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Editorial: The Muslim who cried hate crime
The eerie photo of a young man standing atop the World Trade Center oblivious to the airliner jet diving toward him, the supposedly decades-old news footage of Palestinians cheering after the attacks, cell phone calls from beneath the rubble — all hoaxes.

Opinion: Illegal immigration still a big issue; amnesty not the answer
The past few weeks have proven that change can be as abrupt as it is inevitable. But the issues that we as a country face despite the recent tragedies are still here whether we like it or not.

Opinion: Americans hasty to hand over freedoms
There have been continual assertions over the past few weeks that Americans were attacked because they “love freedom.” This seems preposterous however, with the advent of new data surrounding the number of freedoms American citizens are now seemingly willing to discard. The most recent CNN/Time poll reported the extent to which Americans and the other residents they “harbor” may be ready to dispose of their civil liberties.

Opinion: Hold the phonograph! Study says music more than meets the ear
Do you remember the last time you listened to a song and it sent a chill through your body? Neither do I, but recently, a group of researchers has analyzed this phenomenon and the findings may be of interest to many of you out there as there is a lot more to the origins and significance of music than you may believe.

ASU annihilates Spartans
In the not-too-distant past, before most of us were Sun Devils and the ASU football team was on its way to an appearance in the Rose Bowl, Sun Devil Stadium was dubbed, “The House of Heat.”

Offense reels off 53 points in victory
By no means did the Sun Devils play perfect football on Saturday, but luck was on their side as they defeated San Jose State 53-15 in front of 45,528 fans at Sun Devil Stadium.

Cardinals get overrun at home by Falcons, 34-14
The Falcons, sweltering in their black jerseys in the 104-degree heat, defeated the Cardinals 34-14 in front of 28,878 fans at Sun Devil Stadium Sunday.

Men's golf finds rough at Ping/Golfweek event
Even though the fall is regarded as a time for practice and preparation, Chez Reavie's presence on the ASU men's golf team was sorely missed last weekend.

Women's cross country team wins race at Griak Invitational
The No. 11 ASU women's cross country team recorded a total of 109 points Saturday to win the Gold 6,000-meter race title at the Roy Griak Invitational at the Les Bolstad Golf Course in St. Paul, Minn.

Soccer sweeps through Kentucky
The ASU soccer team rolled into Kentucky this weekend to take on No. 12 Kentucky and Furman at the Traditional Bank Invitational and rolled over both teams in decisive fashion.

ASU student admits hate crimes were false
A Muslim student who told police he was beaten in Lot 59 on Sept. 13 was thought to have been attacked again in a library Wednesday, but he later admitted to police that both reports were lies.

FAA extends stadium decision
The Federal Aviation Administration announced a two-week extension to evaluate the safety of the proposed Cardinals stadium due to the events of Sept. 11. The new deadline for public comment is Oct. 22.

ASASU raises $6,000 for Red Cross charity
Members of Associated Students of ASU, armed with only a megaphone and trashcans, raised an estimated $6,000 for the Red Cross Sept. 11 relief fund at the ASU vs. San Jose State football game Saturday.

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House on Hayden helps humanity
The 'Love Shack' on Hayden Lawn, sponsored by the Habitat for Humanity organization on campus, came to a close Friday after raising $200 and several boxes of donated clothes.

Family remembers crash victim
Evan Edward Shelley, the ASU student who was killed Tuesday in a collision with a Department of Public Safety patrol car, will be missed greatly by the family and friends who attended his funeral Sunday.

New advisory board aimed at students
Beginning today, students, parents and faculty will have a better opportunity to have their issues heard and questions answered through a new advisory board that will include representatives from ASU, UA and NAU.

Crowded universities create boom for private colleges
Competition from commercial universities in the Valley is helping absorb the overflow of students in the Arizona university system, and at the same time, is convincing ASU to open more flexible distance learning courses.

Police Beat
• Two men, a 28-year-old and a 25-year-old, were arrested on charges of armed robbery when they told employees not to move and took cartons of cigarettes.

Sun Devils cruise to 53-15 victory over Spartans
The Sun Devils were not gracious hosts Saturday night as they abused and embarrassed the San Jose State Spartans with a 53-15 defeat.

CD reviews: Jamiroquai, A Funk Odessey
Jamiroquai is set to release its fifth album Sept.11, and it’s everything you’d expect it to be. The band isn’t going to win any new fans with this release, but anyone who can name one of it’s songs or dug the “Virtual Insanity” video — think moving floor — will find themselves tapping a toe.

Lifestyles: Beat dorm doldrums with room makeover
Dorm life: It can be the foundation of your best college memories or a nightmare that continues for five years. There are some fun items to decorate with that will make your dorm room a great place to come home to.

Othello remake weaves tangled web of plot
Based on the Shakespearean play Othello, O moves the classic tale from the battlefield to the basketball court, using a modern setting and language.

Film Review: Funny ‘Bubble Boy’ still blows
The fast-paced flick, rated PG-13 for crude, sexual humor, follows Jimmy Livingston (Jake Gyllenhaal) as he races across the country to stop his true love from wedding her evil fiance.

Theater arts: Pop opera comes to Gammage
ASU’s Gammage Auditorium is hosting Disney’s off-Broadway production of Aida. Once an opera, Aida has been transformed by composers Elton John and Tim Rice into a pop musical complete with two princesses and the solider for whom they both yearn.

'Warrior Sisters' gets mixed review
The more I think about the musical 'Warrior Sisters,' the more I can't decide if I enjoyed the show or not. On one hand it is a modern American opera mixing traditional Asian and African music with contemporary jazz. On the other, the story is difficult to follow, even with the program.

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