows. The prominent rock and roller helped ignite the "Tempe Sound" movement with his band Satellite, along with fellow acts, Gin Blossoms, The Refreshments and The Pistoleros.

Hiking Heaven: Stay put for Spring Break and sample these tempting trails
Warm weather has blessed Arizona even earlier than usual this year, bringing with it a frustrating bout of spring fever. Across campus students are gazing out of classroom windows longingly, wishing they could enjoy the outdoors.

Yale improv member takes troupe home
The comedy gods of Arizona reveled in the birth of Scott Lawrence Kirschenbaum in 1980, and then drove him away in 1999. Since graduating from Chaparral High School in Scottsdale, Kirschenbaum has been attending Yale University and frequenting local performance houses with the improvisational group, The Exit Players.

Buddhist brick breakers back on stage
The Shaolin Warriors is a group of Buddhist monks that reside in the mountains of central China. They possess the ability to break bricks with sheer strength, yet they spend hours each day in deep, silent meditation trying to reach samhadi, or complete mental absorption.

RC Helicopters

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