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Editorial: High school dropouts still need to drive
Anyone who wants a good job needs to at least graduate high school, and a new law proposed in the Arizona State Legislature is designed to ensure more kids do exactly that.

Opinion: Send in your weasel jokes (unless you're Canadian)
I refer to a project called Laugh Lab, being conducted by Dr. Richard Wiseman of the University of Hertfordshire (pronounced "Scotland"). Dr. Wiseman has set up an Internet site - - that has received more than 10,000 jokes, which have been rated by more than 100,000 people, most of them wrong.

Opinion: Creationism, Darwinism food for thought
All I really want is my Hungry Howie's pepperoni pizza and I'm stuck with this: an attractive blonde on the other end of the line. I struggle with an ethical dilemma. Can any male really hang up on an attractive blonde, even for a pizza?

Opinion: Town Lake project enriches our Tempe community, quality of life
Much of this controversy is due in part to last month's Arizona Republic article "Taxpayers shoulder Town Lake Dream," which claimed that progress made on the Rio Salado Project has been little and slow.

ASU battling through injuries
Sun Devil junior Meagan Yeats is still recovering from an injured wrist and may have to undergo surgery. She recorded a team-high 26 singles wins last season, to go along with a solid 17-8 dual record at the No. 3 spot in the lineup.

Stanford Baseball Preview
Stanford has it all this season: a consensus No. 1 ranking, eight returning position players, six players on the preseason All-American team and more than a few major league scouts watching the performance of its program.

ASU recruiting update
The following is an update on where ASU football stands in recruiting offensive players with two weeks remaining until athletes can sign letters of intent at the school of their choice.

How sweet it is
Five years of domination came to a screeching halt Wednesday night, as the ASU men's basketball team pulled off its biggest win in recent history.

Devils begin pivotal stretch at Cal
As the Pac-10 Tournament rapidly approaches to determine automatic postseason bids, the ASU women's basketball team is beginning the second half of conference play poised to place itself in the upper echelon of the conference.

Legislature threatens to take tuition revenue
ASU President Lattie Coor has pledged to protect the University from further state budget cuts imminent in the face of Arizona's fiscal crisis this year.

Bill limits bail release of sex offenders
A new bill called "Chris' Law Victims' Protection Act" that will restrict bail release for sexual offenders was introduced Wednesday by Sen. Dean Martin, R-Phoenix.

Patient hopes to walk again with help of ASU researchers
Dotson, 47, has trained for and participated in wheelchair marathons since a car accident left him wheelchair-bound. He's now shifted his focus with the possibility of regaining his ability to walk.

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High school dropouts risk loss of driving privileges
In an effort to keep teens in school, Sen. Jay Blanchard, D-Gilbert, who also teaches education psychology at ASU, is proposing a bill that would revoke the license of any student who drops out of high school before turning 18.

Police hope to improve public image with videos
"Typically, the only contact people have with police is not favorable," Jeff Lane, public information officer for the City of Tempe, said. "Either they're getting a ticket or they're getting stopped for questioning, and we wanted people to see us in a different light."

Police Beat
A 27-year-old Mesa woman was arrested for fraudulent use of a credit card at 1901 E. Apache Blvd. when she attempted to use a stolen credit card to purchase food from Gus' Pizza.

Classifieds - 1/24/02
Apartments $49 MOVE-IN SPECIAL. 2br/ 1ba in nice, small community at McClintock/ Univ. Lndry rm, cvrd prkg, pool. $600/mo. 1921 E Hayden Lane. 602-625-3827. $49 TOTAL MOVE-IN! 52nd St & McDowell, 1 & 2 bdrms, 900 sf Call Kathy at 480-232-0183. $49 TOTAL MOVE-IN! Alma Sch & Univ, 1 & 2 bdrms, 950 sf.

Valley Afghans celebrate victory on terrorism
The Valley Afghan community celebrated the formation of an interim government back in Kabul with songs from young singers Fardeen Khan and Qaisuddin Khan. The young singers enthralled the crowd at a function at the Memorial Union cinema hall on Saturday night.

Circus freak fails, weirdos win out
I always wanted to run away with the circus. The oddity of it all amazed and enticed me. It was the exact opposite of everything I feared and loathed about the adult world: 9-5ers drowning in a sea of memos and data and deadlines, oh my!

Casting call offers reality check for would-be reporter
his is the first and only direct quotation I got from my casting agent, Lewis, when I auditioned for MTV's The Real World last Saturday in Tucson. From what I can tell, his remark was not so much directed at the sight of me as I sat there at the table. Rather, it was my voice recorder with the big red light on that seemed to be a sore spot.

Mother of all jams makes music, opens minds
Welcome to Ralo's world, where every artist gets a fair shake from the music industry. Where folk music is played alongside in-your-face rock and roll, punk, new age, blues, reggae, spoken-word and Native American ambience.

Getting Sum from some fresh, funky punks
"You can sit in my lap," Deryck Whibley (AKA Bizzy D.), the spiky-haired lead singer of the punk-rock band Sum 41 says to me as he's motioning to his lap.

'Black Hawk Down' brings death, history to life
Many Americans remember watching disturbing images of Somali citizens dragging dead American soldiers through the streets of Mogadishu in October of 1993. Eighteen Americans died that day and many more were wounded in the biggest firefight involving American troops since the Vietnam War.

Count on another clunker from 'The Musketeer' man
Theater audiences around the world were moved to stay at home last fall when Alexandre Dumas' The Musketeer was released. Noticing the rampant success of the movie in markets like Uganda and the Dumas household, Kevin Reynolds now brings us a revamped version of The Count of Monte Cristo.

Six strange students and their odd-upations
Are you trapped behind a desk from 9-5? Do you work in an overly structured, suffocating environment? Is your job dull and monotonous, leaving you to seek excitement in your life?

Blood suckers pump life into dying cash flow
Well, that's what I am doing right now. There is a needle in my right arm, and as I type with my left hand, my blood is being drained; but at least I'll get my red-blood cells back.

Me, Tempe and puberty
I was a savvy young 13-year-old, full of self-loathing and melodrama (like all good pre-teens should be) walking the streets of Mill (in a very un-hooker like fashion).

RC Helicopters

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