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Editorial: Spin on statistics by police a crime
The department showcased this incredible decrease in its annual campus crime statistics report, released Friday. In fact, they were so excited that our books and bicycles are safer that the press release was titled, “Crime Continues to Decrease at ASU.” It went on to boast that “the number of serious crimes dropped nearly 14 percent to 1,107 in 2000 from 1,182 in 1999.”

Column: Curious little monkey gets in trouble by way of the Torah
The publishing house filed suit Tuesday with a U.S. evangelical organization for copyright infringement of Curious George. Yes, Curious George is apparently the newest and silliest convert of "Jews for Jesus."

Column: Mayoral race tainted by propoganda
The last seven years have been pretty good for the city of Tempe. During this time, Tempe has turned an ugly, empty, dry riverbed into a community hotspot where businesses are lining up — and paying big bucks — to open shop.

Column: Conservative college advice for the birds
Wake up boys and girls! It's time for a reality check. Did you think that by coming to college you would be able to experience things for yourselves, then take those experiences and form your own opinions based on them?

Peace Department would make world a better place
Humanity has made some great strides in the technology and efficiency of war, but it's time to make strides in world peace, too.

Running game ready for role in ASU attack
With all of the attention being paid to ASU head football coach Dirk Koetter’s high flying offense and the starting quarterback spot that remained in contest until recently, the running game has been put on the back burner.

Men's basketball team secures top recruit for 2002-03 season
The ASU men's basketball program got a glimpse of its future late last week. Ron Garcia, head coach at Rio Grande High School in Albuquerque, N.M., announced that small forward Serge Angounou, a 6-foot-7, 205-pound senior, has committed to play for the Sun Devils next fall.

Missing students found safe after river rafting trip
Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office officials found three ASU students Wednesday who were lost during their Verde River rafting trip. ASU art student Brandon Montgomery, 19, his brother Chris Montgomery, 22, undeclared student Matthew Shaw, 19, and an Akita dog started on what they believed to be a one-day trip on Labor Day.

Campus crime has ups, downs
While most minor crimes on campus have decreased, some major crimes such as rape and robbery have increased, according to the 2000 ASU crime statistics report.

Hunt for new ASU president begins
The search is underway for a new ASU president. A 35-member presidential search committee is holding its first meeting 9:30 a.m. today in Old Main. The committee’s job will be to find a replacement for ASU President Lattie Coor who will step down June 30.

ASU to lose $13M from budget cut
ASU President Lattie Coor told Gov. Jane Hull Wednesday that a 4 percent budget cut might affect ASU’s educational mission.

Mesquite may become important crop
ASU East researchers hope to turn mesquite trees into a mass-produced crop, making it possible for the trees to be an ingredient in the production of a number of new foods.

Student hospitalized after reaction at MU
An ASU student was taken to Tempe St. Luke’s hospital yesterday afternoon after an allergic reaction in the Memorial Union.

Math department embraces Casios
In an effort to save students money this fall, the math department at ASU has switched from the traditionally used Texas Instrument calculators to the new Casio calculators.

Cuba comes ‘90 miles’ to ASU
ASU will be presenting a film and photo exhibit titled “90 Miles” on Sept. 10 by independent filmmaker Juan Carlos Zaldivar. The documentary is a personal testimonial about the strained relationship between the United States and Cuba.

Cinema Park aims to heal
Cinema Park, a new health food store at Ash Avenue and University Drive, is hoping to continue their tradition of helping people in the community live healthier lives.

ASU student jewel in the crown of Fiesta Bowl
ASU broadcasting junior Shannon Brown was crowned the 2001 Fiesta Bowl Queen Friday night at a lavish gala fit for, well, her.

Sorority Rush underway, Fraternities prepare
While ASU Sororities have already begun Fall Rush, Fraternities are preparing for their kickoff on Sunday.

CD reviews: 14 Iced Bears, In the Beginning
You no longer have to scour Ebay for those early, long-out-of-print 14 Iced Bears 7's. Slumberland has compiled them on CD, along with eight previously unreleased BBC session tracks, some live cuts and demos.

CD reviews: Jamiroquai, A Funk Odessey
Jamiroquai is set to release its fifth album Sept.11, and it’s everything you’d expect it to be. The band isn’t going to win any new fans with this release, but anyone who can name one of it’s songs or dug the “Virtual Insanity” video — think moving floor — will find themselves tapping a toe.

Lifestyles: Beat dorm doldrums with room makeover
Dorm life: It can be the foundation of your best college memories or a nightmare that continues for five years. There are some fun items to decorate with that will make your dorm room a great place to come home to.

Othello remake weaves tangled web of plot
Based on the Shakespearean play Othello, O moves the classic tale from the battlefield to the basketball court, using a modern setting and language.

Film Review: Funny ‘Bubble Boy’ still blows
The fast-paced flick, rated PG-13 for crude, sexual humor, follows Jimmy Livingston (Jake Gyllenhaal) as he races across the country to stop his true love from wedding her evil fiance.

Theater arts: Pop opera comes to Gammage
ASU’s Gammage Auditorium is hosting Disney’s off-Broadway production of Aida. Once an opera, Aida has been transformed by composers Elton John and Tim Rice into a pop musical complete with two princesses and the solider for whom they both yearn.

Thrift Score
For those not yet initiated into the world of thrift stores and vintage shops, SPM has done the legwork for you.

Theater arts: ‘L.A. Numb’ energizes director, cast
For this job above all others, Jennifer Linde, director of L.A. Numb, has forced herself to break free from the quietude and distance people place between themselves and life, said Dustin Goltz, L.A. Numb author and ASU graduate.

Score a strike with stylish bowling shoes
Teens and young adult men are the most common offenders of bowling shoe theft, Wilson said.

Opinion cafe: SPM gives funk lessons free of charge, embarrassment
There are good ways and bad ways to get in touch with your funkiness. Good way: reading SPM. Bad way: taking funk aerobics at the Student Recreation Complex.

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