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Editorial: Cheers to northern alliance for taking out Taliban terror
The northern alliance summoned their strength and their forces and continued fighting south into the capital, Kabul. The Taliban reportedly were under attack and fled the city.

Opinion: Big Mac leaves lasting impression by passing up big baseball bucks
The story goes that McGwire had the contract in a desk drawer somewhere, and could have signed it whenever he wanted to make the deal official. With his Sunday announcement that he has retired from baseball, McGwire did what most athletes would never do - pass up the money.

Opinion: Saved from evil spell of "Sorcerer's Stone"
Several purveyors of the truth on the Internet have informed me that J.K. Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter series, has written the books in an effort to increase the level of Paganism and Satanism in children today (not, as she purports, in an effort to increase interest in reading). Let me first tell you how close I personally came to falling under this fiendish spell.

Opinion: Calif. test unfair to Blacks with no native tongue
California has now made it possible for some minorities to vault over the affirmative action ban recently renounced. The University of California system allows a language test to improve entrance scores for minorities.

Hump Day Hoopla
Among the best teams in the league right now are the Islanders, Rangers and Flames. That's messed up, but why stop there? The Blackhawks (kind of like the Bears, I guess) finally decided that losing sucks and are challenging the Red Wings for tops in the Central.

UA rivalry needs no introduction
The ASU-UA rivalry may not receive the same national attention as other intrastate rivalries, such as UCLA-USC or Texas-Texas A & M, but no one needs to tell the Sun Devils how big it is.

ASU to sign 6 players to women's basketball program
As the early signing period begins today, the six players have each given oral commitments, but have not officially signed letters with the University. The Sun Devils are adding a recruiting class that includes two Arizona prep players.

Devils come back to beat UA, get snubbed by NCAA
fter beating UA 3-2 in typical Sun Devil come-from-behind fashion Friday night, the team waited for word Monday on whether it would receive an at-large berth into the 64-team NCAA tournament.

Classifieds - 11/14/01
Announcements WANT HEALTHY smokefree public places/ workplaces as in Boulder, CO, Eugene and Corvallis, OR & all college towns in California? Tempe residents can sign a Tempe for Healthy Smokefree Workplace initiative petition in front of ASU Student Health Center, Tues & Thur, 10-2 pm thru Nov.

Students campaign for 4% budget slash
Donning red T-shirts displaying a stop sign and the slogan "No More Than Four," about 80 students rallied with hundreds of state employees and other groups at the Capitol to mark the first day of the Legislature's special session called to balance the state's budget.

Hull: Universities to cut 4% under proposed budget cuts
Gov. Jane Hull told legislators and onlookers she would protect education, public safety and health from pending budget cuts in a speech marking the beginning of the state Legislature's special session Tuesday.

During the session called by Hull, lawmakers will work over the next few weeks to balance the state's budget, which will include cutting funding to many state programs and institutions.

Adult gift shop opens on Mill Avenue
An adult store chain has opened on Mill Avenue despite ongoing controversy over a proposed "superstore" location in South Tempe. Fascinations' spokesman Michael Ham said the new store is set up differently than the "superstore" planned for the proposed location on Elliot Road and Roosevelt Street.

Mill 'brickyard' to open Friday
Bank of America, The Bamboo Club and Borders Books & Music, located in the Bank of America building on Mill Avenue, will open, while portions of the development are slated to be completed next year.

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ASU West students awarded for overcoming challenges
Marlow Koller graduated summa cum laude from ASU West in 2000 and has returned to work toward her master's degree in social work. Lisa Sutton will graduate with a bachelor's degree in May and aspires to attend law school.

Police Beat
Tempe police released the following incidents Tuesday:

• A 23-year-old California man was arrested for misconduct involving a weapon when a loaded gun was found under the driver's seat of his car.

"Big Three" STDs prevalent on ASU campus
When it comes to condoms, the Health Promotion Office at ASU has enough latex to satisfy the student population. They've got bushels of Rough Rider and Excalibur. They've got Maxx for the gifted, a load of Trojan and Durex for the more traditional.

Jax Thai Bar good place to start night out
Devils After Dark, a new Web Devil nightlife feature, takes a look at local restaurants, bars, and clubs. This week, Casey Boynton takes a look at the Jax Thai Bar on Mill Avenue.

Stoppard's play is 'The Real Thing'
Tom Stoppard's highly acclaimed "The Real Thing" may not be the same magnitude of "Shakespeare in Love" (also written by Stoppard) but features just as much high-class raunchiness.

Hundreds of people audition to live in 'Real World'
Nearly 1,000 people waited in line for hours at Tempe's Acme Road House Saturday for a chance to be on MTV's The Real World and Road Rules.

cd review
Fans of Trembling Blue Stars' brand of breathy, dreamy pop will likely love the band's latest offering, Alive to Every Smile. Reminiscent of Belle and Sebastian, and at times New Order and the Cure, the songs on their fourth album fail to break new ground, but instead perfect the band's usual formula of Robert Wratten's lyrics of unrequited love backed by pretty, atmospheric melodies.

VH1 winners Flickerstick has run-in with fame
Flickerstick, the survivor of VH1 reality show Bands on the Run will be performing Tuesday at Nita's Hideaway, just one week after the debut of their new album, Welcome Home the Astronauts.

Coen brothers' film captures noir brilliance
Filmed entirely in black and white, there isn't a scene in The Man Who Wasn't There where a character isn't smoking. Joel and Ethan Coen's latest endeavor, a quick follow-up to 2000's O Brother, Where Art Thou?, is an obvious and clever nod to the noir films of the '40s.

Prescott-based Bueno proud of Arizona roots
Prodigal progressive punk to some, Bueno has released two albums: Finding Humor in the Tragedy on Volcom records, and its latest, Nothing New for Trash Like You, recorded independently.

ASU students read by day, rock by night
David Rhodes sat in front of an ASU classroom Tuesday, his hands emerging from tailored shirt cuffs to briskly interpret the professor's words. Later that night, the same hands energetically teased an electric guitar for a crowd at the Yucca Taproom.

Pauly Shore brings "Weasel"-free comedy to Improv
For many of us, MTV played an integral role during those impressionable adolescent years. We watched 13 years old, mouths agape as the VJ Kennedy delivered our much needed angst injection (usually found in the Nine Inch Nails videos) during the segment Alternative Nation.

ASU fraternity hosts cancer research benefit
ASU freshman Andy Margolis couldn't hope for much more. In addition to the high of enrolling in college, he had the added bonus of seeing his family move to Arizona along with him. And a full-ride jazz scholarship and the opportunity to follow in his father's footsteps were the icing on it all.

AZ music scene noteworthy despite image
As a Tempe musician, I often dreamt of the day when my band, The Dying Time, would be interviewed for an article in a music or entertainment magazine. Unfortunately, that day will never come, as we played our last show in October.

Wannabe rockstars, unite!
You've always wanted to be a rock star. And if not, you've at least wanted to marry a rock star, have a rock star's love child or be serenaded by a rock star in front of thousands of adoring fans.

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