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Editorial: Search for ASU president 'sporty'
With March Madness just around the corner, it's becoming easy to notice that the highly-anticipated NCAA tournament closely resembles ASU's search for a new president.

Opinion: Cars become deadly weapons when people drive carelessly
Everyone is a potential killer these days. Today, you and countless others played around with one of the most dangerous weapons in the country.

Opinion: Academy Awards shouldn't ignore black actors
Movie critics say 2001 was a bad year for quality films. But they're always disappointed by the year's movie crop. Regardless of such pessimism, the Academy Awards are coming. On March 24, we'll find out what Hollywood considers the best of the best.

Opinion: Letters to the Editor
I can understand the frustration some students have with learning a foreign language. However, not being able to see its relevance in ANY field is what baffles me, especially since this writer intends to become a lawyer.

ASU capitalizes on miscues
It took longer than expected and required a little poor fielding on the part of the opposition, but the ASU baseball team finally knocked off New Mexico State 10-5 on Tuesday night.

Sun Devils, Wildcats to renew rivalry for third time this year
If the ASU-UA rivalry in men's college basketball wasn't already intense enough, it will surely be taken to an entirely new level when the teams meet Thursday night in the first round of the Pac-10 tournament.

Not much changes in second straight tourney
The ASU water polo team finished 2-2 at this past weekend's Claremont Tournament in Claremont, Calif. The Sun Devils did it in the same fashion as the Slugfest Tournament two weeks ago they struggled on the first day but swept through the competition on the second.

Hump Day Hoopla
A stroll through the University of Oregon campus and a drive around the city of Eugene proves why sports are such an integral part of this quaint town.

Diverse donors sought for bone marrow drive
Volunteers are needed on campus today as one ASU organization hopes to register at least 100 people, preferably of multiracial decent, on the National Marrow Donor Registry Program.

City candidates ready for election
Three seats are available, including those of Councilmen Ben Arredondo and Len Copple, who are running for re-election. The third available seat belongs to Councilman Hugh Hallman, who was unable to run again for city council after he decided to run for mayor.

Native Americans share perspectives
Pulitzer prize-winning author N. Scott Momaday, American history professor Donald Fixico and American Indian legal expert Rebecca Tsosie will discuss "Our Heritage, Our Future: A Native American Perspective" at the Heard museum at 7:30 p.m.

Associated Students of ASU is having a constitutional convention at 6 p.m. in Armstrong Hall, Room 105. Students are invited to comment on what programs and services should be offered by student government.

New co-ed fraternity opens to all students
The organization, officially founded in Tempe in November 2000, is the first co-ed, social fraternity open to students of any sexual orientation, age, race, creed, religion and ability.

Student government prepares to reorganize
Students voted last week to repeal the ASASU constitution and the constitutional convention to construct a new form of student government begins today.

Tempe City Council Elections
Tempe native Ben Arredondo, 54, has enjoyed helping create a vision for the future of Tempe during his four years on the City Council. "I'm doing this for my kids, too," he said. "I want them to live in Tempe, too, and I want to be able to feel good about it."

Police Beat
A 20-year-old Tempe man was arrested for possession of dangerous drugs in the 2400 block of East Apache Boulevard. The man was found with cocaine on his person.

Arizona wage increases fall shy of national norm
The average wage increase for Arizona was lower than the national average according to a study conducted by the Center of Business Research at ASU.

Buck voter fraud complaint dropped
Executive Vice President-elect Brian Buck has less to worry about after allegations that he instigated voter fraud have proven irrelevant.

Buck's opponent, ASASU Sen. Matt Schuh, dropped a complaint against him on Sunday. However, another complaint is still pending despite Buck's insistence it will be "thrown out."

Classifieds - 3/6/02

$199 MOVE-IN SPECIAL. 2bd/ 1ba, $675/mo; 2bd/1ba, twnhm $710/mo incl util. 5 min to ASU. Call 480-967-0489. The Fountains, 1028 E Orange St.

$55 MOVES you in now! No Mar. rent. Lg 2br/ 1ba, 4 blks to ASU, cvd prkng. 480-200-7372

1214 E. ORANGE, Marianna Apts.

Greeks raise money for diabetes foundation
Nine fraternities and a sorority came together in brotherly love in order to raise money for the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation this past weekend. The Alpha Gamma Delta sorority invited the fraternities to their annual philanthropy that included a jumping contest last Thursday and an Ultimate Frisbee tournament on Saturday.

Music Review
It must be one laugh after the other being a member of Harvette's inner circle. It's obvious the LA-based trio likes poking fun at just about everything, including themselves, as evidenced on the 14-track, self-titled debut.

Delhi Palace a feast for the palate
Dining at an Indian restaurant is an adventure that most of us have yet to embark on. The thought of eating dishes with hard-to-pronounce names and ingredients that we've often never heard of can be a bit daunting.

One-toothed trainman tells all in New York
John likes the ladies, the doughnuts and buying things by the dozen. On top of that, he likes to wobble his tongue around his one remaining tooth that sticks out right in the center of his bottom gumline. If that doesn't qualify him for a story, what could?

Sex & media go toe-to-toe: How does the media influence the choice to be chaste?
It's the oldest trick in the book. Amidst the barrage of ads and television shows, movies, radio commercials and billboards, there is no better marketing tool than sex. It's eye catching and demands attention, but most importantly, it sells.

Imagine the art of John Lennon
The two of them possess a sincere and intense love for John Lennon and his art. Both traveled across the Pacific Ocean in the name of his legacy: one to celebrate Lennon's life and work, the other to emulate his messages of unconditional love and peace through his own life.

It's all play time for Phantom Planet
Even though they have a new album, The Guest, out on Epic Records, and their single "California" is garnering a lot of radio attention, the group seems content trying to out-clown each other and has a hard time being serious, especially during an interview with State Press Magazine.

'Storytelling' shocking but not telling
Todd Solondz, the maverick indie director who a few years ago caused a splash with the Sundance hit Welcome to the Dollhouse and followed it up with the equally abrasive Happiness, is back with a new film, Storytelling.

Geeks win out in life, on Comedy Central
I'm so geeky that I had nothing better to do on Friday night than visit, answer the "daily geek challenge" and engage in computer-assisted, asocial conversations with some of my fellow misfits.

Mute whiney bitch speaks to sell 'Jay and Silent Bob'
Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back was released on DVD Tuesday, but this high-budget, star-studded movie is a far cry from the director's first movie, Clerks, released at the Sundance Film Festival in 1994. That movie was made with a $27,000 budget fronted by parents and credit card advances.

No Vatos needed to make Barcena a funnyman
After one of Willie Barcena's many performances on The Tonight Show, Jay Leno pulled the comic aside and confided in him. "He said I reminded him of when he was my age," recalls Barcena, who will be headlining at the Tempe Improv this weekend. "He said I was just a comedian."

Even cartoon sperm can't corrupt this coochie
As a curious 12-year-old with insomnia and a rising libido, I was glued to the late-night "informational" show, alternating my jaw-dropping gapes with paranoid sideways glances down the hall where my parents slept silently (in separate beds).

RC Helicopters

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