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Editorial: Hard-up for porn? Course catalog offers ‘material’
A recent Boston Globe article declared that courses devoted to studying pornography are being thrust into college curricula nationwide.

Tempe co-op needs a little ‘Gentle Strength’ to survive
Gentle Strength is really the only place one can procure fresh, local, organic fruits and vegetables (aside from the wilted lettuce bags and carrots Safeway tries to pawn off). If it disappears because of competition, so do these options to many Tempe residents.

DNA copyrights offer peace of mind, little else
Boasting the slogan, “Everyone a Designer Original,” Andre Crump is offering to all who are interested the chance to patent your own DNA information in an effort to prevent the unlawful copying of … you.

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor are run according to reader interest and space.

Sun Devils still rough around the edges
Following two weeks of practice and a second scrimmage for the fans, this time at Sun Devil Stadium on Saturday, the Sun Devils still look as if there is plenty of room to grow under the new offensive and defensive schemes.

Fans pitch in their 2 cents at annual Sun Devil photo day
Fans had an opportunity to express their thoughts at ASU's 13th annual Fan Photo Day at Wells Fargo Arena on Saturday. Diehard Sun Devil supporters had plenty to say about some of the major issues surrounding ASU's football program.

State College Republicans remove Shahbandar
The Arizona College Republicans voted unanimously to impeach ASU College Republican president Oubai Shahbandar Sunday, sparking a battle over the identity of the Republican party on campus.

Officials consider lowering speed limit
City street officials, in the middle of a campaign to lower all city speed limits to 35 mph, polled Tempe residents over the weekend to gauge public support on the issue.

Students take ‘plunge,’ help clean shelter
Campus organizations such as the Devil’s Advocates, Omega Phi Alpha and Camp Sparky joined the ASU Community Service Program in the annual fall service plunge to help refurbish the United Methodist Outreach Ministries.

Dorms, homes open for ASU East students after construction delay
Two residence halls and 96 new homes opened Friday at ASU East after the student move-in date was delayed by one week.

Bars use cameras to cut use of fake IDs
Tempe bars are turning to cameras to help curb underage drinking and stop the use of fake IDs.

Today's Announcements
The Today Section is a daily calendar of events printed as a service to the ASU community.

Affiliation removed from ASU College Republicans
The executive board of the Arizona College Republicans voted unanimously Sunday to “derecognize” the ASU chapter of the College Republicans.

Police identify passenger in hit-and-run
A man suspected of being a passenger in the car involved in a hit-and-run accident that killed an ASU freshman last Saturday, came forward Friday.

Police Beat
The weekend police reports for Tempe and ASU.

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