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Editorial: Student votes important part of ASASU's future
With a 19-2 vote late in the evening Tuesday, the Associated Students of ASU voted to put a measure on the February 25-26 ballot asking students if they want the current ASASU constitution repealed, in essence creating a new version of student government at ASU.

Opinion: Students who plagiarize today may be dishonest tomorrow
The AP points out that executives at Enron have deliberately lied to investors and employees. Acclaimed historian Stephen Ambrose has admitted to assert other people's work as his own, while Pulitzer Prize winning author Joseph Ellis blatantly lied to his students regarding service in the military.

Opinion: Understanding needed to justify action against Iraq
Iraq is the next target in the American war on terrorism. It is no longer a question of whether or not to bring down their president, Saddam Hussein, but when and how to do this.

Opinion: Letters to the Editor
Recently there has been much attention brought to the Arizona State chapter of Sigma Nu by various news sources. This attention has been fueled by rumors floating around campus, many of which are grossly false.

Sigma Nu member responds to hazing allegations
Brian Laesch, a broadcasting junior, and Sigma Nu member, submitted this response to the Web Devil Feb. 6 and asked that it be published.

One last hurrah for seniors
With two home games still remaining, Turner Thorne wasn't necessarily giving her last regards to the group, as the Sun Devils (19-7, 10-5 Pac-10) are also looking toward a final meeting with UA in Tucson, the Pac-10 Tournament and the postseason.

ASU treating LA trip as routine
Even though the ASU men's basketball team's season will be defined this weekend, head coach Rob Evans is not putting any extra emphasis on the pivotal trip to Southern California.

Top of the Kee
The ASU men's basketball team continues its march toward the Big Dance this weekend when it travels West for a pair of games against the Los Angeles schools.

But with a game versus a vengeance-seeking UA in Tucson next The ASU men's basketball team continues its march toward the Big Dance this weekend when it travels West for a pair of games against the Los Angeles schools.

ASU finishes fourth in first tournament
The ASU women's golf team wrapped up its first tournament of the spring Wednesday with an impressive fourth-place finish at the TRW Regional Challenge.

ASU Men's Golf Preview
The ASU men's golf team will compete in its first tournament of the spring today when travelling across the Pacific Ocean for the Taylor Made/Waikoloa Intercollegiate.

Future ASU institute to help push biotechnology
The Arizona Biomedical Institute will soon be housed in a state-of-the-art facility that will have multidisciplinary laboratories for all fields of biomedicine at ASU.

Eating chocolate good for health
"The antioxidants in chocolate, especially dark chocolate, can lower your risk of cancer," said Andrea Hutchins, an assistant professor of nutrition at ASU East. "The blood thinning effect of these compounds can help make your blood not clot as well, therefore reducing the risk of heart disease."

'Dr. Fun': Media inaccurately depicts love
Romantic lives depicted through mass media constantly make people believe they need someone, especially on this day, to complete them. That thinking is wrong, according to ASU journalism professor Mary-Lou Galician.

American Marketing Association is hosting Kelly Hayes of Ferguson Enterprises, who will give career and interviewing tips, at 4:45 p.m. in the MU, Room 218. All majors are welcome. Social will follow meeting.

Attorney Gen. Napolitano addresses student group
But the state attorney general proved that she could do just that as she addressed the Hispanic Business Students Association at its first TARGET 4.0 lecture of the semester.

APS donates $50,000 to West
A $50,000 donation over five years from the Arizona Public Service Co. will be given to ASU West to help establish the Bob Stump Endowed Chair in cultural history.

Police Beat
A 22-year-old Tempe man was arrested for shoplifting at 725 W. Baseline Road. The man reportedly stole a bottle of Midori liqueur from IGA and concealed it in his pants.

Classifieds - 2/14/02
Announcements SUMMER SCHOOL in Bermuda: Earn 6 ASU credits. No pre-reqs. Open to all stu- dents. Financial aid avail. Info meeting 2/20 in MU rm 215; 2/21 rm 208E. Both meetings satrt at 3:30pm. For more info call Dr. Teye at 965-4630 or email: SUMMER SCHOOL in Holland.

Channel 2 TV Schedule
View Sun Devil Television's programming schedule

Online Valentine's Day
Forget the traditional Valentine's Day flowers and chocolates. There is a much more modern way of telling someone you love them.

Greek hazing on decline in recent years
Despite recent hazing allegations against ASU's Sigma Nu chapter, cries of Greek misconduct on campus are far more quiet than ten years ago.

Looking for my online Valentine
Set up a profile for myself on, describing my every quirk and quality for thousands of hungry men to view and judge. Wait and welcome the (hopefully numerous) responses to my ad, pick out a few gems, go on a few dates and rate the overall online dating experience for you, my beloved readers, so you wouldn't have to. That's how much I care.

Mohr than meets the eye
He's a chimpanzee and he's one of the most romantic birthday gifts Jay Mohr has ever given his wife. When asked if he considers himself romantic Mohr responds with a firm "Absolutely."

Somebody Spiked the cartoons
With all of the corporate-generated hype about Valentine's Day and its smoochy-smoochy love fests, no one ever really thinks about the day after - Friday the 15th, the day where all you fellas are still giddy from the candy and drunken love. How sweet!

Sculptured visions of a former Sun Devil
Hound dogs sing in chorus from some suburban backyard in the distance. Sculptor Melissa Martinez, 26, reclines in a yellow-cushioned antique chair, crusted in dust from too many days in her Tempe studio.

Exotic arts excite, entice, intrigue
Luckily, there's the Exotic Art 2002 exhibit at the Alwun House in Phoenix, rekindling its annual assault of interpretations on our fantasies and fears, bringing together dozens of works by more than 50 local artists intent on opening our minds, and eyes, to sexual liberation and taboos.

Music Review
It must be one laugh after the other being a member of Harvette's inner circle. It's obvious the LA-based trio likes poking fun at just about everything, including themselves, as evidenced on the 14-track, self-titled debut.

Oh yeah, baby, it's B.B.
In the midst of a national, yearlong tour, during which he'll play his usual 200 to 250 shows, King took the time to talk with SPM via telephone from a hotel room in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

'Calling' all music maniacs: Breakthough band hits Bash
The year 2001 was a memorable one for The Calling - they released their debut album Camino Palmero on RCA Records, watched their single "Wherever You Will Go" become a radio staple, toured with Lifehouse and broke through the teen pop craze on MTV's Total Request Live (TRL) three times.

Well, you were right to think that the State Press Magazine was the only one that cares about you and is willing to help. When all the other magazines are off in Jamaica making love to your best friend, we are here for you.

'Vagina' fights violence, opens minds
The voices of women from various cultural backgrounds and life experiences can be heard in The Vagina Monologues, yet they are all related by two universal themes: self-understanding and self-respect.

Attention actors: Marathon of plays meant for you
Casting for the Master of Fine Arts program's New Plays Marathon is going on this Saturday in the Fine Arts Center. While it wouldn't hurt to have some acting experience under your belt, it's a moot point to the directors.

Students sold on non-seedy sex shop
Naughty lingerie and sex toys, along with an unusually comfortable shopping atmosphere, can be found on Mill Avenue inside the fairly new Fascinations store.

RC Helicopters

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