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Editorial: Stadium, May should stay away from ASU
State Rep. Steve May, R-Phoenix, must only read the State Press'Police Beat. How else could he have such a low opinion of all the people that frequent this campus?

Opinion: Individuals, not government, responsible for social problems
We demand too much of the government. We want the government to take care of us, to watch over us and to set things right when we eventually make a mistake. We whine for new laws to add to old ones that do not work in the first place.

Opinion: Help fight cancer by surfing the Net
There are some things in this world that are far more dangerous than terrorists. These things kill more people per year than would have died had we had an entire week of days like September 11.

Opinion: Abstinence-only education doesn't prevent sexually transmitted diseases
The Arizona Republic reported Saturday that the number of cases of chlamydia and gonorrhea increased between 1995 and 2000 for young people between 15 to 24 years old.

Hump Day Hoopla
John Daly didn't win the Phoenix Open. He came very close. In fact, Daly was tied for the lead midway through Sunday's final round, but the fates didn't annoint him their victor, and Daly had to settle for finishing tied for fourth place.

ASU not afraid to dish it out
The Sun Devils rank tops in the Pac-10 with an average of 17 assists per game, and are averaging 17.89 assists per contest in league play. ASU senior center Chad Prewitt and junior guard Kyle Dodd each have 48 assists (2.7 per game) in 18 games this year.

Student groups celebrate MLK, campus diversity
The event featured speeches by student group leaders from the Multicultural Student Center and the Black and African Coalition. A step dance group from Camelback High School performed, and organizations such as Students Taking Action to Reach Success and the Asian/Asian Pacific American Students Coalition, set up booths to recruit members.

MBA program slips to No. 52 in world rankings
Rankings released Tuesday show that the ASU master of business full-time program ranks 52nd in the world, down from 51st last year and 43rd in 2000.

ASU Dept. of Geological Sciences is hosting a colloquium speaker at 3:40 p.m. in PSF Room 101. Professor Mihai Ducea will speak on the Origin and Evolution of Cordilleran batholiths Constraints and Speculations. There will be a reception at 3:15 in the PSF-wing lobby.

Discounted ASU Internet service to stay, Qwest says
Students and faculty who use Qwest's ASU discounted Internet service will not be affected by the company's Internet merger with Microsoft anytime soon, Qwest officials said Tuesday.

Video: Bill to repeal ASASU advances
A controversial bill that would repeal the Associated Students of ASU constitution moved to the government relations committee Tuesday night.

Brickyard: No free parking for employees
Three employees at Borders Books, Music, and Cafe reported their vehicles stolen or vandalized within the past three months at a free parking lot on Fifth Street and Farmer Avenue.

Police Beat
A 49-year-old male transient was arrested for trespassing and reckless burning in the 1200 block of West University Drive. The man had started a fire in the Dumpster behind a Jack in the Box and was found in possession of matches and a lighter.

New reality TV show films pilot episode in Phoenix
A new reality television show will be filming its pilot episode this weekend in Phoenix, and many ASU students are signing up with the hope of winning prizes without having to live in Kenya or eat buffalo testicles.

'Handlebar Helpers' give old bikes new life
For $20, the Handlebar Helpers Program will be selling reconditioned commuter bikes at the Memorial Union on Orange Mall. The sale, sponsored by the Associated Students of ASU's bike co-op, will run from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Classifieds - 1/30/02
Apartments $49 MOVE-IN SPECIAL. 2br/ 1ba in nice, small community at McClintock/ Univ. Lndry rm, cvrd prkg, pool. $600/mo. 1921 E Hayden Lane. 602-625-3827. $49 TOTAL MOVE-IN! 52nd St & McDowell, 1 & 2 bdrms, 900 sf Call Kathy at 480-232-0183. $49 TOTAL MOVE-IN! Alma Sch & Univ, 1 & 2 bdrms, 950 sf.

Sigma Nu 'caught red-handed' in hazing incident
ASU's chapter of the Sigma Nu fraternity is under investigation by university officials in regard to an alleged hazing incident.

A complaint was filed against Sigma Nu in December by a non-member of the organization, suggesting the fraternity had violated the ASU Student Code of Conduct.

"We got caught red-handed with a hazing violation," said Mike Kasulaitis, the chapter advisor for Sigma Nu. "There is factual evidence that says 'this is what we were doing.'"

Blood suckers pump life into dying cash flow
Well, that's what I am doing right now. There is a needle in my right arm, and as I type with my left hand, my blood is being drained; but at least I'll get my red-blood cells back.

Six strange students and their odd-upations
Are you trapped behind a desk from 9-5? Do you work in an overly structured, suffocating environment? Is your job dull and monotonous, leaving you to seek excitement in your life?

Count on another clunker from 'The Musketeer' man
Theater audiences around the world were moved to stay at home last fall when Alexandre Dumas' The Musketeer was released. Noticing the rampant success of the movie in markets like Uganda and the Dumas household, Kevin Reynolds now brings us a revamped version of The Count of Monte Cristo.

'Black Hawk Down' brings death, history to life
Many Americans remember watching disturbing images of Somali citizens dragging dead American soldiers through the streets of Mogadishu in October of 1993. Eighteen Americans died that day and many more were wounded in the biggest firefight involving American troops since the Vietnam War.

Getting Sum from some fresh, funky punks
"You can sit in my lap," Deryck Whibley (AKA Bizzy D.), the spiky-haired lead singer of the punk-rock band Sum 41 says to me as he's motioning to his lap.

Mother of all jams makes music, opens minds
Welcome to Ralo's world, where every artist gets a fair shake from the music industry. Where folk music is played alongside in-your-face rock and roll, punk, new age, blues, reggae, spoken-word and Native American ambience.

Casting call offers reality check for would-be reporter
his is the first and only direct quotation I got from my casting agent, Lewis, when I auditioned for MTV's The Real World last Saturday in Tucson. From what I can tell, his remark was not so much directed at the sight of me as I sat there at the table. Rather, it was my voice recorder with the big red light on that seemed to be a sore spot.

Circus freak fails, weirdos win out
I always wanted to run away with the circus. The oddity of it all amazed and enticed me. It was the exact opposite of everything I feared and loathed about the adult world: 9-5ers drowning in a sea of memos and data and deadlines, oh my!

RC Helicopters

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