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Sigma Nu member responds to hazing allegations
Brian Laesch, a broadcasting junior, and Sigma Nu member, submitted this response to the Web Devil Feb. 6 and asked that it be published.

Editorial: To decrease crime, use common sense
We applaud the drop in violent crime. We're glad that Tempe police are reporting a drop in violent crimes. It makes us feel better to know that we won't be attacked as we trudge, bleary-eyed to our homes after a long day and night of bringing you the news.

Opinion: Let Hamm be Arizona lawyer
In 1974, Hamm shot a man named Willard Morley during a drug deal. He was supposed to sell 20 pounds of marijuana for $1,400. He didn't. Instead, he stole the money and killed a man. He then served 17 years in prison.

Opinion: Irony now litters battlefield of e-revolution
I suppose that wherever you find a great many corpses, you should look out for scavengers. Such is the case with the remnants of the "e-commerce" revolution, whose tide has long since receded. It's a veritable feast for carrion-loving corporations.

Opinion: Letters to the Editor
was disturbed after I read Ms. Engler's article Thursday about President George W. Bush's Nobel Peace Prize Nomination. I agree that this award should be given to those who spend their lives promoting world peace and participate in such activities; however, her incredibly strong statement about how Bush "doesn't resemble nor does he belong to be around" those type of people is completely absurd.

Hill takes plea in rape case
ASU freshman Hakim Hill avoided jail time Monday by accepting a plea proposal, which reduced a third-degree sexual abuse charge to a serious misdemeanor charge of assault causing injury.

Top of the Kee
After last February's lackluster recruiting class, the knock against ASU coach Dirk Koetter was that he couldn't go head-to-head with the big dogs of the Pac-10 and win over the nation's top high school football players.

ASU heads down familiar path
For the third time in head coach Rob Evans' four-year stint in Tempe, the ASU men's basketball team is in postseason contention down the stretch.

ASU infielder's stature not indicative of game
His name is Dustin Pedroia, and if you were to watch him scoop up a ground ball or start a double play, you would swear he had arms as long as he is tall. But he doesn't; he just has the will to succeed at a sport dominated by taller players.

On-campus housing for ASU West planned
ASU West conducted a survey in November of recent students and more than two-thirds of the respondents expressed interest in on-campus housing.

Organic crop industry faces impurity problems
Organic farmers are investing a lot more time in contamination testing because of the increase in genetically modified organism crops. If the organic crops contain a genetically engineered component, they can no longer be sold as organic.

Police Beat
A 50-year-old male transient was arrested in the 1600 block of East Apache Boulevard for public consumption of alcohol and obstructing public ways. The man was reported seen holding a can of Budweiser and, when approached by police, ran into the middle of eastbound Apache Boulevard and stopped.

Student protesters rally for peace, war alternatives
More than 40 people attended a peace rally Monday and marched onto the northeast corner of Mill Avenue and University Drive where they passed out fliers against the U.S. military presence in Afghanistan.

Coming Out Discussion Group is having a meeting for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning students concerned with coming out issues at 5 p.m. in the Student Services Building, Room 332.

Car thefts account for half of city crime
While Tempe homicides decreased 61.5 percent, auto thefts rose 23.2 percent, according to Tempe's Official Uniform Crime Report released Thursday. Overall crime has increased 8.7 percent from 2000 to 2001.

Legislators hope to save pay raises
State employees' pay raises may be eliminated as the House appropriations committee passed a bill Monday to correct the state's budget shortfall.

ASU ranks 6th with frosh merit scholars
Contrary to the popular notion that ASU is a party school, the University is fast becoming a choice academic institution for freshman scholars, according to a report published by the National Merit Scholarship Corporation in January.

Students leave e-business for education
David Sweet hurried through his management school applications early this year as he prepared to return to school. His employer in New York,, a once successful new media dot-com company, had folded in November 2000.

Classifieds - 2/12/02
Apartments 2BR/ 1BA, $625/mo, large, 4 blocks to campus. Move in special. Call 480-200-7372. ASU 6 BLKS! 1br, a/c, laundry, crprt, mw, dw, new kitch. $580/ mo. Call John, 480-303-6701. ASU 6 BLKS! 1br, a/c, laundry, carport. 1218 S Farmer. $470/ mo. Call John 480-303-6701.

Channel 2 TV Schedule
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Vietnamese celebrate year of horse
"This is the year of the horse," Vietnamese language instructor Le Pham Thuy-Kim said shortly before the opening of Saturday's Vietnamese lunar year celebrations known as "Tet" at Neeb Hall.

With the stage decorated with yellow flowers known in Vietnam as "hoa

mai," Vietnamese students at ASU displayed a slice of their culture to

friends from different parts of the world with songs, dances and a taste of exotic food.

Music Review
It must be one laugh after the other being a member of Harvette's inner circle. It's obvious the LA-based trio likes poking fun at just about everything, including themselves, as evidenced on the 14-track, self-titled debut.

Student Production Board shines with second play of season
Well, it hasn't exactly been long awaited, considering that the last show ended Jan. 29th and auditions for this one took place on Jan. 23, but "the recently awaited 20th show" lacks that sense of urgency.

Uncovering the truths about nudism takes more than just taking it off.
Faber, along with her husband, three children and parents, run the clothing-optional resort, which is part of the western chapter of the American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR).

Band makes peace with desert dwelling sounds
Sometimes a musician has the ability to capture the essence of a locale; their lyrics and music invoke memories of those who have lived there and intrigue those who have yet to visit.

Chart-rising, Cadillac-rolling, Mest, hits Tempe
When the punk band Mest scored a slot to perform on a side stage during a few Blink 182 shows, the musicians thought of a creative way to lure kids over to watch them play.

Band shifts into full speed with strange, saucy sound
They're Fivespeed. Relatively unique sounding. Amazingly clean for the local scene. Decent. Really decent. They've played with Jimmy Eat World and Chris Cornell's brother, and they're headed for TRL. (OK, so, maybe they're not headed for Totally Retarded Losers isn't that what TRL really stands for?)

Sweet band bleeds life into mangled music scene
For most of its history, Arizona, with Phoenix as its cultural hub, has been to the art and music communities of the world what a second-rate actor is to the orb of great medicine: A joke.

DJ class puts new spin on study time
Welcome to Club DJ Lessons at Scottsdale Community College (SCC). Instructor Rob Wegner hopes this class will introduce an entirely new genre of record mixing as an art, science and business venture.

A (chilly) day in the life of a first-time nudist
"I'll do all the interviews naked!" I proclaimed as people laughed, blushed, shuddered and grinned. They admired my prowess and my willingness to experiment.

RC Helicopters

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