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Editorial: Olympic support true show of patriotism
The nation's outright display of patriotism hasn't shown any signs of letting up in the four months following the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks on America. American flags continue to fly high on millions of homes across the United States.

Opinion: U.S. should avoid 'sweet revenge' against al-Qaida, Taliban POWs
Revenge is sweet, and probably the sweetest revenge the United States can find right now is by getting back at al-Qaida terrorists and Taliban supporters. Unfortunately, obtaining retribution also threatens to undermine everything that the United States stands for in its War on Terrorism.

Opinion: Qwest's quest to share customer data annoying
A couple of years ago, the Federal Communications Commission made a ruling I actually liked. Instead of censoring the airwaves, the FCC wanted to keep companies from using customer data without their permission.

Opinion: Letters to the Editor
I, like most students here at ASU, am working to pay for school and every expense that goes along with it. The grand total this semester? $1,800 for tuition and health insurance, $400 for books, $129 for parking not to mention car payments, phone bills, etc.

Hump Day Hoopla
After the St. Louis Rams pound the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFC Championship game Sunday afternoon, switch channels to ESPN for a post-game wrap-up of the day's playoff action.

Devils, Cats ready to tangle
The ASU-UA rivalry in men's basketball may be heated in the eyes of the fans that make the 100-mile trek across Interstate-10, but the players are treating it as nothing out of the ordinary.

Recruits would patch up defense
The ASU football team lost about 20 seniors to graduation and has seen at least five players leave the program for other reasons since finishing the 2001 season with a 4-7 record.

UCLA Baseball Preview
It was a situation that went bad, but was not impossible to overcome. After all, the Bruins still had significant talent on the mound in then-sophomore Josh Karp and junior Jon Brandt.

Business college makeover nearly finished
After spending $6.9 million renovating various aspects of the Business Administration Building and completely overhauling the first floor, the three-year project is nearly finished.

Police Beat
A 23-year-old Tempe man was arrested for assault at 640 S. Mill Ave. after he threw his cowboy hat at an officer who had asked him to leave the bar.

Kappa Delta Chi Sorority, Inc. is having an informational meeting at 6:30 p.m. in MU, Pinal Room 215.

Student found dead in campus dorm room
A 19-year-old broadcasting freshman was found dead Monday night in Best Hall.

Andrew Tucker was found shortly before 10 p.m. by ASU police.

Tucker's friends had tried to reach him for a few days and asked a Best Hall desk assistant to contact ASU police, said ASU spokesman Keith Jennings. The police were called at 9:40 p.m. Monday to investigate.

Police officials said there was no sign of foul play. The Maricopa County Medical Examiners Office will determine the cause of death.

ASU satellite prepares for tests, launch
The Three Corners Satellite, designed and constructed entirely by students, will be leaving ASU today to be tested and prepared for launch on a NASA space shuttle.

Tempe Center for the Arts design unveiled to residents
Tempe residents got their first glimpse of the future Tempe Center for the Arts, a sprawling wood, glass and stone structure that will soon perch on the edge of Tempe Town Lake, during a presentation Tuesday night.

Talk promotes 'reproductive rights,' marks Roe v. Wade anniversary
The East Valley chapter of the National Organization for Women hosted a speak-out Tuesday evening to raise support for the protection of reproductive rights.

D-Backs' springtime home posts smallest deficit
Tucson Electric Park, the Arizona Diamondbacks' springtime home, posted an operating deficit of $29,842 in 2001, its smallest annual loss since opening in 1998.

Classifieds - 1/23/02
Apartments $49 MOVE-IN SPECIAL. 2br/ 1ba in nice, small community at McClintock/ Univ. Lndry rm, cvrd prkg, pool. $600/mo. 1921 E Hayden Lane. 602-625-3827. $49 TOTAL MOVE-IN! 52nd St & McDowell, 1 & 2 bdrms, 900 sf Call Kathy at 480-232-0183. $49 TOTAL MOVE-IN! Alma Sch & Univ, 1 & 2 bdrms, 950 sf.

Valley Afghans celebrate victory on terrorism
The Valley Afghan community celebrated the formation of an interim government back in Kabul with songs from young singers Fardeen Khan and Qaisuddin Khan. The young singers enthralled the crowd at a function at the Memorial Union cinema hall on Saturday night.

'College Town' exhibits rich history
Once upon a time in a land not so far away, the citizens of a small agricultural town in the Arizona Territory had a dream. The people of Tempe wanted a place where teachers could be cultivated and trained to aid in the growing demand for education.

a few Pointers for the age-impaired 'SPM' explores
Although his frustration is felt by many, especially on a campus with a growing freshman class each year, there are several, often unnoticed, escapes for entertainment-seeking students of any age to visit in Tempe.

Tempe tries for new East-Coast Culture Mill-ieu
At the center of this metamorphosis stands the latest and, arguably, most ambitious landmark of Tempe's redevelopment -- the Brickyard on Mill -- a three-structure, $70 million giant whose tenants finally opened their doors for business in late November after several delays and growing tension among downtown merchants.

Future still Unwritten for veteran punk band
This Sunday, Jan. 20, the band is back in town, but the show is not quite the same. They are now the veteran band opening for the overnight chart toppers, Sum 41. But whether they're opening for a punk rock legend or a pop rock newcomer, Unwritten Law doesn't take anything for granted.

Feeding a sweet tooth with Sugarcult
Before their show Saturday night at the Nile Theatre, the State Press Magazine had the chance to sit down with a few of the members who make up Sugarcult.

Tommy's boy holds his own in 'Orange County'
Welcome home to that dichotomous feeling so many college students experienced during winter break the comfort and serenity of returning home of not wanting to be anywhere else.

Surreal 'Sky' life experience for Crowe, Cruise
Time Square is desolate. Ad lights flash to vacant bustlers and echo down canyon-like streets. The aerial image of Tom Cruise stepping out of his car and gingerly surveying the scene lingers for a moment. In a second he is running, searching, panicking. He is totally alone in Manhattan.

Funny girl Tyler proves she's not all 'Talk'
Although this may sound like a headline from The National Enquirer, it was actually a talk show clip that Aisha Tyler, host of E! Entertainment's Talk Soup, played for her viewers during the popular comedy program.

Me, Tempe and puberty
I was a savvy young 13-year-old, full of self-loathing and melodrama (like all good pre-teens should be) walking the streets of Mill (in a very un-hooker like fashion).

RC Helicopters

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