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Editorial: Uncle Sam wants you for war — unless you’re gay
It doesn’t appear that Uncle Sam is going to have to resort to a draft this year, but the government is certainly encouraging citizens to join up and help the war effort.

Opinion: AZ sports 'Back' in the swing of things with winning team
It's amazing how quickly things can change in baseball, or a reputation for that matter. One minute you have the winning run 90 feet away with only one out. The next minute, a botched play convinces you that all hope is lost. But then, finally, a bloop single saves the day and the season. Suddenly, a state's sporting reputation has been greatly altered.

Opinion: Woes of Afghan women not to be forgotten
Since that fateful day, people routinely express feelings of astonishment that such acts of relentless terror occurred on American soil. As a nation, we are glued to the TV, hoping that someone will tell us it’s all just a dream, or that the evil has been rooted out and we can return to living our lives without fear.

Opinion: Beer makes man go where no man has gone before
It's time for “Guys In Science,” the feature in which we report on the heroic efforts of guys, using scientific knowledge, to explore, and exceed, the limits of common sense.

Koetter, Devils looking for bright spots
Dirk Koetter understands that the ASU football team was beaten in every phase of the game at USC Saturday, but he still sees some bright spots in the dismal performance.

Soccer gets booted against USC, UCLA
The Sun Devils dropped games to both No. 2 UCLA and unranked USC in the opening weekend of Pac-10 play and were also forced to watch as one of their best was injured while another was lost for the season.

Devils struggle in 1st round
Head coach Randy Lein learned that things do not magically get better over time after watching his ASU men’s golf team continue to struggle in its third tournament of the fall.

Devils off to good start in water polo
The Sun Devils used a patient offense and aggressive defense to defeat club teams from NAU and UA in a pair of exhibition matches. Head coach Vicki Gorman said she was pleased with her team's play even though ASU will not begin regular season action until mid-February.

ASU, UA blood drive drops competitive edge
The drive is at the south entrance of the Wells Fargo Arena all week. Eighteen campus organizations have volunteered to help the United Blood Services.

The drive is at the south entrance of the Wells Fargo Arena all week. Eighteen campus organizations have volunteered to help the United Blood Services.

Brian Wasserman, community relations representative of United Blood services, said, “The college felt that it would be best not to focus on a challenge, but to focus on those killed or injured in the attacks.”

Counseling and Consultation is having daily discussions for students coping with the national terrorist attacks. Meet noon-1 p.m. at the Student Services Building, Room 334.

Lab results from alleged Ecstasy ring to be released
Lab results of materials seized at a Tempe storage facility where an ASU professor is suspected of storing chemicals used to manufacture Ecstasy, are expected Thursday, said Frank Valenzuela, Department of Public Safety spokesman.

Smoke-free ordinance closer to reaching signature goal
An anti-smoking initiative requiring smoke-free work places, including bars, restaurants, outdoor facilities and stadiums in Tempe, is close to getting on the May general election ballot, according to its supporters.

Students hear stories of Wall Street
ASU finance students itching to pursue a career on Wall Street listened to former ASU graduate and current technical investment banker Jon Mudder share his experiences Monday.

Police Beat
ASU police released these incidents Monday:

• A 19-year-old student was arrested for possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

Former Nicaraguan revolutionary shares his adventures with ASU
Sergio Ramirez, an ex-revolutionary from the 1970s with the Sandinista government in Nicaragua, will talk about his passion for politics and his writing career at ASU today.

State Fair Ticket Winners!
Sixteen ASU students have won two tickets each to the State Fair and a State Fair event. Find out if you are one of them. If not, register for our newsletter in time for the next drawing on Oct. 17.

'Street Smarts' makes way to Tempe
Good-looking, funny, and outrageous are the kind of people the hit television game show 'Street Smarts' were looking for as they searched downtown Tempe for contestants last week.

At the movies: quick reviews of new films
Fans of David Lynch will love the complicated structure, the detailed settings and the dark mood of his twisted Hollywood tale. Those unfamiliar or unimpressed with his work will dismiss it as baffling, pretentious or both — if they dare to enter the theater, that is.

Classic car show offers family fun
The McDonald’s parking lot in the Scottsdale Pavilions Shopping Center is roaring with life. The deep rumble of a 1968 Camaro’s engine, and the tempting scent of McDonald’s french-fries, fills the air. Shining chrome from more than 300 pre-1975 cars tantalizes the eye.

Hayden Lawn concert to benefit Red Cross
A free concert is always a good thing (except if it’s a Jessica Simpson concert). When it’s to help the victims of the Sept. 11 terrorist attack, it’s even better.

The way you sip your tea: A look at Valley teahouses
“In 1979, I ran a toll shop with my sister, but I’m not a sitter — I’m a run-around-and-go-getter,” she said. “I needed something different, and Glendale needed a tearoom.”

Contest seeks Phoenix's tough men and women
The Toughman contest will be in town this Friday and Saturday. It's an event where ordinary guys throw on a pair of boxing gloves in hopes of winning the title of Toughest Man in the Valley and a thousand dollars they can put toward the hospital bill.

Taking The Edge off: local station to sign off
The station that brings us Howard Stern in the morning, Mandatory Marley at 4:20 and all the punk and alternative music acts heard at the annual That Damn Show is taking down the stage and closing the curtain so to speak in the very near future.

The Daggers rock Valley music scene
Rock n’ roll decadence and Budweiser prevail at the Slash City Daggers’ Tempe headquarters. The smell of hairspray hangs heavy in the smoke-filled room, as cell phones ring and polka-dotted scarves are straightened.

Tea offers break from daily grind
The gardens were home to famous literary and artist types in the early 1900s. People like Virginia Wolf and Rupert Brooke often reclined in outdoor lounge chairs under the shade of fruit trees talking politics and literature — a saucer in one hand and a raised teacup in the other.

RC Helicopters

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