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Editorial: About time to say: Move that stadium far from Tempe!
Stoplights flash red like out-of-order signs, cars backup for miles and pedestrians dodge those vehicles that fail to obey police officers attempting to direct traffic. Welcome to a football weekend in downtown Tempe.

Opinion: Power of writing reveals revolutionary world news
The reality of the situation is that while this weekly dose of opinion may give you a solid grasp of my political leanings, and at least some idea of the kinds of causes that I stand for, it tells you precious little about who I really am.

Opinion: Irresponsible state governor Jane of it
Jane Hull knew things were getting bad for Arizona. "In Arizona, we have had alarms going off across the board for months," Arizona's governor told the Arizona Legislature Tuesday. "They have only grown louder with the passage of time."

Opinion: Alzheimer's hotline altogether demented
n a culture that fears and loathes automated touch-tone answering services - and that craves nothing more than the living, breathing voice at the end of the '0' option - the Alzheimer's answering service may fall somewhere between a bad joke and a nightmare.

USC, Bruins at home in title hunt
When the 2002 Pac-10 Tournament comes rolling around this March, it might not surprise many preseason prognosticators if the Los Angeles schools are battling each other for the conference championship right in their own backyard.

ASU men's basketball signs 3 players to squad
When three roster spots open up after the conclusion of this season, ASU men's basketball head coach Rob Evans will have a hardy supply of newcomers waiting in the wings.

Men's golf team ends fall campaign with 1st top-10 finish
The Sun Devils logged their first top-10 finish of their 2001-02 campaign last weekend at the Long Cove Invitational. ASU fired a 28-over 880 to finish tied for sixth place with Virginia Tech at the par-71, 7,026-yard Long Cove Golf Club in Hilton Head Island, S.C.

TSA searches for new Cards stadium location
The state Tourism and Sports Authority decided unanimously Wednesday to start a new site selection process in response to the Federal Aviation Administration's drawn-out review of the proposed Arizona Cardinals stadium site.

ASU researchers design future Mars equipment
As the Mars 2001 Odyssey orbits the red planet, ASU scientists are busy designing new instruments for the next launch. Rovers set to travel to Mars in 2003 will carry Mini-Thermal Emissions Spectrometers designed by ASU researchers to characterize the terrain of the planet.

University groups suffer lower funds since attacks
Operation K.I.D., founded by ASU students, held a fund-raiser in October that raised $2,000, missing their goal by $3,000. Operation K.I.D. — Keeping Ill children Dreaming — pairs students with terminally diseased children to inspire friendship.

Homeless discuss life on streets in talk with students
A panel of three homeless individuals shared their experiences of living on the streets with 10 ASU students Wednesday at the Student Services Building in honor of Hunger and Homeless Week.

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Online site posts stats for profs
ASU was recently added to Pick A Prof, a Web site that allows students to view professors' grading histories, previous student evaluations and teaching styles.

Police Beat
empe police released the following incidents Wednesday:

• A 21-year-old Guadalupe man was arrested for theft after he placed four CD's in the front of his pants and exited a store without paying.

Forum to focus on Sept. 11 impact on minorities
The Intergroup Relations Center and Hillel Jewish Center are holding a forum on Nov. 19 titled "American Voices: Toward a Deeper Understanding of September 11," focusing on the perspectives of ethnic and minority groups in the United States, with the help of a $500 grant from the Campus Environment Team.

Students not worried about flying home for holidays
With the Thanksgiving holiday around the corner, the issue of flying affects many ASU students. ASU is known for having a large out of state population, which means many students will be flying back East to see family and friends soon.

Classifieds - 11/15/01
Apartments 1214 E. ORANGE, Marianna Apts. 1bd & studios. Call for move in specials. 480-966-8597. A 2BD, walk to ASU, laundry, pool, ac, bbq, prkg. Student special! Open House, Sat 12-4p, 1014 S Farmer, $625, 921-9570. ASU 4 blks, large 1br w/ sep offc, a/c.

"Big Three" STDs prevalent on ASU campus
When it comes to condoms, the Health Promotion Office at ASU has enough latex to satisfy the student population. They've got bushels of Rough Rider and Excalibur. They've got Maxx for the gifted, a load of Trojan and Durex for the more traditional.

Dash Inn keeps people happy with cheap beer
Devils After Dark, a new Web Devil nightlife feature, takes a look at local restaurants, bars, and clubs. This week, Casey Boynton takes a look at the Dash Inn on Rural Road... Pitchers of Miller Lite, a DJ that plays everything from Phish to Ja Rule, and a crazy group of college students is what you will find on a weekend at The Dash Inn. On any given night, it is a near guarentee to see enough cleavage from girls with their push-up bras and low cut shirts.

Veggie food goes down easy
I had toyed with the habit in high school but eventually abandoned it after growing tired of eating pasta with margarine every night (I didn't know how to cook and my mom refused to make a second dinner to accommodate my strange eating habits).

Vegetarians forego meat for health, moral reasons
We have all known that obnoxious vegetarian who was hell-bent on converting the world to the depths of alfalfa-sprout consumption, but maybe there are some non-obnoxious vegetarians out there too.

Long Island comic counts on everyday humor
Maryellen Hooper has some stories to tell. A Long Island native who grew up mostly in Tampa, Fla., Maryellen had done everything from hairdressing to being a human billboard on Wall Street before breaking into comedy in 1985.

Grocery store know-how makes vegetarian cooking easy
Eating vegetarian at home creates an additional set of problems. Most of us are happy to be served a plate of steaming tofu at our favorite restaurant, but when it comes to preparing the stuff in our own kitchens, we shy away from that slimy soybean block.

Eat your GREENS

Try Azifah, a blend of whole brown lentils, green peppers and spices, or Fosolia, spiced string beans cooked with carrots and garlic. Or sample a little of everything with the vegetarian combination, a platter that combines five different vegetarian options.

Restaurants cater to vegetarians
Much of what is considered vegetarian cuisine often has roots in another culture — maybe it's because other cultures don't emphasize meat as much, or maybe it's because Americans are too picky about their own foods, like hotdogs or hamburgers, to try vegetarian counterparts.

Artist turns dry cleaner for Coen Brothers' film
Jon Polito, who stars in the Coen brothers' latest film, The Man Who Wasn't There, works 16-hour days, feels constant pressure to reinvent himself and wishes he could live a normal, less selfish lifestyle.

Chris Evans plays high school jock in teen spoof film
American Pie meets She's All That meets The Breakfast Club meets Cruel Intentions plus countless references to other teen movies from the 80s to today are the basis for the spoof comedy Not Another Teen Movie.

'Harry Potter' uses magic to convert book to film
It's déjà vu all over again for the people who waited in line for hours to purchase the Harry Potter books as they were released. Only before, you were at least guaranteed the people you were stuck waiting with were either smart enough to read, or had a distant relative who did.

'Novocaine' numbs viewers with grisly scenes, few laughs
The movie is pegged as a comedy/thriller with Steve Martin in a role completely separate from any of his comedic performances to date. He portrays a dentist, Frank Sangster, who lives a seemingly perfect life. He has his own practice, a modern, lavish home and Jean Noble (Laura Dern), who is his dental hygienist by day and Barbie-esque fiancé who thrives on perfection by night.

CD Review
This is the disc where fantasies are made. A renowned sexy Spanish singer who insists, "You can run, you can hide but you can't escape my love," has nothing to worry about. Once the CD starts, it is easy to want to stick around.

Jax Thai Bar good place to start night out
Devils After Dark, a new Web Devil nightlife feature, takes a look at local restaurants, bars, and clubs. This week, Casey Boynton takes a look at the Jax Thai Bar on Mill Avenue.

Stoppard's play is 'The Real Thing'
Tom Stoppard's highly acclaimed "The Real Thing" may not be the same magnitude of "Shakespeare in Love" (also written by Stoppard) but features just as much high-class raunchiness.

Hundreds of people audition to live in 'Real World'
Nearly 1,000 people waited in line for hours at Tempe's Acme Road House Saturday for a chance to be on MTV's The Real World and Road Rules.

cd review
Fans of Trembling Blue Stars' brand of breathy, dreamy pop will likely love the band's latest offering, Alive to Every Smile. Reminiscent of Belle and Sebastian, and at times New Order and the Cure, the songs on their fourth album fail to break new ground, but instead perfect the band's usual formula of Robert Wratten's lyrics of unrequited love backed by pretty, atmospheric melodies.

VH1 winners Flickerstick has run-in with fame
Flickerstick, the survivor of VH1 reality show Bands on the Run will be performing Tuesday at Nita's Hideaway, just one week after the debut of their new album, Welcome Home the Astronauts.

Coen brothers' film captures noir brilliance
Filmed entirely in black and white, there isn't a scene in The Man Who Wasn't There where a character isn't smoking. Joel and Ethan Coen's latest endeavor, a quick follow-up to 2000's O Brother, Where Art Thou?, is an obvious and clever nod to the noir films of the '40s.

Prescott-based Bueno proud of Arizona roots
Prodigal progressive punk to some, Bueno has released two albums: Finding Humor in the Tragedy on Volcom records, and its latest, Nothing New for Trash Like You, recorded independently.

ASU students read by day, rock by night
David Rhodes sat in front of an ASU classroom Tuesday, his hands emerging from tailored shirt cuffs to briskly interpret the professor's words. Later that night, the same hands energetically teased an electric guitar for a crowd at the Yucca Taproom.

Pauly Shore brings "Weasel"-free comedy to Improv
For many of us, MTV played an integral role during those impressionable adolescent years. We watched — 13 years old, mouths agape — as the VJ Kennedy delivered our much needed angst injection (usually found in the Nine Inch Nails videos) during the segment Alternative Nation.

ASU fraternity hosts cancer research benefit
ASU freshman Andy Margolis couldn't hope for much more. In addition to the high of enrolling in college, he had the added bonus of seeing his family move to Arizona along with him. And a full-ride jazz scholarship and the opportunity to follow in his father's footsteps were the icing on it all.

AZ music scene noteworthy despite image
As a Tempe musician, I often dreamt of the day when my band, The Dying Time, would be interviewed for an article in a music or entertainment magazine. Unfortunately, that day will never come, as we played our last show in October.

Wannabe rockstars, unite!
You've always wanted to be a rock star. And if not, you've at least wanted to marry a rock star, have a rock star's love child or be serenaded by a rock star in front of thousands of adoring fans.

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