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Editorial: Too impossible to ponder: Parking ‘people’ get awards
And it seems as though the parking and transit gods heard our request and bestowed honors on two of our beloved PTS officials. Linda Riegel, director of ASU parking, and Lance Lunsway, parking manager, are now certified administrators of public parking by the International Parking Institute (IPI).

Nation’s museums fall prey to massive marketing madness
The Smithsonian just signed a 10-year contract with fast-food monolith McDonald’s to install a “satellite” franchise inside the museum.

Key to diversity individuality, not race
A federal appeals court in Atlanta ruled this week that racial diversity does not automatically achieve a diverse campus.

'Bridge' the gap between students and safety
Since a hit-and-run accident took the life of 18-year-old Jessica Woodin Aug. 18, local officials have started to pay attention to the safety of students crossing Apache Boulevard at McAllister Avenue. It's something we all should have paid attention to a long time ago.

Peace Department would make world a better place
Humanity has made some great strides in the technology and efficiency of war, but it's time to make strides in world peace, too.

Barth’s consistent kicking has Groza Award potential
So often we take for granted that tiny sliver of the score on the scoreboard, the point after. And yet in many cases, it can be the deciding factor between victory and defeat.

Tempe police hosts forum on sex offender
The Tempe Police Department is taking extra precautions to notify ASU students and Tempe residents that a convicted Level 3 sex offender, Eddie Ray Thompson, has been roaming the area.

2 City Council members file appeal on erotic store
Two Tempe City Council members filed an appeal Wednesday to delay the construction of an adult store on Elliot Road and Roosevelt Street.

Parking officials use new training to fix parking woes
A pair of ASU parking officials is using new training to help combat parking problems on campus, including loss of spaces due to construction.

Film series switches to contemporary genre
The annual Southeast Asian film festival at ASU will begin Sept. 6 with a redesigned format intended to increase attendance.

Today's Announcements
Find out what events are happening on campus!

Traffic tangles on Terrace
Construction scheduled to begin next week on the underground piping project on McAllister Avenue and Terrace Road could cause delays for ASU drivers.

Team tumbles through troubles
ASU Men’s Gymnastics, with a 46-year history at ASU, has temporarily secured new facilities with the USA Gymnastics and Dance Company at 1866 S. Fraser Drive in Mesa.

Bookstore profits not what they seem
Buying textbooks can be a painful process that empties wallets, but local bookstore owners are not making as high of profits as others across the nation.

Opinion cafe: SPM gives funk lessons free of charge, embarrassment
There are good ways and bad ways to get in touch with your funkiness. Good way: reading SPM. Bad way: taking funk aerobics at the Student Recreation Complex.

Score a strike with stylish bowling shoes
Teens and young adult men are the most common offenders of bowling shoe theft, Wilson said.

Music notes: Rhythm Room’s 10th Anniversary Show to host old favorites, new surprises
The Rhythm Room is going to remain at its Indian School Road location despite rumors of relocation, and this Sunday it will be celebrating its 10th anniversary with an all day blues extravaganza featuring many well-known local and national talents.

Theater arts: ‘L.A. Numb’ energizes director, cast
For this job above all others, Jennifer Linde, director of L.A. Numb, has forced herself to break free from the quietude and distance people place between themselves and life, said Dustin Goltz, L.A. Numb author and ASU graduate.

Thrift Score
For those not yet initiated into the world of thrift stores and vintage shops, SPM has done the legwork for you.

Theater arts: Pop opera comes to Gammage
ASU’s Gammage Auditorium is hosting Disney’s off-Broadway production of Aida. Once an opera, Aida has been transformed by composers Elton John and Tim Rice into a pop musical complete with two princesses and the solider for whom they both yearn.

Film Review: Funny ‘Bubble Boy’ still blows
The fast-paced flick, rated PG-13 for crude, sexual humor, follows Jimmy Livingston (Jake Gyllenhaal) as he races across the country to stop his true love from wedding her evil fiance.

Othello remake weaves tangled web of plot
Based on the Shakespearean play Othello, O moves the classic tale from the battlefield to the basketball court, using a modern setting and language.

Lifestyles: Beat dorm doldrums with room makeover
Dorm life: It can be the foundation of your best college memories or a nightmare that continues for five years. There are some fun items to decorate with that will make your dorm room a great place to come home to.

CD reviews: Jamiroquai, A Funk Odessey
Jamiroquai is set to release its fifth album Sept.11, and it’s everything you’d expect it to be. The band isn’t going to win any new fans with this release, but anyone who can name one of it’s songs or dug the “Virtual Insanity” video — think moving floor — will find themselves tapping a toe.

CD reviews: 14 Iced Bears, In the Beginning
You no longer have to scour Ebay for those early, long-out-of-print 14 Iced Bears 7's. Slumberland has compiled them on CD, along with eight previously unreleased BBC session tracks, some live cuts and demos.

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