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Editorial: Leave fears behind on All Hallow's Eve
Halloween is our favorite holiday here at the State Press. We get to dress up as Xena, the Godfather and even a current-events-relevant soldier or haz-mat specialist.

Opinion: Letters to the Editor
New newsletter needs to go

Student Senator Oubai Shahbandar is busying stirring up trouble with his most recent endeavor, The Arizona State Monitor.

Opinion: If looks could kill, pitchers would be convicted
I have become something of an expert on baseball. I've diligently watched two games of the World Series, listening to every word of the color commentators, and I've asked my knowledgeable friends several questions.

Opinion: Society breeds violence in men, sports don't
Are sexual assaults more prone to involve football players as opposed to athletes in other sports or organized groups? Now that football season is in full swing, that infamous question has surfaced once again.

Hump Day Hoopla
It was not the return Michael Jordan had hoped for, but it's something he had better become accustomed to or his second comeback will be much shorter, and will garner much less joy than his first return did with the Bulls.

Safety Shivers tackling starting role
Perhaps the most pleasant surprise for the Sun Devil defense this season has not been the much-heralded young cornerbacks, redshirt freshmen R.J. Oliver and Emmanuel Franklin, but an even younger player: true freshman safety Jason Shivers.

'The Train' making another stop at Wells Fargo Arena
Lionel "The Train" Hollins is no longer chugging past defenders or knocking down jumpers, but he is still involved in the game he loves as much as ever before.

ASASU to cut budget by 2%, less than initial propositions
In an effort to protect student services, the ASU administration has asked the Associated Students of ASU to cut only 2 percent of their budget, ASASU officials said Tuesday.

Event helps women 'de-stress'
More than 75 percent of college women feel stressed out, but ASU women got a chance to kick away their stress literally at the "o.b.U" (oh, be you!) event on Hayden Lawn Tuesday.

Kick boxing and crafts were part of the touring event, sponsored by the tampon brand o.b. The event's main goal was to give women "self confidence," Erica Dermer, a biology freshman and student event spokeswoman, said.

Sally Ride urges women to pursue careers in science
For Sally Ride, becoming the first american woman in space has motivated her to encourage young women with interests in science to pursue those dreams.

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Do not pass 'glow': Art exhibit really shines
ASU biologists and assistant professors Alan Rawls and Jeanne Wilson-Rawls collaborated with artist Eduardo Kac to create an artificial ecosystem of genetically engineered organisms.

Police Beat
• An 18-year-old student reported that his stereo was stolen from his car while parked in Structure 5.

• An 18-year-old student reported that her cell phone was stolen from McClintock Hall.

Humanics degree leads to job offers
More than 90 percent of students at ASU's American humanics program found jobs upon graduation, making it one of the University's top programs, according to senior program officials.

Bill OKs funding for faith-based clubs
Religious student clubs and organizations that promote or advance religion will now be able to receive funding from ASASU, according to a Senate bill that passed 18-5 Tuesday.

U.N. association symposium focuses on military response
Ending the U.S. bombing of Afghanistan as a source of Osama bin Laden's propaganda war was the subject of a symposium held Tuesday in the Memorial Union to observe the birthday of the United Nations, Oct. 24, 1945.

Bandannas, boots popular for Fall fashion
Chilly, crisp desert evenings are here to stay. Put aside your low rider shorts and make room for low rider jeans. Don't pack away those fun tank tops just yet - there is an alternative. The style for fall and winter is cardigans of all styles.

DVD brings classic 'Boogeymen' together
For the first time in history the likes of Freddy Krueger, Jason, Pinhead and Chucky are compiled together outside the shelves of the local costume stores. This time the frightening characters that have given horror fans nightmares along with scary costume ideas are edited together in one versatile DVD

'Life as a House' imitates 'Beauty'
Movie trivia time. Name this movie: The father dies. But you know this is going to happen from the beginning. His suburban family is in need of rebuilding. The xylophones chime in. He kisses his teenager's best friend. DejŠ vous? Wondering if you've already seen this movie? No, it's not American Beauty, but Life as a House really wants to be.

CD Reviews
Incubus proved to be one of the top bands in heavy rock with the release of Make Yourself two years ago. Stepping beyond the typical rap-rock trend that has engulfed the popular market, the band has stuck with its roots, mixing its unique blend of yin-yang ways of life and music.

Cashing in on your plasma
For some college students, flipping up couch cushions and digging through old coat pockets hoping to recover loose change or even that missing five-dollar bill is a routine occurrence. Even more routine is finding lint and old gum wrappers instead.

There's money in the (sperm) bank
So you're ready to be a daddy. The only problem is, there is no woman this side of the Milky Way willing to let you plant your seed. It's an all too common problem for college males, referred to in medical circles as UOS (unsowed oat syndrome). Fear not dear chaps, for we too have (legal) options to heal our wounds.

An exercise in fertility
When Colleen French first decided to sell her eggs, it was for the money. The second time, it was for the money and the gift her eggs would be to an infertile woman.

Billy No Mates bring 'Sexy Eye' to Lucky Dragon
"My mother gave me three pieces of advice for being in a band," said Jessica Jurgens, guitarist and vocalist for Tempe's The Billy No Mates. "First, she told me, I needed to learn how to play my guitar. Second, I had to look at the crowd when I played. And third, I need to give onlookers something she called 'The Sexy Eye.'"

Greg Giraldo ditches law to make people laugh
There are not many parents who wouldn't like to see their precious little angels grow up to be doctors or lawyers. Better yet, a lawyer with a degree from one of the nation's most prestigious institutions, Harvard Law School.

Donating eggs is all it's cracked up to be
I am going to have a baby whom I will never know. I will never see him or touch her. I will never know his name. I will never know if she'll have red hair like me, or hair like her father, who I'll never learn a thing about. I won't know anything about the father, or about the mother who carried her for nine months.

'SPM' answers your questions
Well, we at the magazine have wondered about it a lot. Who puts ads like that in the paper? And even more pressing, who answers them? Is it worth the money? Is it strange to know that a little you will be running around without your knowing it?

RC Helicopters

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