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Editorial: Boos & Bravos
Boos & Bravos are a collection of the editorial staff's chagrin or applause over news events.

Column: Penny-pinching college years perfect time to travel abroad
College. Poor. Unless you tripped into a trust fund on your way to BIO this morning, these words are virtually one and the same. Ramen noodles, Keystone Light, thrift stores, Chevrolets, postered walls, plastic utensils, indoor lawn furniture and futons are all practically written into our economic DNA.

Column: Costumes no need to be PC due to tragedy
Because of the sensitivity aroused by the terrorist attacks, this Halloween’s shaping up to be a little different from last year’s. That doesn’t mean you can’t dress up as bin Laden. Why? ‘Cause that’s what Halloween’s all about.

Aggressive ‘D’ staying hungry
The Sun Devils defense has not gotten the respect or attention of their offensive counterparts, but that’s just fine with them.

’Jacks shut down Devils
It was a 1-0 soccer landslide, courtesy of the NAU Lumberjacks.

It took one single goal to crush the will of one team while lifting an underdog to the status of winner as NAU deflated an ASU soccer team that was riding high on its own underdog win against Kentucky just seven days earlier.

“This is as bad as it gets,” ASU coach Ray Leone said. “This stings a lot harder than our loss to Pepperdine.”

What stung the most for ASU was losing to a school that it had never lost to before, re-emphasizing the fact that there are still things to fix for Leone and his staff before the Pac-10 schedule begins.

Volleyball takes on 'Cats in Tucson
As the ASU women's volleyball team ended its practice Thursday with the slogan "Beat U of A," it became evident that emotions will be running high when the Sun Devils (5-6, 1-3 Pac-10) travel to Tucson for an intrastate meeting with their arch-rivals.

ASU swimmers fare well at Argentine Short Course Championships
ASU freshman Florencia Szigeti earned four first-place finishes with record-setting times at the Argentine Short Course Championships that concluded earlier this week. ASU sophomore Federico Martin also placed well at the international meet held in Santa Fe, Argentina.

Devils rage on Cajuns, 63-27
The Sun Devils blew out another non-conference opponent Saturday night, as they trampled the Louisiana-Lafayette Ragin’ Cajuns 63-27.

Wideout Shaun McDonald exploded for 154 yards and caught four touchdown receptions, while running backs Tom Pace and Mike Williams notched two touchdowns each.

Devils could rage on Ragin' Cajuns
The Ragin’ Cajuns of Louisiana-Lafayette haven’t fared well against the PAC-10. In fact, they’ve been savagely beaten by the only PAC-10 team they’ve ever played.

Youths aid relief effort with profitable pin program
Eleven- and 13-year-old Sara and Rachal Bowden haven’t had much time to play with the neighbors or surf the Internet since the Sept. 11 terrorist attack.

Tempe man remembered as 'kind, gentle'
The Sept. 11 attacks on the World Trade Center have left a Tempe family mourning over the loss of a husband and a father.

A memorial service for Tempe resident Gary Bird, 51, was held Thursday at St. Timothy's in Mesa. Almost 1,500 people attended to pay tribute.

Bird originally went to New York to meet with his new employers, Marsh USA, and begin his new position as senior vice president of risk management here in the Valley.

Ganssle announces he’ll run for City Council in March
Gene Ganssle, the candidate who lost to Tempe mayor Neil Giuliano in September’s mayoral recall election, has announced that he will run for one of the three City Council seats up for election in the March primary.

Group seeks to create ‘more democracy’ at TSA
In response to disputes over the legality of the proposed Arizona Cardinals stadium site, a new activist group is hatching a plan to eventually replace the Tourism and Sports Authority with a publicly elected sports commission.

Police Beat
Daily reports from the campus and Tempe police.

ASU 'Ken and Barbie' reputation well-deserved
Strolling down Palm Walk is like walking down a fashion runway in Milan. Beautiful women sport Prada book bags, sparkling white teeth, and Louis Vuitton handbags. Men cruise in sports cars wearing Gucci sunglasses, strong builds, and Diesel jeans.

Web Devil Exclusive

Timeline of Shahbandar saga
The controversy surrounding Associated Students of ASU Senator Oubai Shahbandar is not new. The Senator from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences has made waves over the last few months and last semester.

Shahbandar stays in office
Controversial Associated Students of ASU Senator was saved from impeachment Wednesday during a meeting of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences College Council.

Tunnel hopes to break prejudices
The Tunnel of Oppression, a tradition on ASU's campus, will once again try to break down prejudice and educate people about oppression that occurs every day.

opinion café
Now that we’re in college, most of us don’t have our moms around to tell us how great we are and make us dinner every night (although my cute little mom, up in Seattle, always sends me cards and care packages. What a good, good mom).

‘Half Baked’ actor hits Tempe Improv
One of Hollywood’s busiest comedians, Williams has made a career of doing memorable supporting roles in films like Dumb and Dumber, There’s Something About Mary, and Freddy Got Fingered.

New film, college make for ‘Joy Ride’ for Sobieski
She’s certainly living in a dorm and writing term papers like everyone else. The difference is her project these days is promoting an upcoming blockbuster movie, Joy Ride.

Bargains abound at local 99-cent store
That's all well and good for the fat cats rolling around in their Kias, or Mr. Money Bags with his fancy indoor plumbing, but some of us just can't afford a dollar for a pound of Beefy Mac. Luckily, some nice corporate man has heard our prayers and answered them with two simple words: 99 cents.

Mainstream theater blossoms, offbeat actors struggle
The Phoenix theater community is abuzz with the excitement of new venues, growing ticket sales and full houses. But while the mainstream celebrates, supporters of experimental theater wonder if the community is moving in the right direction.

The road to hollywood
So, you’ve realized you’re not going to get your big break by posting hundreds of pictures of yourself on, and you’ve come to terms with the fact that the role you had as a corn-cob in your third-grade class play doesn’t make you an actor. But you want fame, fortune and lots of cats… OK, maybe not lots of cats.

Get VIP treatment with limo services
Cash, money, green, ‘bling-bling’: call it what you will. They all mean the difference between the average Joe and a true celebrity. Well, that and fame, notoriety, nice cars, incredible houses and guys and girls fawning all over the place — just fill in the blank.

‘Let’s Bowl’ players duke it out at the alley
Not only did she use your credit card to buy herself an array of low-wasted jeans and pink thong underwear, but she also purchased some plastic surgery to make herself look just like you. She even fooled your boyfriend. She left you broke, and lonely too. What to do?

‘Insomniac’, ‘Chris Wylde Show’ bring laughs to late night
The network recently launched two shows, The Chris Wylde Show starring Chris Wylde, and Insomniac with Dave Attell, and while both are worth watching, neither is worth raving over.

Black Eyed Peas in full effect for ‘Bridging the Gap’
Continuing their tour in support of Bridging the Gap, the Black Eyed Peas have ridden their success across the globe with their feel-good party hits and live performances that showcase their rapping, dancing and tight tour band.

Black Eyed Peas relish hip-hop root
aboo: The first time the three of us performed together in public was at this place called Grand Slam. We basically performed in front of gangsters; it was a Ruthless gangster convention or something. (Will and Ap were signed on Ruthless, Eazy E’s label, until the ex-N.W.A. rapper died of AIDS on their record release date.)

'Warrior Sisters' gets mixed review
The more I think about the musical 'Warrior Sisters,' the more I can't decide if I enjoyed the show or not. On one hand it is a modern American opera mixing traditional Asian and African music with contemporary jazz. On the other, the story is difficult to follow, even with the program.

RC Helicopters

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