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Editorial: Don’t beam us up just yet, Scottie
Soon, Americans may be turning to UPN instead of CNN. Star Trek reruns might start to provide more insight on our future than the nightly news.

Opinion: Reconsider weekend plans to participate in Operation KID
From earlier this morning to Saturday afternoon, the volunteers will be collecting cash and check donations from passers-by that will go toward helping the lives of children afflicted with heart disease, leukemia and other forms of cancer.

Opinion: Bush's popularity due to boisterous Brit
For those of you who are wondering, this does in fact mean that America has more faith in George Bush, Jr., former owner of the Texas Rangers, than it ever had in Franklin D. Roosevelt, perhaps one of the greatest presidents our country has ever known.

Opinion: Integrity of literature put on the auction block
In the worst idea since paying Charles Dickens by the page, a group of particularly vain British novelists held the second annual "Immortality Auction" in London last week, a charity event that "allows members of the public to pay to star in a bestseller," reports Reuters.

Men's hoops a month away from play
The Sun Devils are scheduled to open their 2001-02 campaign Nov. 17, hosting Stephen F. Austin. Before then, ASU must not only become more consistent offensively, but it also needs to be more aggressive on defense and remain physical on the boards.

ASU hunts Beaver, first PAC-10 win
The Sun Devils will spend their Saturday night hunting Beaver. ASU hosts the Oregon State Beavers for their first conference home game of the season and, in order to avoid losing a third straight PAC-10 game, they’ll have to play like the veritable wrecking-ball they’ve performed like at home this season.

Sewage leak closes business building
Malfunctioning grease traps located in the Memorial Union were to blame for a sewage backup Wednesday afternoon that shut down the Business Administration building and affected Best C residence hall and the tunnels running under campus.

No sewage leaks were reported in Best C, but the building was affected by the odor.

“The odor itself is nauseating and it will give you a headache,” said Risk Management health and safety officer Jennifer Herbert.

ASU, Tempe scientists study effectiveness of popular herb used to treat common cold
The effectiveness of echinacea, an herb believed to boost the immune system and cure common illnesses, is being tested at a local research institute in cooperation with ASU.

Student assaulted with bike lock outside MU
Shanan Elving, 26, was arrested on assault charges after he hit a member of the Outing Club with his U-lock bike lock.

Design students build chairs for victims
Sixteen fourth-year interior design students in the school of design at ASU have created chairs from everyday items symbolizing violence against women to raise money for domestic violence victims.

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Police Beat
• A student reported that her car was broken into while parked in Area 63. Her door handle and dashboard were damaged.

State Fair enjoys record number of visitors
While there was some concern that recent events would stop people from attending this year's Arizona State Fair, laughter and excitement are alive and well as a record number of people ride the rides and attend concerts.

State Fair Ticket Winners!
Sixteen ASU students have won two tickets each to the State Fair and a State Fair event. Find out if you are one of them. If not, register for our newsletter in time for the next drawing on Oct. 17.

More to Tempe firefighters than fires
There is a very tangible sense of camaraderie amongst Tempe firefighters these days with an added sense of family. Since the events of Sept. 11, the usual teasing and joking still takes place around the firehouse on Southern Avenue.

Local Haunts
A maniac with a chain saw chases around scared little boys. A strobe light flashes in the background. And the scent of horses strangely replaces the scents of orange plastic candy buckets and pumpkin pie. Dust and fake blood come together nicely before Halloween in Arizona.

It’s the Great Pumpkin, ‘SPM!’
As a long-time Phoenix resident, I’ve come to realize that October is the best time of the year here. The temperatures finally dip back down to a tolerable level, and the smell of fall is in the air.

Billy Gardell takes blue-collar comedy to Improv
I think I might have grown up down the street from Billy Gardell. Or at least that is how I felt the entire time I had him on the phone. He reminded me of my guy friends from high school. The guy next door who did not have to be the center of attention, but ended up being the one everyone loved to be around because he came up with those classic one-liners that always put us in our place.

Modified says goodbye with final Modifest
Modified, a tiny little house with wooden floors and no air conditioning, has long been the place to go in Phoenix for indie acts both national and local.

Spice up your life with Salsa 101
Through the dance department, many ASU students are honing their after-hours dancing skills mid-day in a classroom. One of the popular classes this semester is salsa dancing.

Alwun House scares up macabre art show
Inside the Alwun House gallery, a small crowd recently gathered around the piece in the question. Perched in the room’s corners, gargoyles eyed the patrons with suspicion. Malevolent yet cartoonish beasts watched from their paintings, ready to assail any art aficionado who dared to poke the hanging doll in the room’s center.

‘Corky Romano’ offers cheesy family humor
Chris Kattan has played memorable characters on Saturday Night Live, including the head-bobbing Roxbury guy, the crazed monkey Mr. Peppers and the homoerotic showgirl-boy Mango.

'The Last Castle' saves best scene for last
The quiet tip-toeing out your door, hiding behind pillars and furniture, and the look on dad's face when he got 3 inches of steel blade plunged deep into the red recesses of his vital organs. Now who's grounded, huh old man?!

Oyster House home to friendly ghosts
The ghosts that haunt Casey Moore’s Oyster House in Tempe usually start with little things — a tap on the shoulder, a drink flying out of someone’s hand, objects disappearing and reappearing in odd places, neckties tugged, a soft blow on someone’s neck while talking on the phone.

CD Review
If you haven’t yet heard The Strokes’ debut album yet, you’ve no doubt heard the hype built up around this New York City band.

At the movies: quick reviews of new films
Fans of David Lynch will love the complicated structure, the detailed settings and the dark mood of his twisted Hollywood tale. Those unfamiliar or unimpressed with his work will dismiss it as baffling, pretentious or both — if they dare to enter the theater, that is.

Classic car show offers family fun
The McDonald’s parking lot in the Scottsdale Pavilions Shopping Center is roaring with life. The deep rumble of a 1968 Camaro’s engine, and the tempting scent of McDonald’s french-fries, fills the air. Shining chrome from more than 300 pre-1975 cars tantalizes the eye.

Hayden Lawn concert to benefit Red Cross
A free concert is always a good thing (except if it’s a Jessica Simpson concert). When it’s to help the victims of the Sept. 11 terrorist attack, it’s even better.

The way you sip your tea: A look at Valley teahouses
“In 1979, I ran a toll shop with my sister, but I’m not a sitter — I’m a run-around-and-go-getter,” she said. “I needed something different, and Glendale needed a tearoom.”

Contest seeks Phoenix's tough men and women
The Toughman contest will be in town this Friday and Saturday. It's an event where ordinary guys throw on a pair of boxing gloves in hopes of winning the title of Toughest Man in the Valley and a thousand dollars they can put toward the hospital bill.

Taking The Edge off: local station to sign off
The station that brings us Howard Stern in the morning, Mandatory Marley at 4:20 and all the punk and alternative music acts heard at the annual That Damn Show is taking down the stage and closing the curtain so to speak in the very near future.

The Daggers rock Valley music scene
Rock n’ roll decadence and Budweiser prevail at the Slash City Daggers’ Tempe headquarters. The smell of hairspray hangs heavy in the smoke-filled room, as cell phones ring and polka-dotted scarves are straightened.

Tea offers break from daily grind
The gardens were home to famous literary and artist types in the early 1900s. People like Virginia Wolf and Rupert Brooke often reclined in outdoor lounge chairs under the shade of fruit trees talking politics and literature — a saucer in one hand and a raised teacup in the other.

RC Helicopters

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