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Editorial: Hollywood ‘bombs’ with bad taste flicks
We applauded when certain movies were pulled because of violent themes and terrorist-centered plots. How considerate of television to delay the new season, we gushed. And can you believe all those television stations worked together to air that celebrity telethon? Hollywood, we thought, does have a conscious.

Opinion: A request for readers: Help me help you tell your stories
When I was bestowed the privilege of having a weekly column, it was after nearly three semesters of reporting and editing for the State Press. I was familiar with what generally filled the paper's two pages devoted to opinions, and I found there to be a lack of writing on local issues.

Opinion: Beckoning America to fight for black liberation
In the days of Fredrick Douglass, W.E.B. DuBois, Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X and Stockley Carmichael, liberation meant for those on the margins of a society, particularly Black Americans, gaining access to opportunities was through education, political and economic arenas.

Opinion: Terrible tragedy turns into amazing aphrodisiac for all
I know what wasn’t on your mind last week — SEX. For the first time ever in the history of the Internet, the word “sex” dropped off the top-10 list of the most searched-for words (it was No. 17). David Emanuel, spokesman for Altavista, went on to say the past week’s top-10 words were all related to the disaster on Sept. 11.

Town Lake ready for Championships
The No.3 ASU water ski team had its first full day of practice Tuesday on Tempe Town Lake in preparation for the National Collegiate Water Ski Championships, Oct. 12-14.

Vick, Davis: A tale of two rookies
At the top of the draft, Virginia Tech quarterback Michael Vick was the doggie in the window that every team drooled over. The Atlanta Falcons apparently drooled the most, enough to work out a trade with the Chargers. They took the sophomore star who ran a faster 40-meter time than all but one player drafted in the first round, a round that included six wide receivers, three running backs and three cornerbacks.

ASU looks to feature ground game again
The Sun Devils ran the ball with success against San Jose State Saturday, and will likely take the same approach against this week’s opponent, Louisiana-Lafayette.

Storey benefitting from summer court time with Jordan
Sun Devil senior forward Awvee Storey worked out with "his airness" last summer at the exclusive Hoops the Gym Stadium Club in downtown Chicago. Storey lived in a suburb of the Windy City when Jordan first entered the league as a rookie in 1984. He followed Jordan throughout his illustrious career, but never met him until this past July.

Peel named Pac-10 Player of the Week
After an impressive showing at the Invitational Tournament in Kentucky last weekend, ASU freshman forward Stephanie Peel was named Pac-10 Women's Soccer Player of the Week.

Plant biology professor arrested
An ASU professor was arrested Tuesday on suspicion of being involved in an Ecstasy drug ring.

Ralph Backhaus, a plant biology professor since 1988, was put on paid non-disciplinary leave by ASU President Lattie Coor after his arrest, ASU spokesman Keith Jennings said.

Students voice desired qualities for new president
Diversity and graduate student issues remained at the top of the list of requirements for ASU’s new president at a presidential search committee forum Tuesday.

National Guards at airports to help ‘deter terrorists’
Responding to a call from President Bush for National Guard presence at commercial airports around the nation, Gov. Jane Hull signed an order Tuesday to deploy Arizona National Guard soldiers to 10 airports throughout the state.

ASU West, Del Webb to offer education to senior residents
ASU West, in partnership with the Phoenix Del Webb Corp., is starting an extended education learning program for retired seniors who live in Sun City Grand, with classes set to start on Oct. 15.

Residents attacked in Manzanita
Two female ASU students were attacked Sept. 25 at Manzanita residence hall, according to University officials.A man entered through an unlocked door and tried to undress the two students in their rooms, ASU spokesman Keith Jennings said.

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Coor: Proposed budget is a ‘fiscal problem’ for ASU
Gov. Jane Hull’s requested $1.6 billion budget reduction plan aimed at kick-starting the state economy in the wake of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks may have an adverse effect on ASU.

Police Beat
Tempe police released these incidents Tuesday:

• A 24-year-old Tempe man was arrested for aggravated DUI and leaving the scene of an accident.

Shahbandar stays in office
Controversial Associated Students of ASU Senator was saved from impeachment Wednesday during a meeting of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences College Council.

Timeline of Shahbandar saga
The controversy surrounding Associated Students of ASU Senator Oubai Shahbandar is not new. The Senator from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences has made waves over the last few months and last semester.

College Council may remove Shahbandar today
The College Council of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences will review impeachment charges against controversial ASASU senator Oubai Shahbandar Wednesday afternoon in a move that could lead to his removal from office.

ASU plant biology professor arrested in Ecstasy ring
ASU plant biology professor Ralph A. Backhaus was arrested by the Arizona Department of Public Safety in connection with a three-state Ecstasy ring.

'Warrior Sisters' gets mixed review
The more I think about the musical 'Warrior Sisters,' the more I can't decide if I enjoyed the show or not. On one hand it is a modern American opera mixing traditional Asian and African music with contemporary jazz. On the other, the story is difficult to follow, even with the program.

RC Helicopters

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