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Editorial: Interest in culture classes comes too little, too late
Walter Cronkite made our headlines Wednesday when he said an ignorant, disinterested media was partly to blame for the chaos America is now experiencing from the Sept. 11 attacks and beyond.

Opinion: Cronkite still cranking out words of wisdom
While we have all witnessed terror and tragedy over the past six weeks, Walter Cronkite said that such events might never happen if the media and the people of the United States paid more attention to what is happening all over the globe.

Opinion: New government 'gang' gets things done
Never fear, America! A new band of superheroes has arrived to deliver your country from evil! They're fighting terrorists and anthrax and propping up major American industries with billions of dollars. All while looking fantastic on television.

Opinion: Breakout of workout boredom by getting back to playtime basics
The SRC is too grown-up. All right, so it's one of the premiere indoor/outdoor recreational facilities at an American university, blah blah blah, with 135,000 sq ft. and 14 tons of free weights, blah, blah, blah.

Devils looking for another strong rushing game
ASU racked up 314 rushing yards against Oregon State last week, helping to put up 522 total offensive yards. Delvon Flowers had 226 of those rushing yards on 23 carries, a feat that, if repeated, could hurt the Huskies.

Devils' new blood adds heart to team
The ASU men's basketball team has 10 returning players from last year's squad, but three newcomers could make the most noise this season.

Bruins may be without Porter for tilt with ASU
In winning two of its past three, the ASU volleyball team has caught some breaks that eluded it during the first half of the season. The Sun Devils may catch yet another break tonight when the No. 3 UCLA Bruins invade Wells Fargo Arena at 7 for a Pac-10 match.

Huskies pose threat, but Devils playing recklessly
Trashing Oregon State was one thing. Doing the same thing to the Washington Huskies is another. If the Sun Devils expect to even their PAC-10 record at 2-2 this weekend against the Huskies, they should also expect to need the same stingy fourth quarter defense they stymied OSU with on Saturday.

ASU professors remember gentler days in Afghanistan
Two current ASU professors, Don and Alleen Nilsen, got a firsthand look at the culture in Afghanistan when they lived in Kabul from 1967 to 1969 and can describe how different it is today.

ASU students displaying increased interest in Islamic religion classes
Damrel said many of his students have expressed an interest in the Islamic religion, and have been inquiring about specific classes and books to read.

Man assaulted in Neeb Hall before psychology class
"We got called here on a fight and one person was injured and taken to the hospital. We received word that the two live in the same apartment complex so there is a history here, but we don't know specifics yet," Rourke said.

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Author explains strategies of small business ownership
Prominent small business owner and author Bob Reiss presented his views on how to start and maintain a successful small business to ASU students Wednesday.

John Long, Tempe square off in court over TSA
In a hearing to determine the validity of West Valley developer John F. Long's claims against the Tourism and Sports Authority's legitimacy, city of Tempe attorney Grant Woods argued in court Wednesday that Long had the opportunity to challenge the proposition that created the TSA before it passed.

America West contributes much to Tempe economy
A new study released Wednesday afternoon by the College of Business at ASU indicates that America West grosses approximately $5.2 billion a year to the Arizona economy.

Police Beat
ASU police released these incidents Wednesday:

• A student reported that his wallet, watch and credit card were stolen from his dorm room.

High suicide rates make awareness critical at ASU
College students are at risk for suicidal tendencies, and ASU Counseling and Consultation wants to keep ASU students from becoming more statistics in Arizona's already high suicide mortality rate.

More to Tempe firefighters than fires
There is a very tangible sense of camaraderie amongst Tempe firefighters these days with an added sense of family. Since the events of Sept. 11, the usual teasing and joking still takes place around the firehouse on Southern Avenue.

We have more State Fair winners!
Eight Web Devil newsletter subscribers have won State Fair event tickets.

Cronkite visits ASU, presents journalism award
Legendary television news anchor Walter Cronkite concluded a brief visit to ASU by presenting a prestigious journalism award which carries his name. Watch video from Walter Cronkite's press conference Wednesday.

'SPM' answers your questions
Well, we at the magazine have wondered about it a lot. Who puts ads like that in the paper? And even more pressing, who answers them? Is it worth the money? Is it strange to know that a little you will be running around without your knowing it?

Donating eggs is all it's cracked up to be
I am going to have a baby whom I will never know. I will never see him or touch her. I will never know his name. I will never know if she'll have red hair like me, or hair like her father, who I'll never learn a thing about. I won't know anything about the father, or about the mother who carried her for nine months.

Greg Giraldo ditches law to make people laugh
There are not many parents who wouldn't like to see their precious little angels grow up to be doctors or lawyers. Better yet, a lawyer with a degree from one of the nation's most prestigious institutions, Harvard Law School.

Billy No Mates bring 'Sexy Eye' to Lucky Dragon
"My mother gave me three pieces of advice for being in a band," said Jessica Jurgens, guitarist and vocalist for Tempe's The Billy No Mates. "First, she told me, I needed to learn how to play my guitar. Second, I had to look at the crowd when I played. And third, I need to give onlookers something she called 'The Sexy Eye.'"

An exercise in fertility
When Colleen French first decided to sell her eggs, it was for the money. The second time, it was for the money and the gift her eggs would be to an infertile woman.

There's money in the (sperm) bank
So you're ready to be a daddy. The only problem is, there is no woman this side of the Milky Way willing to let you plant your seed. It's an all too common problem for college males, referred to in medical circles as UOS (unsowed oat syndrome). Fear not dear chaps, for we too have (legal) options to heal our wounds.

Cashing in on your plasma
For some college students, flipping up couch cushions and digging through old coat pockets hoping to recover loose change or even that missing five-dollar bill is a routine occurrence. Even more routine is finding lint and old gum wrappers instead.

CD Reviews
Incubus proved to be one of the top bands in heavy rock with the release of Make Yourself two years ago. Stepping beyond the typical rap-rock trend that has engulfed the popular market, the band has stuck with its roots, mixing its unique blend of yin-yang ways of life and music.

'Life as a House' imitates 'Beauty'
Movie trivia time. Name this movie: The father dies. But you know this is going to happen from the beginning. His suburban family is in need of rebuilding. The xylophones chime in. He kisses his teenager's best friend. Dejá vous? Wondering if you've already seen this movie? No, it's not American Beauty, but Life as a House really wants to be.

DVD brings classic 'Boogeymen' together
For the first time in history the likes of Freddy Krueger, Jason, Pinhead and Chucky are compiled together outside the shelves of the local costume stores. This time the frightening characters that have given horror fans nightmares along with scary costume ideas are edited together in one versatile DVD

CD Review
If you haven’t yet heard The Strokes’ debut album yet, you’ve no doubt heard the hype built up around this New York City band.

Oyster House home to friendly ghosts
The ghosts that haunt Casey Moore’s Oyster House in Tempe usually start with little things — a tap on the shoulder, a drink flying out of someone’s hand, objects disappearing and reappearing in odd places, neckties tugged, a soft blow on someone’s neck while talking on the phone.

'The Last Castle' saves best scene for last
The quiet tip-toeing out your door, hiding behind pillars and furniture, and the look on dad's face when he got 3 inches of steel blade plunged deep into the red recesses of his vital organs. Now who's grounded, huh old man?!

‘Corky Romano’ offers cheesy family humor
Chris Kattan has played memorable characters on Saturday Night Live, including the head-bobbing Roxbury guy, the crazed monkey Mr. Peppers and the homoerotic showgirl-boy Mango.

Alwun House scares up macabre art show
Inside the Alwun House gallery, a small crowd recently gathered around the piece in the question. Perched in the room’s corners, gargoyles eyed the patrons with suspicion. Malevolent yet cartoonish beasts watched from their paintings, ready to assail any art aficionado who dared to poke the hanging doll in the room’s center.

Spice up your life with Salsa 101
Through the dance department, many ASU students are honing their after-hours dancing skills mid-day in a classroom. One of the popular classes this semester is salsa dancing.

Modified says goodbye with final Modifest
Modified, a tiny little house with wooden floors and no air conditioning, has long been the place to go in Phoenix for indie acts both national and local.

Billy Gardell takes blue-collar comedy to Improv
I think I might have grown up down the street from Billy Gardell. Or at least that is how I felt the entire time I had him on the phone. He reminded me of my guy friends from high school. The guy next door who did not have to be the center of attention, but ended up being the one everyone loved to be around because he came up with those classic one-liners that always put us in our place.

It’s the Great Pumpkin, ‘SPM!’
As a long-time Phoenix resident, I’ve come to realize that October is the best time of the year here. The temperatures finally dip back down to a tolerable level, and the smell of fall is in the air.

Local Haunts
A maniac with a chain saw chases around scared little boys. A strobe light flashes in the background. And the scent of horses strangely replaces the scents of orange plastic candy buckets and pumpkin pie. Dust and fake blood come together nicely before Halloween in Arizona.

RC Helicopters

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