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Editorial: AZ sports negates 'normalcy' with wacky weekend
One of the great moments of this past weekend happened in our own backyard while a former Phoenix high school football star provided another.

Opinion: Requirements to be Justice of Peace become joke of the day
You're a judge — and heck, you don't even need a G.E.D., let alone a college degree, and you especially don't need one of them "law degrees."

Opinion: A D-Backs fan: From doubtful to die-hard
I wrote a few weeks ago after the Diamondbacks beat the Cardinals in the National League Divisional Series that they were the most likely team since the 1992-93 Suns to bring a pro sports championship to Arizona. But did I really believe they could do it? Absolutely not. No way. I mean, come on, the Diamondbacks?

Opinion: Mourn today, shop tomorrow hype hypocritical
We huddled together with our loved ones, roommates and coworkers on the morning of Sept. 11 — a community of witnesses to the horrors of terrorism. Since then, we've phoned estranged relatives, divorcing couples got back together, and even petty criminals in New York City gave tourists a break as crime statistics decreased 30 percent in the weeks after the bombings.

Larkin looks to add championship to résumé
With just a few notches left on his accomplishment belt, ASU junior Eric Larkin is on his way toward the greatest one thus far: an NCAA Championship.

Swimming and Diving teams pick up pair of wins against Wisconsin
The Sun Devil men (2-0) cruised to a 170-120 victory over Wisconsin (2-2) in a dual meet at UA's Hillenbrand Aquatic Center in Tucson. The ASU women (2-0) also remained undefeated with a dominating 179.5-120.5 win against the Badgers (2-2).

ASU beats Stanford, ties Cal over weekend
The ASU women's soccer team would be right in claiming cruel and unusual punishment after both its games this weekend went into overtime, extending the streak to four of the last five matches that have had to be played in the extra period.

No money creates struggle in recruiting graduates
Arizona universities are at a disadvantage in the race to recruit top graduate students, and the struggle may get even more difficult, according to ASU officials.

ASU officials urge 'no more than 4' in budget cuts
A state legislator and University administrators said they would do everything they could to keep the budget cut from permanently damaging ASU's quality of education.

About 20 students discussed the proposed budget cut with people in key positions Monday in the Memorial Union. The forum was sponsored by the Associated Students of ASU.

"No More Than 4" indicates that the ASASU does not want the budget cut to be any more than the 4 percent that Gov. Jane Hull requested for state agencies, said Maceo Brown, executive director of Arizona Students' Association.

Hull adjusts budget in $1.56 billion plan
Gov. Jane Hull recommended a $1.56 billion plan in adjustments to balance the state budget Monday.

ASU law school first to help crime victims
The ASU College of Law will be the first law school in the country to provide legal assistance to victims of crimes with a $122,700 grant from the Arizona Department of Public Safety and the Victims of Crime Act.

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Theta Chi party raises funds for cancer research, awareness
An ASU fraternity had a different kind of party Saturday. Instead of the usual fraternity party, Theta Chi held an event that raised $550 for cancer research.

Jax Thai Bar good place to start night out
Devils After Dark, a new Web Devil nightlife feature, takes a look at local restaurants, bars, and clubs. This week, Casey Boynton takes a look at the Jax Thai Bar on Mill Avenue.

Massage releases stress, rejuvenates body
The white words on the glass door of the massage parlor read, "Quiet, please. You are entering a D-Stress Zone." Perfect. On a recent Saturday afternoon, with the weight of school and work on my chest, I know that I am in the right place.

Students plan for future at astrology school
Students of the nation's only astrological institute are very serious about their course of study. To them, it's science. To modern-day scientists, it's a hoax, but historical scientists didn't always see it that way, said Lorraine Duke, admissions director.

Deep Blue Something want more than 'Breakfast at Tiffany's'
Pipes and his brother Todd are half of the band Deep Blue Something. Their hit "Breakfast at Tiffany's" was a huge success, but not a lot has been heard from the band since then.

American Standard sets standard for local music
Shaggy bangs dip into the eyes of American Standard front man David Rhodes as he throws a guitar strap over his head. Looking out into another intimate bar scene, he sees, through the hazy smoke, a usual audience of local faces but a few new ones hearing their sounds for the first time.

Dracula expert sheds light on vampire fact and lore
The Dracula expert is not what one could easily classify as "Gothic." She has been hailed by many as the world's foremost authority on Dracula due to her extensive research in the field of Dracula- and vampire-related literature.

Gazing in to the Present
"Mother earth is talking and no one is listening," said the 53-year-old woman. She doesn't find it surprising that it's snowing in the Midwest during October, while here in Phoenix it's still hitting 90 degrees every day.

'13 Ghosts' remake still scary after all these years
This movie is rated R for remake. The Puff Daddy of the movie industry is at it again. But instead of targeting old Sting songs, Joel Silver and Robert Zemeckis are releasing their second remake of a William Castle movie, Thirteen Ghosts.

Local woman, national author to discuss E.T.s
In the wake of the Sept. 11 tragedies, people across the world are searching for answers, for hope, for solace. Some look to prayer, some choose to give money for support and some just need to talk about it to feel involved.

Arizona native 'Busy' with 'Dawson's Creek' role
A few years ago, she answered a casting call at her high school for the part of a smoking club-girl for an anti-tobacco commercial. Soon, Philipps was seen on TV wagging a cigarette and her butt before being thrown out by an angry mob.

Tarot reading reveals little
A few months ago, when we were planning the articles for the semester, we looked in our crystal ball and saw the future: an article about modern-day fortunetellers.

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