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Editorial: BOOS & BRAVOS
BRAVO to Operation K.I.D. The ASU organization, Operation Keeping Ill children Dreaming, raised $2,000 last weekend for terminally ill children. BOO to ruptured pipes. First it was a water pipe break. And then it was a sewer leak. Now we've got pipes under streets that are bursting.

Opinion: Powder paranoia points out unnecessary fear of anthrax
I got an e-mail the day before from someone called "Miss Terrorist." The subject line read "You will definitely die," and the body of the message said, "Soon." But, no powder poofed out of the computer screen. I was a little disappointed.

Opinion: Root of World Series legends: Babe Ruth
It's the baseball team from New York that is no stranger to the World Series and whose stats are impressive. The team has won the American League pennant 38 times and the World Series 26 times including four in the last five years.

Opinion: Pro-life doesn't have to mean anti-women's rights
Yes, abortion is a very touchy and very divisive political issue. Despite the fact that Roe vs. Wade is more than 25 years old, most people do not agree on whether a child has a potential "right to life" or a woman has a "right to choose."

The Edge
ASU sophomore quarterback Jeff Krohn is throwing for an average of 224.8 yards per game this season. He has thrown 16 touchdowns in six games, while being picked off only six times.

The Starters
WR 6 Donnie O'Neal (6-2, 181, Sr.)

LT 78 Levi Jones (6-6, 332, Sr.)

LG 79 Marquise Muldrow (6-3, 317, Sr.)

Huskies come running into town
The Sun Devils know what they expect of the Washington Huskies Saturday: a team that will try to run the ball consistently and stop the run, something they've been vulnerable to this year.

World Series a match of blue collar teams
The Arizona Diamondbacks are having a dream season. The team that was labeled "too old" this spring has shown tremendous resiliency this year. Luis Gonzalez has had a career year, Randy Johnson and Curt Shilling have one-upped each other all season long and Erubiel Durazo has shown tremendous patience for a young, talented player who only played in 92 games this season.

Volleyball battles Bruins but can't avoid broom
The Sun Devil volleyball team challenged the No. 6 team in the nation for most of three games Thursday, but UCLA always pulled away in the waning points for earn a 3-0 win at Wells Fargo Arena.

Devils hosting Pac-10 Championships
The No. 7 ASU women's and No. 19 men's cross country teams need strong individual finishers from all its team members to win the Pac-10 Cross Country Championships at Pavilion Lakes Golf Club in Scottsdale Saturday.

ASU heads to Northwest
"At this point, every team has their back up against the wall," coach Ray Leone said. "I think that they can do it. We've had some quality practices."

Penalty-prone Ice Devils face tough game with UA
The ASU Ice Devils head to the unfriendly confines of Tucson this weekend as they take on the UA Icecats tonight and tomorrow at the Tucson Convention Center.

Huskies pose threat, but Devils playing recklessly
Trashing Oregon State was one thing. Doing the same thing to the Washington Huskies is another. If the Sun Devils expect to even their PAC-10 record at 2-2 this weekend against the Huskies, they should also expect to need the same stingy fourth quarter defense they stymied OSU with on Saturday.

Group wants Giuliano to stay as Tempe mayor
A "Draft Neil Giuliano for Mayor" committee is filing papers today to collect the necessary signatures to get Giuliano on the March 2002 ballot, if there is an election.

Students audition for 'Hollywood'
More than 80 ASU students will wait for the second week in January to hear if they made the cut to be on the TV game show "Hollywood Squares." Recruiters visited ASU Thursday, looking for a fresh contestant to compete in the 2002 College Tournament, which airs in February.

ASU community continues to discuss Sept. 11 aftermath
ASU faculty, teaching assistants and students said they still think discussing the attacks of Sept. 11 in classrooms is important, even months after the event.

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Native American Day celebrates culture
The event featured traditional Native American cooking, prayers, songs and illustrative story dances and tribal beauty queens, including Mary Hubble-Ansera, Miss Indian ASU.

Police Beat
Tempe police released these incidents Thursday:

• A 19-year-old Peoria man was arrested for motor vehicle theft after he entered a vehicle and attempted to start it.

ASU professor seeks reform in health care
William Johnson, an ASU economist, has spent the past two years studying the health care system in Yuma County, hoping to root out the problems in child health care.

Gravano sentencing delayed again
Infamous Mafia turncoat Salvatore "Sammy the Bull" Gravano will likely wait until the end of this year to receive a sentence for his role in an Arizona crime syndicate which dealt exclusively in Ecstasy.

'Lucky' Huskies slide by Devils 33-31
The Washington Huskies played spoilers once again, rallying in the fourth quarter to hand the Sun Devils their first home loss 33-31. The Huskies trailed 31-30 entering the final drive of the game but they meticulously ate up the final 7:12 before John Anderson kicked a game-winning 30-yard field goal.

More to Tempe firefighters than fires
There is a very tangible sense of camaraderie amongst Tempe firefighters these days with an added sense of family. Since the events of Sept. 11, the usual teasing and joking still takes place around the firehouse on Southern Avenue.

We have more State Fair winners!
Eight Web Devil newsletter subscribers have won State Fair event tickets.

DVD brings classic 'Boogeymen' together
For the first time in history the likes of Freddy Krueger, Jason, Pinhead and Chucky are compiled together outside the shelves of the local costume stores. This time the frightening characters that have given horror fans nightmares along with scary costume ideas are edited together in one versatile DVD

'Life as a House' imitates 'Beauty'
Movie trivia time. Name this movie: The father dies. But you know this is going to happen from the beginning. His suburban family is in need of rebuilding. The xylophones chime in. He kisses his teenager's best friend. Dejá vous? Wondering if you've already seen this movie? No, it's not American Beauty, but Life as a House really wants to be.

CD Reviews
Incubus proved to be one of the top bands in heavy rock with the release of Make Yourself two years ago. Stepping beyond the typical rap-rock trend that has engulfed the popular market, the band has stuck with its roots, mixing its unique blend of yin-yang ways of life and music.

Cashing in on your plasma
For some college students, flipping up couch cushions and digging through old coat pockets hoping to recover loose change or even that missing five-dollar bill is a routine occurrence. Even more routine is finding lint and old gum wrappers instead.

There's money in the (sperm) bank
So you're ready to be a daddy. The only problem is, there is no woman this side of the Milky Way willing to let you plant your seed. It's an all too common problem for college males, referred to in medical circles as UOS (unsowed oat syndrome). Fear not dear chaps, for we too have (legal) options to heal our wounds.

An exercise in fertility
When Colleen French first decided to sell her eggs, it was for the money. The second time, it was for the money and the gift her eggs would be to an infertile woman.

Billy No Mates bring 'Sexy Eye' to Lucky Dragon
"My mother gave me three pieces of advice for being in a band," said Jessica Jurgens, guitarist and vocalist for Tempe's The Billy No Mates. "First, she told me, I needed to learn how to play my guitar. Second, I had to look at the crowd when I played. And third, I need to give onlookers something she called 'The Sexy Eye.'"

Greg Giraldo ditches law to make people laugh
There are not many parents who wouldn't like to see their precious little angels grow up to be doctors or lawyers. Better yet, a lawyer with a degree from one of the nation's most prestigious institutions, Harvard Law School.

Donating eggs is all it's cracked up to be
I am going to have a baby whom I will never know. I will never see him or touch her. I will never know his name. I will never know if she'll have red hair like me, or hair like her father, who I'll never learn a thing about. I won't know anything about the father, or about the mother who carried her for nine months.

'SPM' answers your questions
Well, we at the magazine have wondered about it a lot. Who puts ads like that in the paper? And even more pressing, who answers them? Is it worth the money? Is it strange to know that a little you will be running around without your knowing it?

RC Helicopters

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