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Editorial: BOOS & BRAVOS
BOO to water pipes. One burst at the Goldwater Center Monday, flooding the building and forcing students and faculty to relocate.BRAVO to the Phoenix Anti-War Coalition. The Tempe-based coalition (yeah, we thought that was weird too) was set up to patrol campus on bicycles and foot looking for potential war-related criminal activity.

Opinion: Bell-curve of stupidity shines light on need for Earth’s idiots
Yeah, it’s been over a month since it happened, but you’re not getting away so soon. As long as the world is still treating the event like an unexpected growth that it just can’t shake off, don’t expect to see too much in the media that doesn’t connect with the attack somehow.

Opinion: Feminist stereotypes shot down one Saturday
I hate “isms.” They’re dangerous. The moment most people ascribe themselves to a political ideology, reason tends to fly out the window and anger and self-righteousness stroll through the front door.

Opinion: Letters to the Editor
Time and time again, I’m bombarded by heart-wrenching images of the Sept. 11 attacks — now more or less sullied by the media after consistent and regular overuse and melodramatics by the reporters.

The Edge
ASU sophomore quarterback Jeff Krohn has been on fire lately, ranking first in the Pac-10 and second in the country in passing efficiency (180.9). Krohn also ranks sixth in the nation in total offense with an average of 294 yards per game.

The Starters
WR 6 Donnie O’Neal (6-2, 181, Sr.)

LT 78 Levi Jones (6-6, 332, Sr.)

LG 64 Travis Scott (6-6, 305, Sr.)

C 53 Scott Peters (6-5, 300, Sr.)

ASU ready for invasion of Troy
There are still several mysteries concerning the Sun Devils. The unproven cornerbacks, redshirt freshmen Emmanuel Franklin and R.J. Oliver, and true freshman Lamar Baker will be tested by the Trojans’ senior quarterback Carson Palmer.

Kelly enemy No. 1 on list of dangerous Trojan receivers
The star wide receiver leads USC with a team-best 23 receptions for 397 yards through five games. But instead of raving about Kelly's stellar play, the talk is centered around USC's four losses by a combined 14 points.

Sun Devils to get running start on nationals this weekend
The No. 15 men's and No. 4 women's ASU cross country teams will compete in the NCAA Pre-National Invitational Saturday in Greenville, S.C.

ASU right at home for championships
The No. 3 ASU water ski team practiced on Tempe Town Lake Thursday in preparation for the National Collegiate Water Ski Championships to be held there this weekend.

Devils to get aggressive with Washington teams
Having not played a match since last Friday, the ASU volleyball team (5-7, 1-4 Pac-10) has had plenty of time of think about becoming more aggressive on the court, something coach Patti Snyder-Park has preached after each loss.

Soccer looking to end skid at powerful Trojans, Bruins
The Sun Devils open their 2001 Pac-10 campaign on the road tonight against USC (5-3-1), followed by a Sunday game against No. 2 UCLA (9-0). In five meetings with ASU, the Trojans have let only one game slip away from them, a 3-2 ASU road win October 1997, while last year’s 1-0 home win against the Bruins is the only victory the Sun Devils have managed to wrestle away from UCLA in four tries.

Student charged with fabricating assaults
A Muslim student who confessed to faking two assaults on campus in September was charged with two counts of false reporting Thursday by the Maricopa county attorney’s office.

Rally honors firefighters
“One month later … we still remember” was the message that brought a diverse mix of students and faculty together Thursday to celebrate heroes and mourn losses of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

Graduate pleads innocent to Tempe hit-run death
A 28-year-old ASU graduate and Phoenix attorney allegedly involved in a hit-and-run accident resulting in the death of a freshman pleaded innocent at his arraignment Thursday.

Freshman class surpasses University goal for 2003
Timothy Desch, director of undergraduate admissions, attributed this growth to a number of factors, specifically to a significant increase in Arizona population as well as in states like California from where ASU has traditionally drawn students.

Proposed bill tracks student visas closely
The ease with which a student visa can be attained and the restrictions a student might face may drastically change in the near future under a legislative amendment introduced Thursday into Congress by U.S. Rep. Jeff Flake, R-1st District.

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Tempe’s busiest parks to receive more rangers
The Tempe City Council voted Thursday to hire more park rangers in an effort to increase security at city parks. Tempe mayor Neil Giuliano said adding park rangers is an easy way of buying peace of mind for residents.

Tempe man indicted in connection with attacks
A Tempe man has been indicted on two federal counts for allegedly making false statements to the FBI about the Sept. 11 attacks, Attorney General John Ashcroft said in a news conference Friday afternoon.

Indicted man worshipped at Tempe mosque
The Tempe man indicted on two counts of giving false information to the FBI occasionally attended religious services at a Islamic mosque near ASU. Though he isn’t an accredited member of Tempe’s Islamic Cultural Center, Faisal Michael al Salmi frequented the ICC mosque on East Sixth Street.

Greeks walking for diabetes foundation
Alpha Gamma Deltas supported America’s Walk for Diabetes by displaying their letters while participating in the downtown Phoenix walk on Sunday.

Men's hoopsters eager to begin new season
‘Tis not the season for hoops. Hard-court action doesn’t begin until November. But the Arizona State men’s basketball team showed up in full uniforms and ready to play Tuesday, as they hosted their annual media day in Wells Fargo Arena.

'Contact' takes the stage at Gammage
Contact has taken the Broadway world by storm and the musical's opening performance at Gammage Auditorium was no exception. The Tony award-winning extravaganza was directed and choreographed by Susan Stroman, the same woman who directed The Producer's by Mel Brooks.

State Fair Ticket Winners!
Sixteen ASU students have won two tickets each to the State Fair and a State Fair event. Find out if you are one of them. If not, register for our newsletter in time for the next drawing on Oct. 17.

Black Eyed Peas relish hip-hop root
aboo: The first time the three of us performed together in public was at this place called Grand Slam. We basically performed in front of gangsters; it was a Ruthless gangster convention or something. (Will and Ap were signed on Ruthless, Eazy E’s label, until the ex-N.W.A. rapper died of AIDS on their record release date.)

Black Eyed Peas in full effect for ‘Bridging the Gap’
Continuing their tour in support of Bridging the Gap, the Black Eyed Peas have ridden their success across the globe with their feel-good party hits and live performances that showcase their rapping, dancing and tight tour band.

‘Insomniac’, ‘Chris Wylde Show’ bring laughs to late night
The network recently launched two shows, The Chris Wylde Show starring Chris Wylde, and Insomniac with Dave Attell, and while both are worth watching, neither is worth raving over.

‘Let’s Bowl’ players duke it out at the alley
Not only did she use your credit card to buy herself an array of low-wasted jeans and pink thong underwear, but she also purchased some plastic surgery to make herself look just like you. She even fooled your boyfriend. She left you broke, and lonely too. What to do?

Get VIP treatment with limo services
Cash, money, green, ‘bling-bling’: call it what you will. They all mean the difference between the average Joe and a true celebrity. Well, that and fame, notoriety, nice cars, incredible houses and guys and girls fawning all over the place — just fill in the blank.

The road to hollywood
So, you’ve realized you’re not going to get your big break by posting hundreds of pictures of yourself on, and you’ve come to terms with the fact that the role you had as a corn-cob in your third-grade class play doesn’t make you an actor. But you want fame, fortune and lots of cats… OK, maybe not lots of cats.

Mainstream theater blossoms, offbeat actors struggle
The Phoenix theater community is abuzz with the excitement of new venues, growing ticket sales and full houses. But while the mainstream celebrates, supporters of experimental theater wonder if the community is moving in the right direction.

Bargains abound at local 99-cent store
That's all well and good for the fat cats rolling around in their Kias, or Mr. Money Bags with his fancy indoor plumbing, but some of us just can't afford a dollar for a pound of Beefy Mac. Luckily, some nice corporate man has heard our prayers and answered them with two simple words: 99 cents.

New film, college make for ‘Joy Ride’ for Sobieski
She’s certainly living in a dorm and writing term papers like everyone else. The difference is her project these days is promoting an upcoming blockbuster movie, Joy Ride.

‘Half Baked’ actor hits Tempe Improv
One of Hollywood’s busiest comedians, Williams has made a career of doing memorable supporting roles in films like Dumb and Dumber, There’s Something About Mary, and Freddy Got Fingered.

opinion café
Now that we’re in college, most of us don’t have our moms around to tell us how great we are and make us dinner every night (although my cute little mom, up in Seattle, always sends me cards and care packages. What a good, good mom).

At the movies: quick reviews of new films
Fans of David Lynch will love the complicated structure, the detailed settings and the dark mood of his twisted Hollywood tale. Those unfamiliar or unimpressed with his work will dismiss it as baffling, pretentious or both — if they dare to enter the theater, that is.

Classic car show offers family fun
The McDonald’s parking lot in the Scottsdale Pavilions Shopping Center is roaring with life. The deep rumble of a 1968 Camaro’s engine, and the tempting scent of McDonald’s french-fries, fills the air. Shining chrome from more than 300 pre-1975 cars tantalizes the eye.

Hayden Lawn concert to benefit Red Cross
A free concert is always a good thing (except if it’s a Jessica Simpson concert). When it’s to help the victims of the Sept. 11 terrorist attack, it’s even better.

The way you sip your tea: A look at Valley teahouses
“In 1979, I ran a toll shop with my sister, but I’m not a sitter — I’m a run-around-and-go-getter,” she said. “I needed something different, and Glendale needed a tearoom.”

Contest seeks Phoenix's tough men and women
The Toughman contest will be in town this Friday and Saturday. It's an event where ordinary guys throw on a pair of boxing gloves in hopes of winning the title of Toughest Man in the Valley and a thousand dollars they can put toward the hospital bill.

Taking The Edge off: local station to sign off
The station that brings us Howard Stern in the morning, Mandatory Marley at 4:20 and all the punk and alternative music acts heard at the annual That Damn Show is taking down the stage and closing the curtain so to speak in the very near future.

The Daggers rock Valley music scene
Rock n’ roll decadence and Budweiser prevail at the Slash City Daggers’ Tempe headquarters. The smell of hairspray hangs heavy in the smoke-filled room, as cell phones ring and polka-dotted scarves are straightened.

Tea offers break from daily grind
The gardens were home to famous literary and artist types in the early 1900s. People like Virginia Wolf and Rupert Brooke often reclined in outdoor lounge chairs under the shade of fruit trees talking politics and literature — a saucer in one hand and a raised teacup in the other.

RC Helicopters

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