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Editorial: Box no better for unwanted babies
The hospital boasted Wednesday that it's the first state hospital to install an anonymous drop box. But this nifty little invention isn't a place to put unwanted trash or hazardous waste.

World Series brings new meaning to national pastime: normalcy
Baseball has become much more than our national pastime. Tuesday night, as the World Series between the Arizona Diamondbacks and the New York Yankees moved from our backyard to the hallowed grounds of Yankee Stadium in the Bronx, there were many reasons to be fearful.

Opinion: Patriotism pitiful when it becomes hypocritical
Patriotism would seem to be something that we can all agree on, but sadly, some Americans have shown us that even when attempting to show support for the country that we all love so much, it is still possible to be crass and disrespectful.

Opinion: Public health agencies real warriors of prevention
NIOSH. DHHS. CDC. NIH. No, NIOSH isn't what you do to your bagel and cream cheese. And no, I didn't fall asleep on my keyboard. But up until about a month ago, it wouldn't have made a difference. For many of us, these public health agencies remained only obscure acronyms. As long as it was FDA approved, we were in good shape.

Devils likely to find slippery surface at UO
For the first time this season, ASU might play a game in bad weather, as rain is predicted all week in Oregon and the temperature will be low at the 7:15 p.m. kickoff. The Sun Devils did play in rain once this season, against Louisiana-Lafayette at Sun Devil Stadium and struggled with the wet ball and grass.

Players, coaches add to preseason Pac-10 hype
LOS ANGELES - Although the Pac-10 will be laden with new faces this season after a hoard of talented players departed last year, the picture painted around one of the nation's most dominant conferences looks strikingly familiar.

Scholarships at West rising
The number of scholarships and their amount have increased by nearly five times in recent years at ASU West, according to institutional advancement. In 1995, the west campus had six different types of scholarships, including endowed and non-endowed. This year that number stood at 29. This year the average dollar amount awarded per scholarship is $1,674, compared with $333 in 1995.

B'ball team, math instructor take strides against breast cancer
At age 39, Diane Richardson knew something wasn't right when she performed her monthly breast self-exam.

Women's basketball team to raise money for breast cancer awareness
The ASU women's basketball team will be participating in a walk titled "Making strides against breast cancer" with the American Cancer Society on Nov. 17 at Tempe Beach Park to raise $460,000 to help the victims of this disease.

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Students to celebrate Día de los Muertos
The exhibit's "Calaca, Tilica y Flaca: The Imagery of the Skeleton in Mexican Culture" grand opening today will include a poetry reading, music by David G. Martínez, and altars made by the community.

Real World, Road Rules make stop near campus
One of the hippest stations on television is making its way to Tempe this weekend. MTV will be at the ACME Roadhouse this Saturday. They will visit ACME for one purpose: to see it any ASU students fit the MTV protocol for the next series of Real World and Road Rules shows.

Tarot reading reveals little
A few months ago, when we were planning the articles for the semester, we looked in our crystal ball and saw the future: an article about modern-day fortunetellers.

Arizona native 'Busy' with 'Dawson's Creek' role
A few years ago, she answered a casting call at her high school for the part of a smoking club-girl for an anti-tobacco commercial. Soon, Philipps was seen on TV wagging a cigarette and her butt before being thrown out by an angry mob.

Local woman, national author to discuss E.T.s
In the wake of the Sept. 11 tragedies, people across the world are searching for answers, for hope, for solace. Some look to prayer, some choose to give money for support and some just need to talk about it to feel involved.

'13 Ghosts' remake still scary after all these years
This movie is rated R for remake. The Puff Daddy of the movie industry is at it again. But instead of targeting old Sting songs, Joel Silver and Robert Zemeckis are releasing their second remake of a William Castle movie, Thirteen Ghosts.

Gazing in to the Present
"Mother earth is talking and no one is listening," said the 53-year-old woman. She doesn't find it surprising that it's snowing in the Midwest during October, while here in Phoenix it's still hitting 90 degrees every day.

Dracula expert sheds light on vampire fact and lore
The Dracula expert is not what one could easily classify as "Gothic." She has been hailed by many as the world's foremost authority on Dracula due to her extensive research in the field of Dracula- and vampire-related literature.

American Standard sets standard for local music
Shaggy bangs dip into the eyes of American Standard front man David Rhodes as he throws a guitar strap over his head. Looking out into another intimate bar scene, he sees, through the hazy smoke, a usual audience of local faces but a few new ones hearing their sounds for the first time.

Deep Blue Something want more than 'Breakfast at Tiffany's'
Pipes and his brother Todd are half of the band Deep Blue Something. Their hit "Breakfast at Tiffany's" was a huge success, but not a lot has been heard from the band since then.

Students plan for future at astrology school
Students of the nation's only astrological institute are very serious about their course of study. To them, it's science. To modern-day scientists, it's a hoax, but historical scientists didn't always see it that way, said Lorraine Duke, admissions director.

Massage releases stress, rejuvenates body
The white words on the glass door of the massage parlor read, "Quiet, please. You are entering a D-Stress Zone." Perfect. On a recent Saturday afternoon, with the weight of school and work on my chest, I know that I am in the right place.

DVD brings classic 'Boogeymen' together
For the first time in history the likes of Freddy Krueger, Jason, Pinhead and Chucky are compiled together outside the shelves of the local costume stores. This time the frightening characters that have given horror fans nightmares along with scary costume ideas are edited together in one versatile DVD

'Life as a House' imitates 'Beauty'
Movie trivia time. Name this movie: The father dies. But you know this is going to happen from the beginning. His suburban family is in need of rebuilding. The xylophones chime in. He kisses his teenager's best friend. Dejá vous? Wondering if you've already seen this movie? No, it's not American Beauty, but Life as a House really wants to be.

CD Reviews
Incubus proved to be one of the top bands in heavy rock with the release of Make Yourself two years ago. Stepping beyond the typical rap-rock trend that has engulfed the popular market, the band has stuck with its roots, mixing its unique blend of yin-yang ways of life and music.

Cashing in on your plasma
For some college students, flipping up couch cushions and digging through old coat pockets hoping to recover loose change or even that missing five-dollar bill is a routine occurrence. Even more routine is finding lint and old gum wrappers instead.

There's money in the (sperm) bank
So you're ready to be a daddy. The only problem is, there is no woman this side of the Milky Way willing to let you plant your seed. It's an all too common problem for college males, referred to in medical circles as UOS (unsowed oat syndrome). Fear not dear chaps, for we too have (legal) options to heal our wounds.

An exercise in fertility
When Colleen French first decided to sell her eggs, it was for the money. The second time, it was for the money and the gift her eggs would be to an infertile woman.

Billy No Mates bring 'Sexy Eye' to Lucky Dragon
"My mother gave me three pieces of advice for being in a band," said Jessica Jurgens, guitarist and vocalist for Tempe's The Billy No Mates. "First, she told me, I needed to learn how to play my guitar. Second, I had to look at the crowd when I played. And third, I need to give onlookers something she called 'The Sexy Eye.'"

Greg Giraldo ditches law to make people laugh
There are not many parents who wouldn't like to see their precious little angels grow up to be doctors or lawyers. Better yet, a lawyer with a degree from one of the nation's most prestigious institutions, Harvard Law School.

Donating eggs is all it's cracked up to be
I am going to have a baby whom I will never know. I will never see him or touch her. I will never know his name. I will never know if she'll have red hair like me, or hair like her father, who I'll never learn a thing about. I won't know anything about the father, or about the mother who carried her for nine months.

'SPM' answers your questions
Well, we at the magazine have wondered about it a lot. Who puts ads like that in the paper? And even more pressing, who answers them? Is it worth the money? Is it strange to know that a little you will be running around without your knowing it?

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