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Editorial: Boos & Bravos
BRAVO to ASASU for voting 19-2 Tuesday to put the future of student government in the hands of students. BOO to Olympic figure skating judges. Accusations have been flying back and forth over the controversial decision to award the Russian figure skating pair the gold medal over the Canadian team despite an obvious technical error by the Russian team.

Opinion: Peace Studies department the answer to protecting compassion
According to a State Press story Tuesday, more than 40 people, many of them students, staged a peace rally Monday just outside the northeast campus boundary. I have a tendency to get all choked up these post–September 11 days over the silliest little things, and reading about that rally made my peacenik heart swell with pride.

Opinion: Letters to the Editor
Get involved in government

I am writing this letter in response to the Editorial "Student votes important part for ASASU's future". I am very grateful for the publicity the State Press has given to ASASU's (ASU's student government) Senate Bill 57, which will the give the students a vote regarding whether ASASU's current constitution is kept or a new one is drafted.

Opinion: Enron's attempts to look legitimate laughable
Between the war, the Olympics, and the "unfortunate" demise of ASASU, the Enron fiasco -- or Enrongate for those who compulsively add "gate" to the end of every scandal -- has been overlooked around here. That's all right though. Who cares about the sudden collapse of a major energy corporation that screwed employees and investors alike while executives walked away with millions of dollars?

ASU splits the difference
Looking to bounce back from an 18-point loss to Washington six days ago, the Sun Devils had to look no farther than their woman in the middle, senior center Melody Johnson Thursday night.

ASU men find misery instead of win against Southern Cal
The popping noise heard Thursday night in the City of Angels was not the cracking of boards at the ancient Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena.

Busy weekend for ASU on diamonds
A 7-0 record, top 15 ranking in all three major baseball polls and a run-scoring streak (382 games) that has now reached ridiculous proportions.

Softball looks to continue success with Louisville Slugger Tournament
For the second straight weekend the Sun Devils will host a number of sunshine-seeking teams from across the country in the annual Louisville Slugger Classic Tournament.

Wrestling honors seniors at home finale
On Sunday, the Sun Devils will face Fresno State in what will be their final appearance at Wells Fargo Arena this season. ASU currently holds a record of (9-3) to go along with an No. 11 national ranking. The team is finished with Pac-10 play after going a perfect (6-0) in conference.

Water polo hits the road
After its inaugural game last weekend, the ASU women's water polo team will head out on the road this weekend to play in the Slugfest Tournament held in Santa Cruz, Calif.

Sun Devil Swimming Update
Saturday the Sun Devil swim and dive teams will wrap up 2001-02 regular season play as they host in-state rival UA at the Mona Plummer Aquatic Center at noon.

Gymnastics look to improve
After earning another team total of 195 or better for the third time this season, ASU (4-2-1) has moved up to No. 16 in the nation according to the recent GymInfo poll.

Devils boast 'voodoo child' in bullpen
Robbie McClellan, a junior right-hander who the Sun Devils simply refer to as “the Child,” has made an immediate impact out of the bullpen this season by sealing three of ASU’s first seven victories.

McClellan has gained a decent degree of notoriety- not only for his unique nickname- but for his “bread and butter” pitch-- a kind of “slurve” that seems to consistently elude batters in late innings.

ASU starting plus-minus grading system in 2003
The Academic Senate approved a plus-minus grading system 10 years ago and is now working to make sure the transition finally goes off without a hitch next year.

Military houses to be available for student rent
Century Housing financed $21 million for the renovations of the residences. The houses were unoccupied for 10 years and were previously used to house Williams Air Force Base personnel. The 400 on-campus houses are expected to be completed in May.

YDS students protest presence of Pictsweet in Memorial Union
Six members of the Young Democratic Socialists slept outside of the Memorial Union Thursday to protest against Pictsweet, a Tennessee company that has been accused of illegally treating its workers.

Asian Business Leaders Association is hosting an academic luncheon at 12 noon in the MU, Room 224. Keynote speaker will be Ken Ihori, membership director of Asian Chamber of Commerce, who will speak on "Sales Cycle."

Brickyard transition well received on Mill
Despite delays that consistently pushed back the opening of the Brickyard on Mill, Mill Avenue's newest merchants say that since the opening on Nov.16 the Brickyard has generated better than expected revenue.

Debate over light-rail tracks hinges on safety
Tempe officials remained divided over light-rail issues at a meeting Thursday as they debated the safety of different types of light rail tracks that would surround the ASU and downtown area.

Police Beat
A 39-year-old male transient was arrested for shoplifting at Safeway located at 926 E. Broadway Road. The man allegedly took a bottle of Paul Masson brandy and concealed it in his pants.

Mock accident is practice drill for fire department, students
For the fourth consecutive year, the Arizona Latino Media Association is sponsoring a one-day workshop where Valley high school students experience spot-news reporting.

Classifieds - 2/15/02
Announcements SUMMER SCHOOL in Bermuda: Earn 6 ASU credits. No pre-reqs. Open to all stu- dents. Financial aid avail. Info meeting 2/20 in MU rm 215; 2/21 rm 208E. Both meetings satrt at 3:30pm. For more info call Dr. Teye at 965-4630 or email: SUMMER SCHOOL in Holland.

Channel 2 TV Schedule
View Sun Devil Television's programming schedule

Greek hazing on decline in recent years
Despite recent hazing allegations against ASU's Sigma Nu chapter, cries of Greek misconduct on campus are far more quiet than ten years ago.

Music Review
It must be one laugh after the other being a member of Harvette's inner circle. It's obvious the LA-based trio likes poking fun at just about everything, including themselves, as evidenced on the 14-track, self-titled debut.

Students sold on non-seedy sex shop
Naughty lingerie and sex toys, along with an unusually comfortable shopping atmosphere, can be found on Mill Avenue inside the fairly new Fascinations store.

Attention actors: Marathon of plays meant for you
Casting for the Master of Fine Arts program's New Plays Marathon is going on this Saturday in the Fine Arts Center. While it wouldn't hurt to have some acting experience under your belt, it's a moot point to the directors.

'Vagina' fights violence, opens minds
The voices of women from various cultural backgrounds and life experiences can be heard in The Vagina Monologues, yet they are all related by two universal themes: self-understanding and self-respect.

Well, you were right to think that the State Press Magazine was the only one that cares about you and is willing to help. When all the other magazines are off in Jamaica making love to your best friend, we are here for you.

'Calling' all music maniacs: Breakthough band hits Bash
The year 2001 was a memorable one for The Calling - they released their debut album Camino Palmero on RCA Records, watched their single "Wherever You Will Go" become a radio staple, toured with Lifehouse and broke through the teen pop craze on MTV's Total Request Live (TRL) three times.

Oh yeah, baby, it's B.B.
In the midst of a national, yearlong tour, during which he'll play his usual 200 to 250 shows, King took the time to talk with SPM via telephone from a hotel room in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Exotic arts excite, entice, intrigue
Luckily, there's the Exotic Art 2002 exhibit at the Alwun House in Phoenix, rekindling its annual assault of interpretations on our fantasies and fears, bringing together dozens of works by more than 50 local artists intent on opening our minds, and eyes, to sexual liberation and taboos.

Sculptured visions of a former Sun Devil
Hound dogs sing in chorus from some suburban backyard in the distance. Sculptor Melissa Martinez, 26, reclines in a yellow-cushioned antique chair, crusted in dust from too many days in her Tempe studio.

Somebody Spiked the cartoons
With all of the corporate-generated hype about Valentine's Day and its smoochy-smoochy love fests, no one ever really thinks about the day after - Friday the 15th, the day where all you fellas are still giddy from the candy and drunken love. How sweet!

Mohr than meets the eye
He's a chimpanzee and he's one of the most romantic birthday gifts Jay Mohr has ever given his wife. When asked if he considers himself romantic — Mohr responds with a firm "Absolutely."

Looking for my online Valentine
Set up a profile for myself on, describing my every quirk and quality for thousands of hungry men to view and judge. Wait and welcome the (hopefully numerous) responses to my ad, pick out a few gems, go on a few dates and rate the overall online dating experience for you, my beloved readers, so you wouldn't have to. That's how much I care.

RC Helicopters

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